On July 14th, newly-minted royal Meghan Markle was spotted at the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Finals (supporting gal pal Serena Williams) alongside sister-in-law Kate Middleton. To the event, Markle wore an outfit that some think is riddled with ~secret meaning~, specifically directed at Prince Harry.

Markle stunned, per usual, in a Ralph Lauren striped cotton shirt ($590) and white culottes. Although perfectly tailored and effortlessly beautiful, Markle’s outfit doesn’t seem that suspicious. But when you look back on her history with Ralph Lauren and the Wimbledon tournament, the invisible ink begins to appear.

As Elle.com reminds us, it was during the Wimbledon tournament in 2016 that Markle and Prince Harry first met. Back then, Markle was simply a well-known American actress who was invited to Wimbledon by designer Ralph Lauren. PR person for Ralph Lauren and childhood friend of Prince Harry, Violet von Westenholz, got to know the now-duchess while Markle was in London for the event.

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When Prince Harry confided in Von Westenholz that he was unlucky in love, Von Westenholz worked her matchmaking magic — remember how Markle and Harry met on a blind date? Yeah, that was Von Westenholz’s doing.

Now that we recall the backstory, perhaps Markle was sending “remember when” vibes to Prince Harry from afar by wearing a Ralph Lauren design.

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Of course, this is all just fan speculation. But it’s certainly funny/inspiring to see how things have come full circle for Markle.

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Whether or not her outfit had a secret meaning, we absolutely love the look. We’re definitely adding this to our Meghan Markle-inspired dream board.


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