People Are Calling Meghan Markle’s Recent Fashion Choice “A Nightmare”

July 10, 2019

Even though there are plenty of perks to living the royal lifestyle, there’s a lot that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has had to get used to in the process. While she was living the life of an actress prior to marrying Prince Harry, living with the U.K.’s most famous family put a whole new type of spotlight on her that she likely wasn’t used to before.

For one, people are really quick to tear into her regarding her clothing choices. Not only the fit and fabric, but whether or not she’s following royal etiquette when leaving the house.

One of her choices, which seems like no big deal to most of us, was recently panned. And when you learn more about it, you’ll realize how bogus it really is.

Long story short, Markle wore a pair of jeans. Gasp!

Meghan Markle went to Wimbledon to support Serena Williams, who happens to be one of her best friends. But when doing so, she managed to outrage a Wimbledon official who referred to Markle and her look as a “nightmare.” It’s a bit harsh, especially since Markle is also a busy mom who has a newborn at home. Jeans are more or less the new-mom uniform for the first few months!

This isn’t the first year that Markle has attended the big event. She was also spotted in the crowd back in 2018.

So, what was so bad about her choice? According to InStyle, a lot of it had to do with where she happened to be sitting this year.

Markle was apparently sitting in the All England Club members’ area. Over there, they have a pretty strict no-denim rule.

Her look wasn’t the only thing that made her a “nightmare.” Supposedly, there was also a bit of chaos in her having appeared incognito.

For one, she’s the Duchess of Sussex, so people will probably spot her from a mile away. And two, wearing jeans is the perfect way to stick out in that particular crowd.

The Times reportedly interviewed a member of the All England Club, who expanded on why people were so outraged. “They couldn’t invite her into the royal box because she was wearing jeans, but that didn’t really matter because all she wanted to do was come and watch Serena.”

And that’s not all. “Andy Murray was on Court 1 afterwards, and it was a massive faux pas not to watch a Brit when she is signed up to the royal family,” the source continued.


Markle also didn’t want people to take photos. It’s understandable, but somewhat hard to enforce.

According to The Daily Mail, one woman, who was only taking a selfie, was reportedly told to put her camera down. She wasn’t even aware that Meghan Markle was close by.

In general, it’s easy to see why people were a little annoyed. But, was it really bad enough to refer to her as a nightmare?

Markle is used to having tough critics.

A lot of people were angered by the fact that Prince Harry had proposed to her in the first place, especially since Markle had already been married previously.

But, she adds a breath of fresh air to the royal household. She’s broken etiquette a few times, each time proving once again that she’s her own person.

Hopefully, she didn’t wear jeans as a sign of disrespect. It’s possible that Markle just didn’t do her research prior to heading out.

No matter what, it’s so sweet that Markle is so supportive of her buddy, Serena Williams. The two have been there for each other countless times. It’s nice to see that even though she’s got a heftier title now, Markle knows the importance of maintaining friendships.

Next time you wear jeans, think of Meghan Markle. They’ll make you feel like a true duchess —  but, without all of the unwanted criticism.