This British Psychic Believes That Ghosts Are Responsible For All The Car Crashes On This Haunted Road

September 26, 2018

Phantom hitchhiker stories were some of our favorite spooky tales to tell while sitting around the campfire. The guy pulled over to give the man a lift, but the hitchhiker vanished before the guy had a chance to unlock his doorOoooh! According to one psychic, ghostly hitchhikers are not things of fiction, but rather, the cause of major of accidents along Cheshire’s portion of the M6 highway in the U.K.

Mike Brooker, an internationally-known psychic from Northwich, England, told Cheshire Live on September 13th that he believes the paranormal is to blame for the exorbitantly high accident toll between Junctions 16 and 19 on the M6. His theory is backed up by several witness accounts of vanishing eighteen-wheelers and hitchhikers, and spooky apparitions resembling Roman soldiers walking up the road right before an accident occurs.

“I personally know people who have lost their lives and families who have been affected by accidents on this stretch of motorway,” Brooker, who avoids the stretch of road altogether, told Cheshire Live. “I am investigating this and I need people to give me whatever evidence they have; sightings or experiences or even strange occurrences.”


Brooker noted that a rumored Roman burial ground is located on this stretch of the highway, which is called “Cheshire’s Bermuda Triangle.” He also theorizes that the highway’s “negative energy” could be the result of a bloody clash between Scottish and English armies 200 years ago.

Between January and September of 2017, over 70 accidents occurred between J16 and J20 — that’s about four accidents per day, the Manchester Evening News reports. The U.K. government has recently stepped in to attempt to alleviate the amount of crashes on the M6. Emergency areas, CCTV cameras, and over 250 electronic signs are currently being installed between the troublesome junctions. But Brooker said it may be all for naught if something paranormal is at play.

“Motorway officials, the highways agency, and numerous traffic management bodies have literally spent years and vast amounts of money and resources, trying to understand what makes that stretch of the motorway, both north and southbound so treacherous,” Brooker told Cheshire Live.

He continued, “To date, they have no explanation whatsoever… Natural explanations such as [tire] blowouts, mechanical faults, distracted drivers don’t cover the whole breadth of this. This is something inexplicable.”


Brooker plans to conduct his own private investigation into the M6 accidents and is calling on anyone who has experienced something strange on the Cheshire stretch of highway to contact him.

“I ‘personally’ believe there is something supernatural that has attached itself to this particular stretch of motorway,” Brooker said. “When ‘science’ holds its hands up and is at a complete loss to explain this plethora of accidents/incidents…there is perhaps an alternate explanation.”

Of course, there are other theories as to why the M6 is riddled with car crashes. Reporter Dianne Bourne told the Manchester Evening News that she believes the narrow lanes paired with the volume of traffic congested with large lorries creates a nightmare situation.

Although, with M6 ghost stories spanning back more than a decade, Brooker may be onto something. Be it lousy drivers navigating tight lanes or ghosts running amuck, we’re interested to see what Brooker comes up with in his search for the truth.