Baths. They’re beautiful, grand even. Taking one is exactly what you need when you wish to unwind and let go of your worries from the day. If you’re a parent, sometimes soaking in a tub comes once in a blue moon. So breathe easy, my friend and I’ll break down the 9 steps that will prepare you for the perfect bath fit for a queen. We all know that you deserve it.




  1. Set up your bath pillow to feel like the ruler of the room or for a comfortable recline.
  2. As you supply your cherished tub with holy water, don’t forget to add charming bubbles or a luxurious bath bomb to top off this fairy tale.
  3. Next, pour yourself that glass of wine, because you know you deserve it with the day you had running the kingdom.
  4. Turn on your choice of tunes for some enchanted tranquility or have a tiny dignified tub party of one.
  5. Don’t forget that delicious sweet treat that makes every peasant jealous of your royalty.
  6. Did someone say rubber ducky? On occasion, a jester is allowed to be the entertainment for the evening.
  7. Now that your sacred space is fully prepped, slither on into that majestic bath because IT’S TIME. No one tells a queen when to get off her throne so this is where you rule for the time being.
  8. Finally, once you have reached peak relaxation and ready to step out of the tub, like the goddess you are, make sure to do a few breathing exercises your fairy godmother taught you because the castle can’t run itself. Donning your favorite robe, exit the royal space and enter the real world again.
  1. If you’re not ready for reality, you can always shield yourself in your chambers and drift off to dreamland.


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