This Is How You Win Over Your Crush Based On Their Zodiac Sign

August 13, 2019

There’s so much that goes into the success of a romantic relationship (or the passionate start of one, that is) — chemistry, compassion, shared ethics. And then there’s that little thing we call sexual compatibility. But what about astrological wisdom? There’s real magic in knowing how your crush’s Sun sign feels and shows love, desire, and interest.

If you want to take your budding romance up a few notches, it may be wise to turn to the cosmos’ eternal wisdom: the zodiac.

Are Scorpios really worth the drama? (Yes!) Are Virgos just too uptight to woo? (Not at all!) The stars can tell you that — and so much more, like your flirting style. All you need to know is your paramour’s Sun sign. From there, you can delve just a bit deeper into who they truly are within. It’s even better, of course, if you have access to their full birth chart.

Knowing someone’s Sun, moon, and rising signs (also called The Big 3) can you give you a fuller picture of who they really are, what they keep hidden, and how they reveal themselves.

But if you don’t have that info, their Sun sign will still give you some insight into how to win them over.

Oh, and if you’ve got their birth chart handy (so many apps do this nowadays) you’ll do well to find out what sign they have in Venus, the planet of love. If you have all of this information, we suggest reading for each of their respective signs, so you can get a complete look as to how to win over your crush based on their zodiac sign.

What if you want to know their whole chart, but only have their birthdate?

You’re gonna need to know your crush’s birth date and time to get their whole chart. Their birthday can only provide their actual Sun sign, and that’s not enough for a birth chart. You can send them an app where they can fill out their birth date and time, or you can ask them for it. It may sound weird, but birth charts are ubiquitous now that it’s not a super weird question.

Think about how their sign works with yours, too.

There are lots of ways of knowing the compatibility between signs. There are books and apps and Instagram accounts catered to this — but knowing someone’s love language is one thing, and knowing how it jives with yours is another. So, read below and take note: How do they show or receive love? How do you? What’s important to both of you?

Let’s dive into the traits of each Sun sign, focusing on their unique love language.

If something doesn’t feel accurate, it’s probably because people are multi-faceted and/or you don’t have their entire birth chart handy. And hey — keep in mind that astrology is a tool for reflection, not a cut-and-dry answer or fact. It makes you think, ponder, and go deep.


Keep the fire blazing.

The Aries has an ever-intense, passionate, and fiery energy, so you’ll want to tap into that by doing something oh-so-adventurous, wild, and fun. Go sky-diving. Hike the hardest trail. Engage their fiery personalities by asking questions and going out of your comfort zone; Aries will see this as brave and meaningful.

Oh, and go for a competitive move or two — of wits or in some sort of physical game.


Tap into beauty.

Taurus is a sucker for beauty. They want fresh roses, rosé, fancy dinners out, plays on the senses, and affection. They are also interested in tradition and luxury — so go all out when it comes to shows of love and affection.

You don’t have to break the bank by doing it, either, but a little aesthetic know-how will go far for a Taurus.


Embrace conversation.

Gemini  — a sign that truly has the gift of the gab — often gets a bad rap for being “two-faced.” While this may be true at times (everyone can be two-faced here and there), the thing is they’re pretty adaptable, always up for a good conversation or two, waiting to drop some wisdom on or gain some wisdom from the person next to them.

The juicier and inspired the conversation, the better. That’s how you get to the core of a Gemini’s heart. Brush up on your witty banter and go forth!


Get ready to do deep.

Cancers are straight-up allergic to small talk. Don’t give them idle chatter. Don’t ask them about the weather. Rather, get right into it. Show your vulnerable side. Let your intuition guide you.

Be ready to make space for their depth. And don’t be afraid to jump into with them. They will never judge you. Your crush will, however, find it romantic.


Grand gestures go a long way.

Leo is everything a lion ought to be. They’ve got loud roars (and sweet purrs). They’re loyal. They know their worth — after all, they’re the king of the jungle! And they SHOW UP.

Leos will appreciate your bravado and charm, your generosity of spirit (and attention), and your willingness to show them how much you appreciate them. Oh, and display confidence. A Leo is oh-so-drawn to that quality.


Go the damn distance.

Oh, Virgos. These guys are often made fun of for being the dorky spreadsheet-maker of any group. They’re the over-thinkers. The hyper-responsible. The stay-up-all-night-until-it’s-finished type. (Cue: Leslie Knope and all of her binders — total Virgo move).

If you want to tap into a Virgo’s heart, you’ll show up. On freaking time. And you’ll be prepared to explore and play and grow — together. They don’t need huge displays or poetry. They need to BE THERE when you say you will.


Be stylish, graceful, and charming. And fair.

The Libra is the only non-sentient being of the zodiac. They’re represented by the scales, so they’re naturally very fair and diplomatic. Concerned for humanitarian issues and justice, they’re also the kind of people who will throw the best damn party.

So put on your best outfit — don’t be afraid to be bold with it — and bring your best party banter to the bar. This crush love a unique, open-minded, talkative person — someone who can see all the good qualities in humanity.


Be ready to go on a transformative journey of body and mind.

Have you found yourself under the watchful eye (or, you know, bosom) of a Scorpio? Scorpio is the sign of sex — consensual and ethical, of course. They want profound depth. They want emotionality. They want as much passion as a person can conjure. They want magic and witchcraft and transformation.

Come to the Scorpio with intense intimacy, a willingness to explore the body and soul, and a rebellious spirit, and you will woo them.


Get into the wanderlust mindset.

The Sagittarius is a dreamer and a chaser. They crave real and metaphorical journeys. They want to follow their curiosity and embrace philosophy and adventure.

Be ready to chase adventure with them, and they will truly see you. Be ready to ask the Big Questions. Be ready to take a risk and try new things and to embrace new ideologies. Your mind is sexy to them. Remember that.


Get serious. Now.

Capricorns are known for their tendency to take on a heavy workload, their reliability, and their immense discipline. This can be intimidating and isolating, but for the right person, it can be alluring.

If you’re attracted to this sort of quality, you’ll want to enter head-first into a relationship with clear and transparent goals.

Make plans and keep them. And be strong-willed. This might mean taking initiative on planning a travel adventure. This allows the Cap to step back a bit while it shows off your work ethic. *Fans self*


Be weird.

The Aquarius is a free-thinker. A trend-setter. A magical, mysterious creature. Ever the humanitarian and dreamer, the Aquarius — as a true air sign does — is always thinking and generating, their soul high in the ether, floating around.

To seduce an Aquarius is to offer true freedom — in every sense. They want to be stimulated and seen, but they never want to be smothered. If — and it’s a big if — you can meet them there, they will see and love you for it.


Dream a little.

Pisces is the most intuitive, dreamy sign on the zodiac. They fall into daydreams. They can feel things deeply and are emotionally intelligent. They have been seen as healers. What they want is a soul who is willing to show emotion, to look them deep into their eyes and see them.

They respond well to creative and personality generosity; write them a poem, make them a mixtape, or take them out for a night of long, vulnerable conversation.

Would these seduction techniques work on your sign?