When people claim to have haunted items — that is, an object with a spirit attached to it — the item in question is usually a creepy baby doll or a sketchy figurine of some sort. Rarely do we ever hear of a haunted salt lamp. Yet here we are. Someone is selling their haunted salt lamp on Craigslist and no, thank you. We’ll pass.


On October 21st, an anonymous Craigslist user from the Echo Park/Angelino Heights area of Los Angeles posted a listing titled, “Free, Haunted Salt Lamp.” And they weren’t messing around.


“Gorgeous, received as a gift, may possibly be haunted/cursed (??) Idk,” the poster wrote in the listing description. “Used it for about two weeks. Frequently heard strange bangs against the wall where it was, and often saw things move near it out of the corner of my eye. Really don’t wanna believe in curses/ghosts but it freaks me out to keep it. Won’t leave it on the curb for some unsuspecting person – but I’m not sure breaking it is a good idea, either.”

Scary, for sure. However, our interest in piqued. If any brave soul is currently on the fence about obtaining the spooky salt lamp, the seller added, “But yay, it has a dimmer switch.” Okay, we’re sold.

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Sure, this salt lamp is one of the more obscure haunted objects floating around the internet. But it’s certainly not the only haunted object the internet has to offer. In fact, a quick search of the word “haunted” on eBay yields 147,367 results — most of which are things supposedly housing trapped spirits.

Guys, we can’t make this stuff up.

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Despite the dimmer switch, we think we’ll opt out of bringing the haunted salt lamp into our home. But hey, if you’re willing to share your space with a salty spirit, be our guest.


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