Are you looking to indulge your shopping desires with an Amazon gift card? Look no further. Amazon’s vast offerings include things that are perfect for treating yourself or finding the ideal gift for a loved one. From cozy home essentials to tech gadgets, crafts, and pet toys, there’s something for everyone. We’ve rounded up items across all categories that will fit a range of budgets, so you can shop without stress. Dive into our curated list of 45 fun Amazon finds if you’re not sure where to begin!


1. Apple AirTag

Keep track of your belongings effortlessly with the Apple AirTag. Attach it to your keys, bag, or anything else you frequently misplace, and easily locate them using the Find My app. With precision tracking and a compact design, AirTags offer peace of mind and convenience for your everyday adventure and your big trips. They’ll save you panic day in and day out. 

2. Experience Ear Plugs

Block out unwanted noise and immerse yourself in your favorite activities with the popular Loops ear plugs. Featuring a comfortable design and adjustable fit, these earplugs provide noise reduction while being comfortable and cute (they almost look like a piercing). Whether you’re attending concerts, sleeping among noisy construction, or studying in busy cafes, these earplugs keep the peace.

3. Sunset Lamp Projector

With this Sunset Lamp, you can turn any room into a cozy spot. No matter the time of day or season, this lamp projects warm colors across the room, and the amount of light is easily adjustable. This lamp is perfect for cozy reading and gaming nights as well as softening bright overhead lights in rental units!

4. Ultra HD Underwater Camera

Dive into the depths and capture every moment with this HD Underwater Camera. This camera is designed to withstand underwater conditions while delivering stunning images and videos. Pack it for your adventures snorkeling in tropical waters or use it at the local pool to capture action shots. It’ll help you remember your trips (or summers) in a whole new way.

5. Water Bottle Holder

Stay hydrated on the go with the convenient Water Bottle Holder. Attach it to your backpack or belt for easy access to your water bottle during hikes or outdoor activities. With its sturdy design and various compartments, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips while being able to participate in any activity hands-free.

6. Nintendo Switch

If you like playing games, either alone or with friends, you’ll love the Nintendo Switch. Its size makes it easy to travel with, and the graphics are top-notch even on a large tv. Since the Switch has been out for a few years, you can now play classic games like Mario Party or Legend of Zelda, as well as new releases. Even if you’re new to personal game consoles, the Switch is easy to learn and fun to explore.

7. Easy to Grow Indoor Houseplants

Bring the beauty of nature indoors effortlessly with these fuss-free Indoor Houseplants (3-Pack). These plants require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for busy individuals or those new to gardening. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your living space or improve air quality, these houseplants are great to show off—or harness—your green thumb.

8. Kindle Paperwhite

This one is for the bookworms. Featuring a glare-free display and adjustable front light, the Kindle Paperwhite offers a comfortable reading experience in any lighting condition. With its lightweight design and large storage capacity, you can carry dozens of books at a time. Plus, you can link to your local library to read rentals too!

9. Polymer Clay Kit

Unlock your imagination with the all-inclusive Polymer Clay Kit. Regardless of your skill level, this set offers limitless avenues to craft distinctive clay pieces. From crafting jewelry and figurines to hand-building home accents or creating presents, the premium clay and adaptable tools enclosed encourage the realization of your creative concepts effortlessly.

10. Catnip Toys

Who says your gift card can’t be for your furry friend? Treat your kitty to endless entertainment with a set of catnip toys. It includes a variety of toys designed to stimulate your cat’s natural instincts and provide hours of fun. You’ll also get a laugh out of the ensuing playtime as your cat chases, pounces, or bats, and fetches these veggies.

11. Meditation Floor Pillow

Enhance everything from your meditation sessions to your living room’s seating options with these cushions. Crafted for comfort and support, these pillows provide a cozy seating arrangement for anyone and everyone. The pillows come in a range of colors and patterns, and they’re a fun way to add more seating to a room without cluttering your space with additional furniture. Plus they’re easy to store when not in use.

