Teens are stereotypically thought to be self-absorbed or aloof, but Gen Z is doing everything to change that perception. These digital natives may not know what life was like without the internet, but growing up in a world where compassion has become increasingly scarce, they’re determined to inject some kindness back into the world.

Gen Z is everyone born in the mid to late 1990s to the early 2000s. While these teens grew up in the midst of the technological revolution, they’ve become pioneers on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and especially on Instagram.

Instagram has started to garner a bad reputation for encouraging superficiality, as well as being linked to a decline in mental health and poor self-esteem. In response to this, Gen Z has started a new antithetical trend.

Encouraging community, kindness, and a forum for sharing advice, self-help threads use the multiple photo function of Instagram to create lists sharing advice spanning how to be a better friend to the best drinks to order at Starbucks.

These threads have become something of a sensation, with accounts gaining tens of thousands of followers from other teenagers looking for guidance on how to tell their crush to like them or where to start when it comes to skincare. And we love seeing other teenagers supporting one another!

We compiled some of our favorite Instagram self-care threads that we’re sure everyone could use help with.


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Learning to love yourself is a process, but it can be done.

Encouraging self-love is the pinnacle of any self-help advice thread. And surprisingly, this teenage advice is pretty spot on. From encouraging seeking out a therapist to doing things you love, as well as indulging in some alone time, this thread is all about looking inwards.

Despite the great advice, this user also acknowledges that implementing these steps won’t leave to instant changes but eventually will help your outlook on life.

Gifts To Give To Friends

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If you’ve ever been stuck buying a present, this thread will save the day.

Buying presents can be a daunting task — especially when funds are limited.

But even with all the money in the world, thinking of something fun, thoughtful, and useful to gift a loved one is enough to cause a full-blown mall meltdown. This advice thread gets straight to the point, making wonderful recommendations including blankets, mugs, a book filled with memories, bath supplies, and books.

How To Survive A Bad Day At School

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Bouncing back from a horrible day is a skill in itself.

We all have crappy days, whether it’s at school, work, or even just a case of the Mondays. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can throw your whole day out of whack, but there are ways to save it.

Sometimes just admitting to someone else that you’re having a rough time can help, while relaxing on your breaks, letting out a little cry in the bathroom, and blaring a calming Spotify playlist can just get you through the day and onto the next.

Getting Over A Breakup

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We all have someone we can’t get out of our head.

But if you want to get over them there are things you can do to help. Deleting photos, listening to triumphant breakup songs, and getting a haircut all come to mind, but what happens when you run out of ideas?

This Instagram thread has your back. Don’t look at them, don’t think about them, and if you’re full of feelings, emotions, and thoughts, it’s best to let them all out.

Pamper Night Routine

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Whether you’ve had an awful day, need something to take your mind off your ex, or just need some TLC, this is for you.

We all need to unwind sometimes, and what better way than to spoil yourself? Everyone is privy to the joys of a face mask and a bubble bath, but there are ways to take luxurious relaxation to the next level.

Try an in-home pedicure, soak your feet and paint your nails, or instead try an at-home teeth whitening kit. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, either; anything you can do to up the ante will surely leave you feeling refreshed and pampered.

How To Always Smell Good

[fm_instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/B1HDRhEneeV/”]

Wearing deodorant is the first step.

This thread preaches what we’ve been told our entire lives— layer your scents. Lathering on a thick, scented, moisturizing lotion before applying your favorite perfume is one of the best ways to keep the sweet smell of your signature scent going all night long.

But we’re a little bit skeptical of the suggestion to shower twice a day and spraying perfume on a hairbrush. Thank you, next!

Hello Healthy Nails

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If you’re searching for the perfect nail beds, you’re in luck.

Professional manicures, acrylics, gel polish, SNS, and gel-X extensions can make you feel like Cardi B, but they can also ruin your natural nails.

Underneath the glitter, jewels, and candy-colored polish nails are left dry and brittle, but there are steps to save them. Moisturizing your cuticles, keeping manicures to a minimum, and avoiding acetone nail polish removers is a sure-fire way to beautiful nails.

Caring For Newly Pierced Ears

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Now here’s some sound advice.

Piercings can be scary. Not only do you have to contend with the thought of searing pain but the worry of infections is enough to make anyone reconsider.

But there are ways to take care of newly pierced ears that are easy and safe. The first step is to head to a reliable piercer, then buying cleaning products that are skin-safe, and cleaning them consistently will have you healed and adorned in gorgeous earrings in no time.

A Guide To Good Hygiene

[fm_instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/B1G_InYHe5v/”]

Apparently, science backs up all of these claims.

While this thread has a lot of great suggestions, including changing your razor regularly, washing your hands before eating, changing your sheets once a week, and showering every other day, one tip doesn’t seem quite right.

Using mouthwash before brushing your teeth is a highly debatable move. According to Grace & Leedy Dentistry, using mouthwash last maximizes its effects. Not all self-help threads are created equally.

How To Get Good Grades

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Tried and tested advice every teen needs.

This thread is probably full of life-saving advice for anyone trekking their way through high school but a lot of it can be applied to work too.

From taking 15-minute breaks every hour to keep your mind fresh and asking for help to waking up early, this is some great information for people trying to improve their productivity.

Ridesharing Red Flags

[fm_instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/B1ADoHRH_nG/”]

These tips can save lives.

Unfortunately, there have been a number of rideshare crimes that have cost unsuspecting (and often female) victims their lives. Accidentally getting into the car of someone violent is everyone’s worst nightmare. You can never be too safe, and this teen made sure her followers knew how to stay hyper-vigilant.

10 Ways To Be Happy

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Happiness is a journey, not a destination, and these tips can make the ride that much easier.

Getting adequate amounts of sleep, pampering yourself, and eating healthy foods is one way to boost those feel-good chemicals in your brain, but how else can we ensure happiness?

There isn’t any real solution to this answer, but this thread has some great ways to ensure you stay kind to yourself and others. That doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Tips To Save Your Life

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Do you stay incredibly still or run for your life if you encounter a bear in the wild?

Having life-saving advice in the heat of the moment is priceless, especially when there is no time to Google your question. This thread covers everything from kitchen fires, what do if you’re ever stabbed, and how to detect if your drink has been spiked to protecting yourself in dangerous situations.

And what do you do about that bear? Back away very slowly.

How To Drink More Water

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We all know the benefits of H2O, but how do we drink enough?

Chances are, no matter how much water you’re drinking, it probably isn’t enough. According to Healthline, we need to drink eight 8-ounce glasses which is about half a gallon of water a day.

If that sounds impossible, don’t worry — this thread is for you. If you like your water icy cold, it’s definitely time to invest in an insulated water bottle that keeps your drinks chilly. But if you find the taste of aqua borin,g try flavored soda waters or eat your water by snacking on watermelon and berries.

Even though some of this advice is hit or miss, we’re addicted to this swipable advice.

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