It seems like everything is getting a reboot, a revival, or a sequel these days — especially Reese Witherspoon projects. Back in June, it was revealed that the actress signed on to Legally Blonde 3, thus bringing her iconic Elle Woods character back to the big screen. But that’s not the only character who might make a return. One of Reese’s past co-stars brought up the fact that he’d be willing to star in a Sweet Home Alabama sequel immediately, and said that Witherspoon also expressed an interest.

On  July 17th, Josh Lucas stated that he’s been in contact with Witherspoon about reviving their characters, and it seemed like she’d be on board.

It all went down during an appearance on Access Live, with Lucas calling the original picture “iconic.” It’s so great to know that he’s still a big fan of the film.

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If you haven’t yet seen the film, Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic comedy that came out back in 2002. The movie focuses on Witherspoon’s character of Melanie Smooter, a former Alabama resident now living in New York. In order to finalize a divorce from her husband, played by Lucas, she needs to travel back to her home state. So, there are a lot of possibilities for a sequel.

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Not only is Lucas down for a sequel, but he already has an idea in mind.


“I kind of love the idea that they have actually divorced and been divorced for a while and he wants her back,” he stated. “Kind of to realize what he’s lost again and that the kids even, that their lives have separated in some ways, and I think that’s sort of the magic of that story is that there’s an eternal love there.”

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Now that two of the film’s major stars are openly down for the project, maybe they can get everyone else from the Sweet Home Alabama cast on board.


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