12. Beginners Crochet Kit

Give the world of crochet a try with a beginner’s kit. Designed for novices in mind, this kit includes all the essentials needed to start your crochet journey. From creating simple scarves to intricate blankets, this kit provides step-by-step instructions and high-quality materials to help you master the art of crochet so you can expand your hobbies.

13. LED Lights for Bedroom

If you’re a bedroom dweller, you’ll love extra lighting. From scrolling your phone to reading in bed to napping, these LED lights will help you feel cozy. The versatile lights add ambiance and comfort to any room, creating a cozy atmosphere for both relaxation and productivity. You can use the included remote for adjusting without getting up, or use the coordinating app on your smartphone.

14. Cute 2D Daisy Flower Popsocket

This adorable accessory offers a secure grip for texting, snapping photos, or watching videos on the go. With its whimsical design and practical functionality, this Popsocket is a must-have for anyone looking to personalize their phone in style. You can use this accessory with different Popsocket cases, including Magsafe versions. It also makes a cute and ergonomic Kindle holder.

15. Fleece Blanket

Who doesn’t love a fresh new blanket? Made from soft and plush fleece material, this textured blanket provides warmth and coziness. Use it while snuggling up on the couch with a good book or enjoying a movie marathon, or you can add it to your bed for a warm layer on chilly nights. This blanket offers the perfect combination of comfort and style—and it comes in a dozen colors!

16. Paint by Numbers for Adults

Explore your artistic side with a Paint by Number craft set. This kit equips you with all the essentials for creating beautiful paintings, regardless of your skill level. Whether seeking relaxation or adding unique decor to your space, these kits offer a therapeutic painting experience that you can do in your free time or organize a fun event around with friends.

17. HOKA Running Shoes

If you’re a runner, you’ll know that running shoes aren’t cheap. And if you’re adding up the mileage you might need a new pair sooner than you think. HOKA running shoes are bouncy, comfortable, and tend to be available in a range of colors. They’re easy on the knees and are many people’s go-to athletic sneaker, so give a pair a try for yourself.

18. Big Wall Calendar

Stay organized and inspired with a giant wall calendar. With minimal designs and ample writing space, this calendar helps you keep track of important dates and appointments with ease. You can display it in your home office, kitchen, or dorm room, to keep the important things in-sight. It’s great for keeping a family organized, and its large size means there’s room to doodle, add stickers or stick notes, and truly make it your own.

19. Camping Hammock

Relax and unwind in nature with the Camping Hammock. Made from durable and lightweight materials, this hammock is perfect for outdoor adventures and camping trips. Whether you’re lounging by the lake or sleeping under the stars, this portable hammock provides a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the great outdoors.

20. PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50

With summer around the corner, you’ll want to be stocked up on sunscreen. Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with this large bottle of Everyday Lotion SPF 50. Supergoop’s popular lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen lotion offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It’s perfect for the whole family, whether you’re hitting the beach, playing in sports events, or running errands around town.

21. Spikeball 3 Ball Original Roundnet Game Set

Elevate your outdoor gatherings with the Spikeball 3 Ball Original Roundnet Game Set. Perfect for beach trips, backyard barbecues, or park picnics, this set offers hours of fun and competitive play. With its portable design and easy setup, you can bring the excitement of Spikeball wherever you go, making it a must-have for active individuals and social gatherings alike.

22. Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Enjoy refreshing cold brew coffee at home with this Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker. Its airtight seal and durable construction ensure long-lasting freshness, allowing you to savor every sip of your favorite brew. Whether you prefer your coffee over ice or mixed with your favorite flavors, this coffee maker will help you save some money and still enjoy your favorite morning drink.

23. LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree

Add greenery to your space with this LEGO Bonsai Tree, a pet-friendly plant. With its intricate design and realistic details, this LEGO set captures the beauty and serenity of a bonsai tree. You can achieve zen while putting the model together, and then display the finished result like a houseplant.  

24. Reusable Sloth Grocery Bags

Say goodbye to single-use plastics with reusable grocery bags. Made from durable and eco-friendly materials, these bags offer a sustainable alternative for your shopping needs. These durable bags are a practical and planet-friendly choice for reducing plastic waste, and they’re cute!

