These Two Sisters Are Polar Opposites — And The Internet Is Loving It

July 18, 2019

Although you share upwards of 50% of your DNA with your sibling, that doesn’t always mean you’re into the same things. In fact, many times, siblings end up being total opposites in many ways. But perhaps no siblings are quite as opposite as these two sisters. One sister lives in a technicolor, unicorn-adorned world whereas the other is all about that moody, subversive goth life. It’s like a cartoon, but it’s real-life.

Twitter user and makeup artist Alexandria Bishop shared a selfie of herself and her sister on July 18 with the caption, “My sister and I are polar opposites. Her home vs mine.” She included a few pictures from each of their places. Her sister lives in a candy-colored castle, complete with a rainbow picket fence. Alexandria’s doormat says “Go Away,” and she has a wooden coffin on her doorstep — you know, a bit more on the macabre side.

In less than 24 hours, Alexandria’s opposite sisters post blew up. It’s been liked over 176,000 times and has been retweeted by just under 27,000 Twitter users. We can’t get enough of these two sisters who exist at opposite ends of the aesthetic spectrum, yet share the same blood and love each other unconditionally.

We are obsessed with the stark aesthetic contrast between the Bishop sisters.

Alexandria shared more photos of the two of them.

Our fave is the dark fairy vs. light fairy pic.

We even got more insight into their daily lives with two extra photos from their respective living rooms.

TBH, both of them are great interior decorators.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they actually did live in these two houses. It just seems right.

To make things even better, Alexandria is a Libra and her sister is a Leo. Like, obviously.

This person is painfully correct. Finally — an accurate portrayal of Gemini.

Um, let’s get this as a TV show, ASAP.

Then again, perhaps this story has already been on TV. So many people are drawing comparisons to classic opposites, like Daria and Quinn from Daria.

Another said they look like Wednesday Addams and Amanda from camp. Absolutely.

We even got Celestia and Luna from My Little Pony. Yeah — we definitely see it.

Wait… Is this just promotional material for Good Omens?

We’re also laughing at this comparison to the Sanrio store next to a Hot Topic. Honestly, yes.

And well, yeah. This too.

Alexandria and her sister have set a new standard for siblings. If our kids don’t end up like them, then…

Problem solved, actually. Nice.

Are you and your sibling exact opposites like Alexandria and her sister? If so, share your relationship with the world. We cannot get enough of this genetics mashup.