Been dying to do a DIY project this weekend? Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dig out your power tools; you can transform a bookshelf or even an old guitar into the perfect shelf. Want to recreate our hacks? Check out each hack below for a list of materials needed and follow along with the video above for full step-by-step-instructions!

Storage Bench

This storage bench makes for the perfect reading nook! All you need is a bookshelf and a cushion.

Materials needed:


Spinning Storage Bin

Keep the good times spinnin’!  Take some old wooden crates and put them on a lazy susan and you’ve got yourself a spinning ottoman.

Materials needed:


Guitar Shelf

Got an old guitar lying around? Crack it open and turn it into a shelf!

Materials needed:


Rope Shelf

Is it a swing or a shelf? Spoiler alert: it’s not a swing.

Materials needed:


Magnetized Bottle Opener

This magnetized bottle opener is the ultimate party game changer!

Materials needed:


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