25. OLIPOP – The Sampler

OLIPOP is a delicious soda alternative. If you’re not sure which flavor to try first, get The Sampler. This pack offers a variety of delicious and gut-friendly sodas made with natural ingredients and prebiotics. For an added treat, get a pint of ice cream and make a root beer float!

26. Indoor Fetch Ball Dog Toy

Keep your furry friend entertained with the Indoor Fetch Ball Dog Toy. Designed for indoor play, this durable—but not destructive—ball provides hours of interactive fun for dogs of all sizes. From playing fetch in the living room together or engaging in solo playtime, this toy is sure to become a favorite in your pet’s toy collection.

27. NYC Inspired Scented Candle: Pizza from a Guy Named Joe

This unique candle captures the irresistible aroma of freshly baked pizza, evoking memories of iconic NYC pizzerias. You’ll love this fresh tomato and basil candle if you’re a pizza enthusiast or a lover of fresh, garden-like scents. It may sound strange, but we promise it smells great!

28. 16 Pack Travel Bottles

Stay organized and travel-ready with these reusable bottles. The TSA-approved bottles are perfect for storing and dispensing your favorite toiletries and liquids while on the go. Whether you’re jet-setting around the world or just getting away for the weekend, these travel bottles ensure you have all your essentials packed and ready without worries of spillage.

29. Revitalizing Variety Pack Sheet Masks

Treat your skin to a spa-like experience with at-home sheet masks. This pack includes a selection of rejuvenating masks infused with ingredients to revive, nourish, and hydrate your skin. These sheet masks leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. They’re great for waking up skin in the morning as well as for a pre-bedtime routine.

30. Vintage Scrapbook Stickers

If you like to scrapbook or collage, you’ll love this selection of vintage stickers. With charming designs inspired by decades past, these stickers can complement your memories or enhance your collages. Whether you’re preserving family moments or documenting your travels, these vintage stickers bring charm to your scrapbook pages.

31. Corduroy Pillow Covers

Crafted from soft and plush corduroy fabric, these pillow covers add warmth and texture to your sofa or bed. The textured-yet-geometric design adds dimension and the corduroy keeps them soft to the touch. You can use them to add color to your space just as easily as they provide a soft surface to curl up against.

32. Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

This portable record player combines retro aesthetics with modern technology, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music in style. You Can play oldies or current hits on vinyl with this portable player. A record player is especially great for those who love to listen to an album all the way through, and this one even comes with built-in speakers.

33. Mini 2 Retro 4PASS Portable Photo Printer

Capture and print your memories on the go with the Mini 2 Retro 4PASS Portable Photo Printer. This compact printer instantly transforms your smartphone photos into vibrant prints with a retro-inspired touch. Use this handy printer to create scrapbooks, decorate your room, collage, or even print items like habit trackers or reminders!

34. Readers Paradise Puzzle

Immerse yourself in a literary escape with this 1000-piece puzzle. Featuring a charming illustration of a cozy book nook, this puzzle will offer hours of entertainment and relaxation. Whether you’re a newbie or a longtime puzzle enthusiast, this puzzle will keep you busy and away from your technology for hours. 

35. 6QT XL Air Fryer

Use your gift card to simplify and upgrade your cooking experience with an air fryer. This versatile countertop appliance allows you to fry, roast, bake, and grill your favorite foods with little to no oil. The end result is crispy and delicious foods in a fraction of the time. This fryer is great if you’re preparing meals for yourself or a family, and is also great for those who have a small apartment and want a lot of functionality while preserving counter space.

36. Bamboo Bed Tray Table

Stay under the covers with the Bamboo Bed Tray Table. Made with eco-friendly bamboo, this sturdy tray provides a stable surface for enjoying meals, reading, or working from the comfort of your bed. You can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea without having to balance it on your lap, which also keeps your bedding clean. Another perk of a bed tray is that it helps protect tech devices from overheating.

37. Premium Bathtub Tray

Speaking of trays, why not get one for the tub to level up your baths? Designed to hold your essentials while you soak, this tray features compartments for candles, books, and beverages (including wine). From unwinding after a long day with an episode of your favorite show to treating yourself to a self-care session, this bathtub tray helps everything stay within reach while you lean back and relax.

