It’s basically a fact of life that anything Kylie Jenner touches turns to gold. The social media star has an outstanding 110 million followers on Instagram alone, so it’s no surprise that whatever she wears instantly becomes a trend. According to one of her Instagram stories, Kylie now wears glasses — and not just any glasses, but extremely unique and cool glasses (are you surprised?). Luckily, we know where to buy an identical pair.


Earlier this week, Kylie shared the cutest Instagram story that proves she’s more like us “regular” people than we thought. She showed off her chicken soup recipe, which included matzoh balls and lots of veggies and noodles and, quite frankly, looked delicious. She then shared a much more relaxed photo of herself than we’re used to: a selfie in which she’s eating her soup, using a Snapchat filter, and wearing a pair of glasses. The caption simply read, “Oh yes and I wear glasses now.”

While we’re not sure when Kylie got the glasses, we do know one thing: they might be our new favorite pair of eyeglasses.

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They’re clear and see-through, which means that they would go with anything you’re wearing. They’re so different!

We don’t know exactly where Kylie got these particular glasses, but we do know where you can find pairs that look very similar. Seventeen found a nearly identical pair of clear glasses you can buy if you want to copy the star’s style — they’re $95 (without prescription lenses) from Warby Parker. Not a bad deal!

Kylie jenner glasses
Warby Parker

We also found a few pairs that match the more cat-eye frame that Kylie has going on. This pair from Coastal, called the Derek Cardigan, is also $95 and has a shape that resembles the glasses Kylie is wearing.

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Oh, and if you don’t need a prescription lens, this pair from Amazon is super cheap at only $9.99.

[image_with_caption text=”Amazon” image=””]

Here’s hoping we see more of Kylie’s adorable glasses in the future!