When news of Cardi B’s pregnancy hit the tabloids, fans were elated for the star. After all, the singer was in the midst of an upswing. She had hit songs, was booked on pretty much every late night show, and was nailing all of her performances — especially on Saturday Night Live, where she officially debuted her beautiful bump. Kulture Kiari Cephus then made her arrival on July 10th, and she was worth the wait.


Even though she’ll officially be three months old tomorrow, Cardi B already has some rules for her daughter. The biggest (and strangest) is that she won’t let her partake in sleepovers. The singer admitted that her mom also had that strict rule for her, meaning it may just be a family tradition.

“My mom tried to stop me from all of that but I still did it,” she admitted to W Magazine. “I joined a gang. If she had let me out as often as I wanted to, I probably would be dead or got my face cut up. Or been a teenage mom.” As far as Kulture is concerned, “I’m going to be very strict,” the rapper admitted.

It seems like Cardi B is finally understanding where her own mom came from by enforcing rules. It’s funny how motherhood often changes your perspective.

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Even though the singer currently has the policy of “you can have whatever you want, but you can’t do whatever you want,” keep in mind that she still might change her mind. But no matter what call she makes, it’ll be the best choice for Kulture. Even without sleepovers, she’s still going to have a pretty awesome childhood.


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