38. Candle Warmer Lamp

Candle warmer lamps are popular for a reason: they help prolong your candle’s life. This innovative and trendy lamp gently warms the wax in your candles, releasing fragrant aromas throughout your space at a slower pace than traditional burning. Whether you’re relaxing at home or hosting a dinner party, this candle warmer lamp adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room—all without the worry of an open flame.

39. Vanilla Matcha Powder

Are you looking for a different kind of caffeinated drink? Try matcha! Made from premium green tea leaves and infused with vanilla flavor, this powder offers a delightful balance of sweetness and earthy goodness. You can start your day with a matcha latte or add it to your smoothies and baked goods for a variation on your tried and true recipes. Thanks to its versatility, matcha is a useful and yummy pantry staple.

40. Cricut Explore 3 Smart Cutting Machine

Unleash your creativity with the Cricut Explore 3 Smart Cutting Machine. This cutting-edge machine knows no bounds. It allows you to effortlessly cut, write, and score a wide range of materials with precision and ease. Use the Cricut to make personalized gifts, home decor, or custom apparel, stickers, and more. The smart cutting machine offers endless possibilities for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

41. Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Pens

Add a touch of shimmer to your artwork and writing with Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Pens. These smooth and vibrant pens feature metallic ink that glides effortlessly on paper, making them perfect for crafting, journaling, and coloring. You might remember them from years ago, and they’re just as fun to use as they were back then. Whether you’re adding accents to your bullet journal or creating sparkling illustrations, these gel pens are a treat to use.

42. A Court of Thorns and Roses Paperback Box Set

Join the millions of Booktok and romantasy readers by picking up the ACOTAR series. The best-selling book set follows Feyre Archeron as she travels through a faerie realm, with different courts, lovers, and monsters. The books have a dedicated following, so you’ll be in great company as you ease into the Sarah J. Maas universe.

43. Blue Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

If you’re looking for a fun and useful fidget toy, this infinity cube is a great option. This compact toy features interconnected cubes that fold and unfold endlessly for satisfying fidgeting. Whether you’re relieving stress, improving concentration, or simply keeping your hands busy, this fidget toy is small enough to take with you everywhere.

44. Cribbage Board Game Set

Invite some friendly competition into your home with the Cribbage Board Game Set. This classic card game is renowned for its blend of strategy and luck, making it perfect for couples or small groups. Cribbage offers hours of entertainment as a cozy night in with your partner or while hosting a game night with friends.

45. Cheese Board and Platter Set

Charcuterie is here to stay, so use your gift card to uplevel your presentation. This elegant set includes a bamboo board and stainless steel cheese knives, perfect for serving a variety of cheeses and snacks. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a cozy night in, this cheese board set adds sophistication and style to your table spread, making it a must-have for cheese lovers and entertainers alike.

46. Cook This Book by Molly Baz

Filled with delicious recipes and helpful tips from bright blue cover to cover, this cookbook is perfect for both seasoned chefs and beginners. Chef Molly Baz writes with an upbeat personality and her easy-to-follow instructions and mouth-watering photos make you believe in yourself in the kitchen. Packed with recipes, beginner advice, pantry checklists, and full-page photos, this cookbook takes the guesswork out of new recipes. One of the best parts of each recipe is that Molly gives you instructions in order of what to do; so there are no overlapping steps! And when you’ve got your favorite recipes memorized, this makes an eye-catching coffee table book.

47. REACHER Wood Grain Sunrise Alarm Clock

Even if you’re a heavy sleeper or a blackout-curtain enthusiast, this alarm clock will help you rise and shine on time. This innovative alarm clock simulates a natural sunrise to gently wake you up, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. With its cute wood grain design and customizable settings, it adds a chic element to your room without being too techy. It’s also great for kids because of its gentle waking approach to mornings.

