Laverne Cox is always glowing and we’ve been dying to know her secret. Does she follow one of those Korean “glass skin” skincare routine? Perhaps she uses a bomb highlighter that we’ve been sleeping on. The answer is no, and not really. (Cox uses Milk’s Holographic Highlighting Powder, which we’ve definitely been awakened to.) Truth be told, Cox’s secret weapon is using baby shampoo as face wash. Huh.


“I keep it simple. I’m not as chichi as I appear,” the Orange Is The New Black star told The New York Times for their Skin Deep spotlight. “I wash my face with baby shampoo. It’s really weird, but if it’s gentle enough for a baby, then it’s good enough for me.”

Could the secret to skincare success really be that simple? We asked Board Certified Dermatologist and founder and medical director of California Dermatology Specialists, Dr. Eric Meinhardt.


“Baby shampoo typically has less chemicals and less fragrances,” Dr. Meinhardt told us. For example, Aveeno’s Baby Wash & Shampoo is tear-free, meaning its free from irritants that can cause stinging and drying. “This could be reasonable for skin types that are dry or prone to eczema.”

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Dr. Meinhardt clarified that although baby shampoo could be an effective alternative to regular face washes, you’ll want to pay attention to what kind of baby shampoo you pick up.

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“Shampoo is similar to soap and there are some shampoos both baby and adult that have good ingredients and not-so-good ingredients,” Dr. Meinhardt explained. “In general, the best shampoos will be non-scented and with fewer detergents and chemicals that are abrasive.”

And this advice goes for those who intend on using shampoo for face wash and/or regular use in the hair.

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Cox may be on to something here. In an effort to achieve that Laverne Cox glow, we’re certainly willing to give baby shampoo a go.