So you love tattoos but getting that enormous flaming dragon back piece isn’t exactly the style you are going for? We may just have the answer for you! Fine line tattoos are all over the place and we love the delicate beauty and the precise artwork in these tattoos. Celebs like Erin Wasson, Drake, Cara Delevigne and Ellie Goulding all have these single needle tattoos and they look pretty darn rad. So before you head out and get yourself inked, here are a few facts for you.

What is single needle tattooing?

As the name implies, it is a tattoo that is given using just one needle. This results in very fine lines and delicate shading. These tattoos are most often black and grey. Traditional tattooing typically uses multiple needles. This creates a much thicker and darker line. Single needle tattooing lends itself very well to small designs as well as script.

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I am obsessed, where do I get one?

As with all tattoos, finding an artist that is right for you requires some research and recommendation. Most artists have Instagram accounts where they post photos of their work, so that is a great place to see the styles of work that they do. All artists have different strengths (or preferences in styles they work with), so look for someone who really specializes in single needle work. Yelp is also a great place to read reviews on tattoo shops and see what the actual customers have to say. Obviously you will also want to ensure the shop is following all standards for sterilization and cleanliness.

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What should I get and where?

From feathers and insects to astronomy and geometric designs, the possibilities are endless! Things that have more personal meaning like names or script are also very popular. These are just some of the trendy things to have inked on your body as of late. Single needle tattoos can be very intricate with lots of detail in the design. Even the tiniest of tattoos can still be as hardcore as a full sleeve. We are seeing people with a more “curated” tattoo look these days. Instead of one or two large pieces, people are decorating their bodies in many different places with smaller tattoos (think Erin Wasson and her collection of beautiful ink). Popular places to have tattoos done right now are the inner arm and side of the rib. While there are exceptions, many artists will not tattoo a client on the hands or neck if it is their first tattoo.

So I did it, now what do I do?

Each artist will have a slightly different approach when it comes to the aftercare of your new tattoo. Be sure to follow their advice and give them a call if things are looking right. The best advice is do not pick at it. Try your absolute best to keep your hands away if there is peeling skin or scabs. We all know what happens when you pick a scab and you don’t want this for your new tattoo so, hands off! Once it is all healed, enjoy your new ink!



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