Living in the spotlight can’t be easy. Even for celebrities who intentionally sought out their fame, turning their life into a brand and a show, being watched all the time has to get old, right? Especially when every wrong move can’t be swept under the wrong, but is transformed into a full-blown scandal.

For new relationships and massive life changes, it seems like all this attention would only further complicate things. When you live your life in the public eye, the whole world has an opinion on the choices you make, from what you wear to how you parent your child.

For Kyle Jenner and Travis Scott, their relationship timeline has been widely documented. In real-time, millions of followers were watching and waiting for any update on what was going on and making speculations about what was happening behind-the-scenes.

All of these rumors really went wild, with some accusing Scott of cheating, talking about their surprise pregnancy long before it was confirmed, and even wondering if all of this mystery was a publicity stunt meant to create more attention for Jenner and her brand.

It’s time to settle the rumors once and for all.

Here’s a detailed timeline of the Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott relationship, from just friends to meeting baby Stormi for the first time.

It all began with a plan to make an ex jealous.

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In 2017, things were still very complicated between Kylie Jenner and Tyga. Their relationship was very off and on for quite some time, but news broke just before the Met Gala that things were over for good between to two.

When the couple attended the Met Gala separately, this appeared to confirm that the couple was officially over.

Breaking up for good doesn’t mean you’ve stopped caring, and one source said that public appearances with Travis Scott were nothing serious, just a chance to show Tyga what he was missing.

Just Friends

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When Jenner and Scott attended at a Coachella party hosted by designer Jeremy Scott in April of 2017, rumors started swirling about the two. However, an anonymous source told People they had been friends for some time and that hanging out wasn’t unusual.

Despite her public appearance with Scott, many still believed that she would reunite with her ex.

Up until this point, Jenner and Tyga were in the habit of taking breaks from each other, only to quickly make up and get back together again. No one knew what was next for Jenner — back to Tyga or moving on with Scott.

Courtside Seats for Two

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Later in April of 2017, Scott was spotted keeping Jenner company at an NBA play-offs game. Still, there were still questions about what was up with the two.

Could this “date” be nothing more than one more chance to get her ex’s attention?

It’s worth noting that the play-offs game took place in Houston, where Scott grew up. Was she meeting the family or was Jenner still using Scott to get her ex-boyfriends attention?

Turning Into Something More

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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner may have started their relationships as nothing more than friends, but it became obvious that they were turning into something more by the end of April 2017.

Jenner flew to Boston with Scott, where he performed two shows.

This is when there was unofficial confirmation that what was going on was romantic. An anonymous source told E! that what the two had between them was “real.”

Happy Birthday, Travis!

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Hours after he wrapped up his second show in Boston, Scott and Jenner flew to New York City to celebrate the rap artist’s 25th birthday.

There’s nothing like some PDA to confirm that a friendship has blossomed into a relationship.

According to E! Scott was calling Jenner his “boo” at his party and the two were pretty affectionate with each other throughout the night.

No Signs of Slowing Down

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By May of 2017, there is no question about the nature of Jenner and Scott’s relationship. While Scott performed at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, the two were spotted together multiple times.

Supporting your guy is a great way to show them you care.

Jenner appears to be serious about this relationship, stepping away from her busy life as the owner of her make-up line to support Scott while he performs.

The Met Gala

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The couple chose not to attend the Met Gala together in early May, but that doesn’t mean they avoided spending time together.

After the event, Jenner shared a picture posing alongside family and friends.

While Kylie and Kendall posed together, flipping off the camera, Scott can be spotted on the opposite side of the shot alongside Jayden Smith.

Made it Official

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In June of 2017, the couple showed just how serious they were about each other when Jenner posted a picture of matching tattoos on Snapchat.

Their tattoos were small and subtle butterflies.

Their matching ink likely celebrated the release of Scott’s new singleThe Butterfly Effect. Rumors began circulating that this song was written by Scott about Jenner.

Across the Pond

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Jenner followed Scott to London to see him perform in July of 2017 for the Wireless Festival, which was just a short day trip from her participation in Paris Fashion Week.

Jenner brought friends along with her to the festival.

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were both at Paris Fashion Week, too, and kept Kylie company while she supported her boyfriend at his show.

Happy Birthday, Kylie!

