At this point in time, it’s hard to be surprised by wild nail trends. It’s been a long time since nail art has been totally normal, mostly thanks to crazy internet beauty experiments that end up going viral. Nail art is no longer about just cute designs and different colors — to really stand out, it has to be something so unique that it doesn’t even seem realistic. This latest trend is only one example: cheese grater nails.


It’s hard to imagine what, exactly, cheese grater nails could be, because your instinct is not to assume that cheese grater nails are, in fact, tiny little cheese graters in the shape of a nail. But actually, that’s exactly what this manicure is, and that’s exactly why you definitely shouldn’t try this out.

This idea comes to us from a Russia-based nail salon called Nail Sunny, a salon that is known for their completely out-there nail designs.


So can we really be surprised that they came up with this idea as well? The nails seem like they are literally cheese graters that have somehow been cut into a shape resembling a nail, then glued on to actual nails. And yes, if you’re wondering, they can actually grate cheese. This is convenient if you always have a block of cheese on you, not so convenient if you want to do literally anything else ever. Check them out for yourself:

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While it’s definitely interesting to watch this manicure come together, it also seems incredibly painful. Cheese graters hurt when you touch them the wrong way! And they’re so long! This is a bad idea waiting to happen.

However, it’s certainly not the first time Nail Sunny has done something this crazy. A few months ago, the salon went viral for creating live ant manicures, which trapped a live ant inside a fake nail. If you scroll through their Instagram page, you can see some of their other ideas, like uncomfortable-looking eyeball nails and actual pizza nails, just to name a few.

In all seriousness, though, don’t try these cheese grater nails at home. They might be fun on Instagram, but they’ve got to be very dangerous in real life.


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