The SPOT Dog Chew Toy, specifically the Bambone Plus, is designed for aggressive chewers and is highly durable. Made with Bamboo Fiber and Nylon, it provides a tough alternative to rawhide and real bones. With its easy-grip shape and beef flavor, this chew toy is built to satisfy your dog’s chewing needs.

The SPOT Bambone Plus has exceeded my expectations. Not only does my dog love these chew bones, but they also last for several months. The durable construction and beef flavor keep them engaged for hours, providing a much-needed distraction from destructive behaviors. I highly recommend this chew toy for heavy chewers like mine.

SPOT Dog Chew Toy: Durable and Tough for Aggressive Chewers

SPOT Dog Chew Toy

The SPOT Bambone Plus is designed for heavy and aggressive chewers, making it the perfect dog chew toy. It is designed to be tougher than real beef or pork bones, making it a durable alternative to rawhide. Constructed of bamboo fiber and nylon, this chew toy is built to withstand even the strongest jaws. Whether you have a teething puppy or a dog that loves to chew, the Bambone Plus can handle it all. It is made to be long-lasting and satisfy your dog’s chewing needs for hours on end.

SPOT Dog Chew Toy: Easy Grip Design for Steady Chewing

The SPOT Bambone Plus stands out among chew toys with its easy-grip design. The shape of the chew toy is specifically crafted to be easy for dogs to hold and grip. This ensures they can chew on it steadily without slipping or sliding out of their paws. The ergonomic design also makes it comfortable for dogs, promoting healthy jaw exercise. With the Bambone Plus, your dog can enjoy a satisfying chewing experience without frustration.

SPOT Dog Chew Toy: Delicious Beef Flavor for Ultimate Enjoyment

The flavor is designed to be long-lasting, providing your dog with endless enjoyment. Say goodbye to boring and flavorless chew toys, and say hello to a toy that will keep your dog entertained and satisfied!

Choose the Perfect Size for Your Dog

Considering the uniqueness of every dog, the SPOT Bambone Plus is available in various sizes. You can choose the size that matches your dog’s breed and chewing needs. Whether you have a small puppy or a large dog, a Bambone Plus is just right for them. Finding the perfect size ensures your dog gets the most out of their chewing experience and promotes their dental health.

SPOT Dog Chew Toy: Ethical Products Promise Customer Satisfaction

Ethical Products’ top priority is customer satisfaction. They stand behind the quality and durability of the SPOT Bambone Plus. If you or your pet aren’t happy with the product, they want to hear from you. They strive to provide the best products for you and your furry friends; your feedback is invaluable to them. Visit their website for more information on how to contact them.

SPOT Dog Chew Toy: Real Customer Reviews

From 100lb dogs to Boston Terriers, customers have praised this chew toy’s durability and long-lasting nature. It has been described as a “chewer’s paradise” and a favorite among aggressive chewers. While every dog is different, most customers have found great success and satisfaction with the Bambone Plus.


  • Perfect for heavy chewers and aggressive chewers. This durable dog chew is tougher than real beef or pork bones, making it a great alternative to rawhide.
  • The toy’s shape is easy to grip, allowing dogs to hold it steady for easy chewing.
  • The toy is flavored with beef, providing a durable and long-lasting option to keep your dog satisfied for hours.


  • The chew toy may not be suitable for all dogs. Some dogs may not be interested in it or may lose interest quickly.
  • While the toy is advertised as durable, it may still get damaged over time, especially with very aggressive chewers.
  • The product may not be suitable for larger breeds, as it is only available in small sizes.

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In conclusion, the SPOT Bambone Plus is a fantastic dog chew toy that caters to aggressive chewers. Its durable composition and easy grip design make it suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. The positive customer reviews further solidify its reputation as a long-lasting and satisfying chew toy. Although not every dog may be equally interested, it is worth trying, as every dog has its preferences. Overall, the SPOT Bambone Plus is reliable for keeping your furry friend occupied and satisfied.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are there any alternatives to rawhide for heavy chewers?

Answer: Yes, the Bambone Plus chew toy is a great alternative to rawhide for heavy chewers. It is made with a durable material that is tougher than real beef or pork bones.

Question: Can all dogs easily grip the toy?

Answer: Yes, the toy’s shape is designed to be easy to grip, allowing dogs to hold it steady for easy chewing.

Question: What happens if my dog doesn’t like the chew toy?

Answer: If you or your pet isn’t totally happy with the product, the Ethical Products promise ensures they want to hear from you. You can visit their website for more information on addressing any concerns or issues.


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