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In August of 2017, Kylie turned 20 and Khloe Kardashian threw her a massive surprise birthday party to celebrate. Honestly, is there any other way to host a part in the Kardashian-Jenner clan?

Scott was definitely at the party but kept his attendance low key.

In the pictures posted to Instagram, Scott can be spotted hiding behind Jenner. This might have been accidental, but it almost seems as if he isn’t quite ready to make what they have “Insta-official.”

Rumor Has It

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In September of 2017, TMZ reported that Kylie was expecting and the Scott was the father. According to their site, Scott had been telling close friends that his girlfriend was having a girl.

Tyga’s response to the news was super awkward, to be perfectly honest.

Jenner’s ex took to Snapchat post a screenshot of the article sharing the pregnancy news alongside the caption, “Hell nah that’s my kid.” He quickly deleted the post.

Speculation About Her Silence

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By December of 2017, there was still no official confirmation of the pregnancy. Jenner’s silence seemed to only intensify the rumors about what was going on between her and Scott.

When the Kardashian Christmas Card appeared online, the world had major questions.

The most obvious question, of course, was where the heck is Kylie? Many fans felt that she wasn’t on the card because she could no longer hide her growing bump but wasn’t ready for the world to know.

Are You The Father?

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In early 2018, Travis Scott did an exclusive interview with Billboard. Although most of the question were about his career as a rapper and influencer, they did squeeze in an awkward question about his personal life.

What the world really wanted to know was if he would soon be a dad.

In the interview, he was asked how he felt about the possibility of becoming a father in the near future. To this question, he replied that he wasn’t interested in chatting about that at all.

The Rumors were True

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On February 4th, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to announce that her daughter joined their family and was born on the 1st.

Jenner used a video to shine a light on what had been happening over the last nine months.

Fans were thrilled to learn that they didn’t miss out on the pregnancy. Kylie had been documenting it, as any good Instagram star would do, she just wasn’t posting it online. She shared many shots from her pregnancy, which she chose to keep private.

We Learned Her Name

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It wasn’t until Jenner shared another update on their new little family that we learned what she and Scott had chosen to name their first daughter together.

Stormi Webster was shown grasping her mother’s finger in this sweet announcement.

After Jenner decided to let her follower in on what was up with her and Scott’s relationship, it seemed like all bets were off. She started posting a lot more about her new life as a mom and committed girlfriend.

An Unconventional Choice

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Even though the two had a daughter together, they made a decision that might not seem all that conventional. They chose not to move in together after her birth.

Being in a new relationship isn’t easy, parenting just adds more challenges.

An anonymous source told People that the two felt it was important to focus on Stormi and cultivating what was still a pretty young relationship before taking a big step like moving in together.

Getting Away

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It makes sense that the two new parents decided to be intentional about getting away and spending time together even when their daughter was still very young.

They knew their relationship needed to be a priority if they were going to make it last.

In March of 2018, the two were photographed taking a boating trip together while little Stormi Webter stayed at home. This is just one way they were caring for their relationship during this huge transition.

Meet the Family

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In April of 2018, Travis, Kylie, and Stormi flew to Texas to introduce Scott’s family to their new daughter. Stormie was 9 weeks old at the time.

Uncle Joshua is smitten with his new niece.

Upon meeting Stormi, Travis’s brother, Joshua, was photographed holding her. He posted it online along with the caption, “So happy to finally hold my beautiful stormi.”

First Family Vacation

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The very next month, the family of three was traveling again. This time, their goal was to get some quality time together on the beach.

Kylie, Travis, and Stormi spent part of May in Turks and Caicos.

Jenner took to Instagram to show just how happy she was with her new life, sharing a picture of her and Scott embracing on the beach. The caption read, “Birthday Behavior.”

Public Appearances, Galore

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While the couple first kept their relationship fairly private, they began making public appearances often after the birth of their daughter. They attended the Met Gala together in May of 2018.

Following the Met Gala, they were photographed at a fashion show.

The couple sat together in the front row of the Louis Vuitton Menswear fashion show in June of 2018. Apparently, Travis Scott is a huge fan of the designer. In July of 2018, the had their first covershoot together for an interview published in GQ.

Nothing but Respect

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While seeing Scott and Jenner together has started to feel normal by the summer of 2018, seeing them post messages of support for each other was a cute, new development.

