Meghan Markle’s life has changed in a big way since marrying Prince Harry on May 19th. Not only has she earned herself the title of Duchess of Sussex, but her style has changed a bit as well — especially her choice in purses. Back in the day, every time Markle rocked a new purse, sales skyrocketed. And each purse was a little different. As far as purse inspiration went, Markle was our go-to girl.


Now? She’s keeping things simple. Instead of greeting fans and attending events with her super functional Strathberry tote, or her suede circular Chloé Pixie bag (a personal favorite), she’s simplifying the way she carries her necessities around.

These days, the duchess is into clutches. Yep — the typical go-to bag for essentials when you’re a wedding guest is now her preferred way to keep her things in order. It actually makes a lot of sense. Not only do clutches always bring class, but they’re a good choice for a busy woman who just doesn’t have the time to rifle through a large purse.

Markle has a ton of different clutches that she’s rotating through, but they all share similarities. The ones she’s been photographed with have been around the same size, and are usually black or a neutral color.

Here are two shots that’ll let you see the comparison:

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And one more just to prove that it’s not a coincidence:

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Markle makes it all look so easy. Maybe the best way to live like a royal is to stick to a few basics — simple colors that’ll never go out of style and purses small enough that you won’t embarrassingly take five minutes to find your car keys after grabbing groceries.