48. FHD 1080P Camera

Digital cameras are back! They’re small, which means they don’t take up much space in a belt bag or purse. They can also store far more images than a film camera or Polaroid, and with features like flash, zoom, and self-timer, it’s no wonder they ever went out of style. Whether you’re documenting your travels or creating content for social media, this camera delivers crisp images and videos. It’s perfect for photographers of all skill levels, and it comes in fun summer colors like green, pink, and purple. 

49. Adult Inflatable Chair Floats

With pool season right around the corner for many, now is the time to make sure you have the summertime accessories you need. These chairs are perfect for indulging in some laid-back leisure time by the pool, beach, or lake. Crafted with smooth materials in vibrant colors, these chairs offer a way to float your stress away. Be it soaking up the sun or cooling off in the water, these inflatable chairs keep you and your drinks afloat.

50. Best Friend Necklaces

Celebrate a close friendship with Best Friend Necklaces. The necklaces feature matching knot designs, making them a timeless symbol of love and companionship. They are made from 18K silver-plated stainless steel which is hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free. They’re a cute way to show your love for someone. These could easily be gifted as well! Regardless of the distance between you and your friend, these necklaces serve as a reminder of your long-lasting friendship.

51. Hydro Flask Carry Out Soft Cooler

Keep drinks and snacks cool on-the-go with a cooler. Whether you’re heading to the beach, park, or picnic, this cooler makes sure that your refreshments stay chilled and fresh. It has a spacious interior that is perfect for keeping things cold during an afternoon backyard hangout or outdoor adventure. Thanks to a shoulder strap and handles, you’ve got options for carrying the cooler in case it starts to feel heavy. And we love that the cooler has a zipper closure to keep things secure, as well as a front pocket for extra storage. 

52. Chameleon Board Game

If you’re a board game enthusiast, you’ll love this group game. Perfect for themed game nights and family gatherings, this game tests your deception skills. With its bright artwork and goofy gameplay, it’s a game that you can play for 10 minutes or two hours. Gather your family and friends of all ages and see who can sneak under the radar and be a true chameleon.

53. Govee Smart Light Bulbs

If you haven’t installed smart technology in your home, this is your sign! These smart light bulbs allow you to customize your lighting experience with millions of color options and adjustable brightness levels. They can connect to your smartphone via an app or even your voice assistant (Think Google Home, Amazon Echo), so you can control your space without leaving the couch. They’re perfect for creating ambiance for any occasion, whether you place them in a lamp, on your porch, or as the main light fixture in a room. 

54. Loops Ear Plugs

Block out distractions and get the peace and quiet you need with ear plugs. Designed for comfort and durability, these earplugs provide superior noise reduction. They’re also comfortable and cute, and they’re made for repeated wear. Whether you’re studying, sleeping, or traveling, they’re the perfect solution for uninterrupted focus. They come in a range of colors that can be discreet or eye-catching depending on what you’re looking for. However, I recommend a more secure case than the one that comes with them. Try something like these to keep them safe!

55. LATME Ice Roller for Face

If you want to treat yourself, get something that will give you a refreshing skincare experience. This easy-to-use beauty tool helps reduce puffiness, soothe inflammation, and promote circulation for healthier-looking skin. You can use it for everything from minimizing morning under-eye bags to soothing redness to relieving a headache. This ice roller is a game-changer for your skincare, and it feels great during hot weather. It’s easy to use by popping it in the freezer, and you can clean it by rinsing it in the sink. 

56. Funny Story by Emily Henry

Use your gift card to dive into a book like “Funny Story.” This latest novel from bestselling author Emily Henry, the unofficial queen of summer reads, has great reviews. It’s packed with witty anecdotes, humorous observations, and laugh-out-loud moments. Whether you’re in need of a good chuckle or looking to brighten someone’s day, this book is a perfect light read. Plus, you can shop for digital or hardcover options to read the way you like. 

57. MONKISS 5-Pack Pastel Crates

If you’re a fan of organization, you’re going to adore these little crates. These versatile crates offer a chic solution for storing everything, and we mean it! They’ll fit toys, writing utensils, office supplies, and everything in your junk drawer. With their pastel hues and sturdy construction, they look good while keeping clutter at bay. Their best feature, though, is that they can collapse to lay flat. So, use them when you need them, and tuck them away when you’d rather use your space differently. 

