It can be incredibly satisfying to fully decorate your bedroom, but sometimes the fear of making a bedroom decor mistake keeps people from doing anything at all.


Renters, especially, seem unwilling to deck out their bedrooms.

They worry that their landlords will revoke their deposits if things look too different. They don’t know how to position furniture in their (unavoidably) small spaces. Some apartment-dwellers even swear they’ll only stay in their place for one year, telling themselves it’s pointless to make any changes at all.

Those fears shouldn’t hold you back, though.

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In fact, isn’t it scarier to wake up three years after you first signed that apartment lease and realize you could’ve been sleeping in the bedroom of your dreams the whole time? It’s not even that hard to avoid the worst decor mistakes, while making sure you don’t do anything too drastic.

Turns out, you can sleep in an Instagram-worthy domicile and get your security deposit back too!

The bedroom decorating tips below will help you feng shui your sleeping space. Honestly, they’ll make you wonder why you didn’t get started sooner.

1. You put your bed on the same wall as the door.

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This may be unavoidable depending on the size of your room, but if you put your bed on the same wall as the entrance to your room, you might be asking for trouble. Certain feng shui practitioners suggest that when beds share a wall with a door, the person in the bed will never feel completely rested. Roommates, significant others, or even pets can enter the room at any time, waking you up and causing unease.

If you simply can’t keep your bed away from the door, try using a small barrier.

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A beaded curtain could help you achieve that visual separation, and will make your bedroom look cool too.

2. You put the head of your bed directly below a window.

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Now you may not be completely sold on the principles of feng shui, and hey, we get it. The whole practice can seem completely unfounded, and you’ve lived in an un-feng-shui-ed home forever.

This mistake makes sense, though.

If you place your bed underneath a window, you’ll likely be bombarded with all the sounds from outside. And trust us, hearing obnoxious things like traffic, loud neighbors, and garbage trucks is not conducive to a good night’s rest.

Plus, those noises can prevent your brain from fully relaxing.

3. You don’t have any mood lighting.

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Even if you’re lucky enough to have any overhead lighting in your rental at all, it probably isn’t the right lighting. If, for example, you have one of those notorious boob lights, a fluorescent eyesore, or a dated ceiling fan, it’s time to upgrade. You don’t necessarily have to replace the standard apartment light fixture (though that would certainly help), but you should at least invest in some bedside table lamps.

You can put one on each of your nightstands or grab two plug-in wall sconces.

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We especially love these from Amazon. They’re easy to hang and you only have to make one small, easily refillable hole in the wall to secure them. You can patch that right before you move, and your landlord will be none the wiser!

Take note, though — if the lights are too bright, you won’t be able to relax.

4. You don’t have any artwork.

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You’ll want to be careful with this because artwork that’s too busy will keep you from fully relaxing. Don’t let that caution prevent you from hanging anything in your bedroom, though.

Pick a few pieces that reflect the energy you want to attract.

If you want a calming vibe in your room, for example, an ocean print would be great. Want a moody or romantic space? Go for art with deep, warm tones.

Whatever pieces you pick, make sure to hang them at about eye-level. It’ll keep your room feeling spacious.

5. You didn’t consider the scale of your furniture.

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Furniture that’s too big for your bedroom won’t just look wrong, it’ll feel wrong too. In fact, certified feng shui consultant Marianne Gordon suggests that having large items in your room will make you feel oppressed.

Looming decor pieces, like bookshelves, for example, can take up valuable floor space and mental space.

If you have to keep bigger items in your space, make sure everything in or on top of the furniture is organized.

6. You have clutter lying around.

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This is definitely a no-brainer. Clutter looks so bad (unless it’s intentional, carefully-planned, maximalist clutter).

The more things you have strewn about on your floor, the harder everything will be.

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Want to relax? That pile of clothes on the floor will prevent your mind from winding down. Want to focus? The excess items that don’t have a proper place in your room will distract you incessantly.

It’s not that hard to fix this bedroom décor mistake, though. A few wicker baskets can store all of your clutter, and they’re nice to look at too.

7. You used too many bright colors.

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Again, you want your room to be as zen as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid all colors, but bright tones can overwhelm the senses. Hot pink, for example, might add too much visual interest. If you’re not sold on the whole black and white bedroom trend, pick muted shades.

Warm yellows, earthy browns, and even terra cotta tones can help bring your room together.

Creams and off-whites can add to the soothing energy as well. You may not even need to paint or add wallpaper to get a good color story. A nice blanket or small decor items with earthy colors can do the trick with hardly any fuss.

8. You have too many decorative pillows.

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Throw pillows can definitely pull a room together. But when it comes to your bedroom, less is more. In fact, you might even consider completely forgoing decorative cushions when you’re going to sleep.

Your bed should be uncluttered, so it can maintain restful energy.

And while two, or maybe even four, sleeping pillows are good for symmetry, any more are unnecessary. If you absolutely must have throw pillows, consider getting a rattan basket to keep them corralled during the night.

9. You skimped on your bedding.

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Usually the focal point of the bedroom, the bed is the place where you’ll spend a third of your life. Accordingly, it should look nice and feel nice. Cheaping out on your sheets is a serious faux pas, so why not go ahead and splurge on some nice linens? You might not want to buy the highest quality premium French linen (you certainly won’t regret waking up on crisp, perfectly wrinkled sheets each morning, though), but there are other nice bedding options that won’t break the bank.

And for the icing on the cake, whenever you move, packing up your sheets and duvets will be a breeze.

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These tonal sheets are affordable and comfy, and the earthy tones will bring the perfect energy into your abode.

10. You have clutter under your bed.

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Just because clutter is technically out-of-sight doesn’t mean it’s out-of-mind. In particular, under-the-bed clutter is one of the worst kinds you can have.

You may not be able to see the mess, but feng shui experts suggest that the items can disturb the bedroom’s restful energy.

Apparently, the clutter prevents good airflow. If you absolutely must store things under your mattress, keep the items organized and neat.

11. You don’t have enough storage.

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We don’t want you to simply store your clutter, but good storage does help you avoid many decor mistakes. In some instances, your bedroom storage solutions can even look like intentional decor. Wicker baskets, for example, can keep items regulated and help give your room an earthy, textured feeling. Pick ones in warm tones if you really want to level up.

It’s not just enough to have cute storage, though.

You actually have to use it. Be intentional about putting clothes in their proper place instead of discarding them in a chair or on the floor. And an additional hamper can do loads to keep the bedroom tidy.

12. You don’t have enough symmetry.

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Symmetry in the bedroom is often overlooked.

People who live alone, especially, tend to think they only need one of everything, but that’s just not true.

According to feng shui expert Nicole Seidlitz, keeping your furniture in pairs helps achieve balance in the bedroom. That means, grab two side tables to frame your bed and don’t forget to add two light sources as well. Having at least two pillows can help a great deal too. Just these few tweaks will make your room look expertly styled.

13. You’re not embracing natural light.

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Even the best mood lighting can’t compare to natural light. In fact, it helps properly regulate the body’s sleep cycles.

Natural light, for example, can help wake you in the mornings.

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If, like some renters, you’re limited by tiny windows or your view is blocked by large buildings, look into getting full spectrum lights. These specialized bulbs from Amazon imitate the sun and bring good energy into your domain.

Plus, you can always unscrew the bulbs, pack them carefully, and take them with you to your next apartment.

Try out these bedroom decorating hacks, and you’ll love waking up in your room in no time!


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