As the seasons change, a lot of fun is brought our way — but that also comes with a lot of decisions. What pumpkin treat should I bake first? Where do I go pumpkin picking — or should I go apple picking instead? And most importantly, what is my go-to sweater going to be for when temperatures drop? For questions like these, it’s always helpful to have an outside source for inspiration. That’s exactly why we’re asking each zodiac sign to provide us with inspiration.

All of the zodiac signs have unique traits that can help us discover more about ourselves and our behaviors. So if you’re ever lacking an answer to a question or having trouble making a decision, you can always look to the stars for some soul-searching. With this in mind, we aim to answer one of our pressing fall questions about sweaters. (I mean, our office is basically freezing cold as it is!)

Now let’s figure out which cozy sweater you should sport this season…

Love by Design Pompom Sweater

[image_with_caption text=”Nordstrom” image=””]

Sign: Aquarius 

If anyone can pull off a sweater covered in rainbow pompoms, it’s you, Aquarius. As someone who doesn’t follow trends, but instead starts them, this sweater is your key to embodying originality. Plus, for those times when you need to be alone and restore your mental power, you can easily snuggle up in this baby.

Buy here for $52.

Ribbed Colorblock Sweater

[image_with_caption text=”Forever21″ image=””]

Sign: Pisces

When searching for a sweater that exudes imagination and friendliness, we immediately stopped at this number. It screams “kind, artistic soul who paints with all the colors of the rainbow.” Are we wrong? It instantly makes us happy — just like you do! Now add a bunch of pins to let your creative soul run wild.

Buy here for $19.90.

Kohl’s Cable-Knit Crewneck

[image_with_caption text=”Kohl’s” image=””]

Sign: Aries

We wouldn’t think to get you an impractical sweater that distracts others from your leadership and boss attitude. That’s why we went for a simple crewneck that’s not too light, not too heavy. It has to be just right for a passionate personality like yours (hence the deep red we chose).

Buy here for $24.99.

Halogen Cashmere Sweater

[image_with_caption text=”Nordstrom” image=””]

Sign: Taurus

Mmm… cashmere. So soft. So luxurious. It’s the only fabric fit for a Taurus who gravitates toward the finer things in life. As for the color, it will allow you to embrace the romance of fall as you treat yourself to a warm slice of pumpkin pie. Whenever you’re feeling down, allow your body to melt into this comfy-cozy sweater.

Buy here for $99.

Free People Popcorn Pullover

[image_with_caption text=”Free People” image=””]

Sign: Gemini 

From what we’ve seen thus far, popcorn sweaters are the “it” sweater this fall. And if there’s one zodiac sign that isn’t afraid to try a trend, it’s you, Gemini. With both curiosity and adaptability on your side, no one can blame you. After all, someone needs to test out this fad for the rest of us.

Buy here for $108.

Zara Faux Fur Sweater

[image_with_caption text=”Zara” image=””]

Sign: Cancer 

What’s cozier than a fall sweater, you ask? A sweater that’s completely made of soft faux fur. Since fall — the coziest time of the year — is a time when you allow the softness within your shell to shine, we highly recommend you get curled up in this sweater with some hot cocoa and a good book.

Buy here for $49.90.

Zara Sequin Sweater

[image_with_caption text=”Zara” image=””]

Sign: Leo

Leave it to a Leo to wear a fall sweater with some serious bling. I mean, the sun isn’t always shining, so someone has to! We’ll leave that to your zodiac sign, since you’re the charismatic type who belongs on stage. Your friends will likely look at you wearing this sweater and say, “Makes sense.”

Buy here for $69.90.

Uniqlo Turtleneck Sweater

[image_with_caption text=”Uniqlo” image=””]

Sign: Virgo 

A classic turtleneck sweater belongs to the type who prefers not to stray from what they know works. And a turtleneck during fall? Who could go wrong there? Just make sure you’re buying a quality one from a trusted brand, since we both know you wouldn’t want to waste your money on anything less.

Buy here for $29.90.

DVF Fine Gauge Sweater

[image_with_caption text=”DVF” image=””]

Sign: Libra

As a gentle soul ruled by Venus, pink is your ideal color. It plays off of your loving nature — especially when it comes from a beautiful (albeit expensive) brand like DVF. You do enjoy the more material things in life, so this is the perfect pick. Wear this beauty on Wednesdays (or whenever you want to feel some inner peace).

Buy here for $134.

Asos Sweater With Open Back

[image_with_caption text=”Asos” image=””]

Sign: Scorpio

A sweater with an open back might defeat the purpose of a sweater that’s supposed to keep you warm, but hey, you’re not one to follow the rules. With this saucy black number, we guarantee that you’ll feel more yourself than if you were to, say, dress like a Libra. Embrace the darkness!

Buy here for $45.

ModCloth ‘Round The Mountain Sweater

[image_with_caption text=”ModCloth” image=””]

Sign: Sagittarius 

For an independent spirit who loves to travel the world, we picked a sweater that is perfect for exactly that. This long sweater will keep you warm, act as a blanket on planes, cover your butt when you sit on a bus bench, and you can even pull that cowl neck up over your face if you need to take a nap.

Buy here for $59.

Madewell Patch Pocket Pullover

[image_with_caption text=”Madewell” image=””]

Sign: Capricorn

You’re a reliable person who doesn’t mess around, Capricorn, which is why we wanted to find you a quality sweater (with pockets!) that isn’t fussy. We went with this easy, breezy pullover that you can throw on when you’re rushing out the door. It looks super comfy, and did we mention it has pockets?!

Buy here for $69.50.


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