Margot Robbie's Face Looks Terrifying In The "Mary Queen Of Scots" Trailer Everyone's Talking About

Margot Robbie has been making quite a name for herself on the big screen. After seeing her slay as Harley Quinn, and make us both laugh and cry in I, Tonya, her next role is a bit more regal. She’ll be playing Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots, along with Saoirse Ronan and Joe Alwyn, known best these days as being Taylor Swift’s other half. But there’s something slightly unrecognizable about Robbie’s face in the movie trailer.

The trailer was released on Thursday, July 12th, and as expected, the two girls look nothing short of extravagant. Ronan’s wardrobe for this film was different from her ’90s look in Lady Bird, that’s for sure. But it seems like it’s Robbie who was asked to sit in the makeup chair for a little longer. And here’s why.

The movie, which focuses on two queens/cousins-turned-rivals, tries hard to be as historically accurate as possible — and that also applies to the fashion, and even facial features, of the time.

Queen Elizabeth I had notoriously high cheekbones, which the film tried to accentuate with Robbie. But she also wore a prosthetic nose to better resemble the queen.

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Queen Elizabeth also covered the wrinkles and markings on her face (it’s said that she had pockmarks as a result of smallpox) in layers of white makeup…which contained lead. This makeup likely did more harm than good for Elizabeth’s complexion.

As far as Ronan goes, she’s naturally a dead ringer for Mary Stuart. Of course, since they were both alive in the 1500s, this is based mostly on paintings of the two queens.

Here’s the trailer, in case you want a second look:

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Their wigs and costumes also accentuate their overall look (Queen Elizabeth I wore lavish red wigs to disguise her grey hair), but the fake nose is a big part of her transformation.

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No matter what, the movie looks like a must-see — and pairing Ronan and Robbie together is simply genius.


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Mary Queen of Scots is currently set to hit theaters on December 7th, so fans have to wait just a few more months.


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