The Stained Glass Mandala Kit by Hula Home is a DIY window clings kit that offers a creative and relaxing activity for people of all ages. With its unique designs and vibrant colors, this kit promises to provide a calming and enjoyable coloring experience.

I tried the Hula Home Stained Glass Mandala Art Kit to add some decorative elements to my windows and also to help prevent birds from flying into them. The kit exceeded my expectations in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. The markers included in the kit worked perfectly, providing smooth and streak-free coloring. I found the coloring process incredibly soothing and meditative, especially when coloring within the intricate lines of the designs. Thanks to the high-quality vinyl, the finished clings were easy to apply to the windows. It has been two weeks since I put up the first completed cling, and it has withstood various temperature changes without any issues.

Stained Glass Mandala Kit: Unique Clings & Colors

Stained Glass Mandala Kit

The Hula Home Stained Glass Mandala Art Kit has ten unique designs of blank window cling vinyls and eight colors of upgraded specialty markers. This means you have various options and can let your creativity run wild. The kit also includes a manual with coloring guides to provide inspiration and guidance. With everything you need in one kit, you can enjoy a calming and stress-relieving coloring experience while creating stunning stained glass-style window clings.

Stained Glass Mandala Kit: New and Upgraded Markers

Stained Glass Mandala Kit

The kit contains fine-tip markers, which have been carefully selected to ensure that even complete beginners can enjoy this kit fully. Say goodbye to streaking and hello to beautiful, bright colors that won’t disappoint! The markers dry quickly and provide a smooth and vibrant color application. No more frustrations with running colors, endless drying times, or colors that crack and peel off.

Stained Glass Mandala Kit: Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stained Glass Mandala Kit

Sit back, unwind, and create something beautiful while enjoying the mental and psychological benefits of coloring. Not only does coloring reduce stress, but it also improves motor skills, vision, sleep, and focus. Instead of coloring in a book, you can use your creativity to color these stunning suncatchers. Once finished, you can dress up any mirror or window with your gorgeous mandalas or gift them to your loved ones. Spread the joy and experience the therapeutic effects of coloring with this kit.

Easy to Remove & Sticks to All Windows

Stained Glass Mandala Kit

High-quality materials are used for the vinyls included in the kit, which ensures they are easy to put up and remove, washable, UV-resistant, and built to last. Applying the finished window clings is a breeze and can be easily stuck to any glass or mirror surface. Once applied, your stunning creations will catch the sun and sparkle in gorgeous colors like mosaics or gallery glass.

Stained Glass Mandala Kit: The Perfect Gift

Stained Glass Mandala Kit

This kit is suitable for children aged 6+ to seniors and appeals to various ages and interests. Crafty individuals will appreciate the opportunity to engage in a creative and enjoyable hobby. The kit provides a unique and thoughtful gift option that will bring joy and artistic expression to the recipient.

Stained Glass Mandala Kit: Customer Reviews


Customers have shared positive experiences with the Hula Home Stained Glass Mandala Art Kit. They express their satisfaction with the kit’s ease of use, the beauty of the finished clings, and the enjoyment they derived from the activity. Some customers have even found alternative ways to use the kit, such as using Sharpies instead of the included markers. Overall, the reviews highlight the kit’s versatility, appeal to both kids and adults and suitability for various settings like schools and workplaces.


  • The Hula Home Stained Glass Mandala Art Kit includes ten unique window clings and eight different marker colors, providing various creative options.
  • The upgraded markers in the kit have a fine tip, ensuring smooth and streak-free coloring. No more frustration with messy paints or colors that crack and peel off.
  • Coloring the window clings can help reduce stress and anxiety, offering a calming and enjoyable activity. It also provides various mental and psychological benefits, such as improved motor skills, vision, sleep, and focus.


  • Some users found the markers in the kit to be of poor quality, with colors that didn’t match the ones in the idea book and didn’t look good when applied to larger spaces.
  • The tips of the markers are too broad for some users, making it difficult to color smaller shapes and achieve precise detailing.
  • The colors may bleed even after setting for several hours, which can affect the vibrancy of the finished window clings.

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In conclusion, the Hula Home Stained Glass Mandala Art Kit has been a delightful experience for me. It offers a great way to reduce stress and anxiety while creating beautiful window clings. The kit’s high-quality materials and user-friendly design make it suitable for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a creative hobby or a unique gift, this kit is definitely worth considering.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the window clings be easily removed from windows?

Answer: Yes, the window clings are made of high-quality materials that make them easy to put up and remove. They are also washable and UV-resistant.

Question: Are the window clings suitable for all types of windows and mirrors?

Answer: Yes, the window clings can be applied to any glass or mirror surface. The kit provides application tips to ensure a smooth and successful sticking process.

Question: Is this kit suitable for both kids and adults?

Answer: Yes, this kit is designed for all age groups, from children 6+ years to seniors. It can be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, or for quality bonding time with loved ones.