The two professionals are obviously proud of what the other has accomplished.

When Jenner was pictured on the front row of Forbes and featured as the youngest self-made billionaire, Scott tweeted a picture of the magazine along with the caption, “CANT BE MORE PROUD.” Kylie returned the favor, sharing a picture of herself in an Astroworld t-shirt on Instagram.

Young and In Love

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Despite the fact that their relationship was on a fast track from the moment they got together, the two continue to seem totally in love with each other. From throwing each other birthday parties, to posing together semi-nude for Playboy pictures that accompanied Travis’s interview of Kylie.

Travis has made a habit of shower Kylie with flowers to show his love.

We’re not talking about a bouquet of roses, he has literally filled her foyer with flowers on more than one occasion. Way to take things to the next level!

More Rumors Surface

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Despite being in a committed relationship for over a year, Scott and Jenner haven’t become immune to the rumor mill. More recently, Scott was accused of cheating, which seems to have been debunked.

Did he cheat?

After rumored reports that Kylie accused Travis of cheating, the rapper cancelled a show and flew home.

His rep, however, shut down the claims and explained, he “strongly” denies allegations of cheating and that “the reason he stayed home from his show” was “very much because of illness.”

The next day, on March 2, 2019, Travis reportedly deleted his Instagram to prove to Kylie that he isn’t DM’ing other girls.

Less than a month later, all seemed well.

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On Travis’s 28th birthday in April, Kylie called him her “real life bestie & hubby wrapped into one” while posting about wanting to “f—ck around and have another baby.”

Red carpet Royalty

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Kylie, Travis, and baby Stormi walked their first red carpet together for Travis’s Netflix documentary, Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly.

On A Break

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TMZ reports that Kylie and Travis broke up sometime after their last public appearance on August 27.

According to the outlet, Kylie and Travis are “both single” and “walking away from their relationship” after “trying to make the relationship work for a while.”

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After the intial report broke, Kylie confirmed the split on Twitter, and told fans the truth about her “secret meet up with ex-boyfriend Tyga.”

She wrote, “Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi! Our friendship and our daughter is priority.

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“The internet makes everything 100 times more dramatic than what it really is. There was no ‘2am date with Tyga’. You see me drop two of my friends off at a studio that he happened to be at.”

According to a report from Heat magazine, things had been shaky for awhile.

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“Kylie clung on to this relationship as long as she could,” the source commented. “Things hadn’t been good for a while, but she was so sure they could work things out.”

The anonymous insider added: “She got pregnant just weeks into the relationship – and she’s spent the past couple of years trying to coax Travis into a more settled family routine.”

The source added: “He hated hurting Kylie and it nearly destroyed her, but he knows he knows he can’t give her what she wants.”

Kylie wanted a second baby, and more commitment.

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A source told Us Weekly that the beauty mogul “wanted to have a second baby” and the rapper “did not.”

“It’s surprising they broke up because they have weathered worse,” the source revealed, like when she reportedly confronted him about evidence of infidelity in February. “When she went through his phone in February, that was worse.”

Travis’ Side Of The Story

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The rapper took to his Instagram stories on Oct. 4 to clear the air about rumors going around that the pair split because of infidelity on his end.

“It’s really affecting when u see false things said about u once again these false stories about me cheating are just simply not true,” he wrote. “Focusing on life, music, and family at this moment is what’s real.”

The day before, the Daily Mail published a report claiming he was  hooking up with social media influencer, Rojean Kar.

The other alleged other woman speaks up.

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Over the year eagle-eyed fans have noticed Kar and Scott post photos from similar locations, Refinery 29 pointed out from a casino and a ski trip,) causing speculation of an affair.

Other evidence, includes Kylie Jenner blocking and unblocking her.

According to BuzzFeed, she captioned a photo of herself with “tell ur bd I said thx,” as in “baby daddy.”

She has re-captioned the photo with “It was song lyrics” after the rumors.

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New romance rumors.

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Despite shutting down a pre-planned meet-up at the Hyde Lounge, her ex Tyga gave her a telling Instagram “like” on a very sexy picture.

As fans poured in to weigh on if the pair were back together, back tracked on his double tap and the “like” is no longer there, according to HollywoodLife.

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What do you think about the Jenner-Scott romance? Will they get back together?


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