58. SAKURA Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Pens

While we’re all embracing our inner child, get some fun and nostalgic pens too. These iconic gel pens add shimmer and shine to your creations. The metallic ink glides smoothly on paper, just like it did back in the early 2000s. With their vibrant colors and archival-quality ink, they’re ideal for making something as mundane as signing paperwork or taking notes fun again. 

59. CRAVEBOX Snack Box

This curated snack box features a delicious selection of sweet and savory treats that are perfect for satisfying hunger any time of the day. With single-serve portions and a variety of flavors, it’s ideal for on-the-go snacking, office lunches, or movie nights at home. This also makes a great gift or care package if you’re looking to use your gift card to pay it forward. Plus, this snack box has something for everyone no matter what they’re craving.

60. Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Sprinkler

Beat the heat with an outdoor sprinkler. This whimsical sprinkler features cheerful flower petals that spray water in all directions. It can be used for fun outdoor play with kids and pets, or as a cute lawn waterer. With its easy assembly, it’s perfect for backyard parties and playdates—even if you need to take it to someone else’s house. The cute pink and green colors mimic flowers in a garden, so it’ll fit in instead of being an eyesore in your yard.

61. Burt’s Bees Skin Care Essentials Set

Treat your skin to natural beauty products. This luxurious set includes a selection of Burt’s Bees best-selling skincare products, including cleanser, moisturizer, an overnight mask, and lip balm. These skincare items are perfect for pampering yourself from head to toe thanks to gentle, natural ingredients and soothing formulas. Whether you’re looking to refresh your skincare routine or indulge in a self-care evening, this set has everything you need.

62. Dock & Bay Beach Towel

Soak up the sun in style with an oversized towel. It’s made from quick-drying microfiber that’s both sand-resistant and lightweight, making it an outdoor essential from the beach to a campsite. With dozens of patterns and soft, absorbent texture, you might as well buy a few to have on hand year-round. You can even find extra-large sizes and some styles that can be customized with a name. 

63. Oura Ring Gen3 Heritage

If you’re seeking a gift that will improve your health, consider tracking health metrics with an Oura ring. The sleek and minimal ring monitors your sleep, activity, and overall health, providing valuable insights and personalized recommendations to help you optimize your well-being. With its sensors and long-lasting battery, it’s perfect for learning about yourself in a way that you can improve. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance, applying advice from a doctor, or striving for a healthier lifestyle, this smart ring will help you know where you stand.

65. Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand

Elevate your gaming setup with a bright headset stand. This stylish dock features customizable RGB lighting (just tap to change color) and a sleek design. It also has a built-in USB hub and cable management system; so it’ll keep your headphones organized and accessible without tangling cords. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or someone who relies on headphones to stay focused while working from home, this stand will keep you on-task and fully charged. 

65. Sperax Under Desk Treadmill

You’ve probably seen small treadmills all over your social media feeds. They’ve been a huge trend for people who work from home, helping them add movement to what is normally a sedentary day-to-day activity. This compact and quiet treadmill fits under your desk, allowing you to walk while you work. It has adjustable speed settings and remote control operation, which allows you to find a pace that works for you. Give this a try to meet your daily step goal if you have the space.

66. Packing Cubes for Travel

I can’t recommend packing cubes enough. Even if you’re only going somewhere for the night, they can transform how you travel. The lightweight and durable cubes are perfect for keeping your things neat and tidy. With multiple compartments and mesh panels, it’s easy to separate and find your clothes, shoes, and toiletries. Use them in a backpack to stay organized, in a suitcase to save space, or even in your closet to maximize storage. These cubes also show off national parks, so they’re great for people who love the outdoors.

67. Karaoke Machine

Turn any gathering into a singing and dancing party with the Karaoke Machine. This portable karaoke system has built-in speakers, microphone inputs, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sing along to your favorite tunes wherever you go. With its easy-to-use controls and great sound quality, it’s perfect for planned karaoke nights, family gatherings, or impromptu sing-alongs with friends. It also has a colorful light that turns the karaoke into a multi-sensory experience.