It’s Leo Season: Here’s What It Means For Each Sign

July 26, 2019

Ah, Leo season! Get out your wildest lipstick color and your sassiest attitude, because the time has finally come. It’s the time of fire. The time of energy. And most importantly, the time to be EXTRA. And while Leos often take the crown when it comes to entering a room like they’re walking on their own personal catwalk, Leo season is all of that, and more. This feisty, fiery season is about manifesting your goals and dreams, revving up your engines of passion, and exploring your sense of worth.

When you meet a Leo, you feel it. Dang, you may think, this person has bravado! You may notice their eagerness to take center stage — and to sit you down and talk to you with passion and vigor unlike anyone else. But beneath all of that flair and color and ego (yeah, I said it) is a roaring sense of self-love.

While Leos know that they deserve the spotlight, and they remind us that we deserve our time to shine as well.

Powered by confidence, charisma, and a crown of courage, a Leo struts into the dinner party wearing the best damn outfit, ready to give and receive with heart, song, and zest. So, this Leo season, let’s all learn a little something from these powerful sun beasts.

By looking into the tenets of Leo season alongside the characteristics of each sun sign, we’ve identified a few things you should definitely take some time to meditate on this season.

A reminder:

Nothing is set in stone! Your entire birth chart and how you choose to live your life work together to make you who you are. You don’t have to believe in astrology to benefit from its wisdom. If you look to it as a prompt for self-reflection, that’s enough! And hey, a little extra wisdom and insight never hurt anyone.

So, here’s what you should be thinking about during Leo season, according to your sun sign.


Aries, the Ram, finds its home under the same elemental sign as Leo — fire. Aries is fiery, intense, and determined. And when Aries is killing it in life (as always), they are relentless and capable of just about anything. Aries can play the role of hero or game-changer, but they can also be super stubborn and even, at times, egotistical.

What Aries can expect from this Leo Season:

Keeping in mind Aries’s stubborn streak, this season prompts Aries to take a cue from Leo and enjoy some extra spontaneity and fun. Let loose a little bit! Stop worrying so much about being right and running the show. Let go, have some fun, plan a spontaneous trip, flirt, and let your passion and zeal lead the way. Your energy is always intense; try using it for some play and passion.


Ah, Taurus. You are the Bull, a tried-and-true Earth sign, a luminous flower garden. Taurus is enamored by all things beautiful (plus it doesn’t hurt that Taurus is ruled by romantic Venus). The thing is, Taurus can find themselves getting a little too obsessed with status, luxury, and tradition (and this can make them a bit vain and judgmental as a result). On the other hand, Taurus is also sensual AF, with an eye for aesthetics and decor.

What Taurus can expect from this Leo Season:

This Leo season, have a party. Work to create the most beautiful experience for your guests. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with your earthy side and visit a few natural locations for inspiration. Hang your flowers upside-down, accent your rooms with vines, wicker, and crystals. Paint your room that color you’ve always dreamed of. Light candles, clean your room with some essential oils, and wear a romantic gown that invokes your inner magic. Leo is all about drama and glamour; tap into that!


Gemini, ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication) is represented by the Twins — hence the Gemini’s reputation for being a bit…two-faced. The thing is, Geminis love to talk, communicate, share ideas…and yes, gossip a bit here and there (who doesn’t?). Geminis are absolutely striking in their charm, but their energy can be sort of frenetic. For some, it’s hard to get to Gemini’s level. An air sign, the Gemini is all about big ideas.

What Gemini can expect from this Leo Season:

Wondering how to put that gift of gab to good use during Leo season? Use it for good! Connect with your friends. Connect friends to other friends. Leo season asks us to embrace our worth — and something that makes a Gemini so valuable is their ability to express themselves. So, tell stories. Inspire others. Start work on a new project, collaborate with a partner, and get to work on that idea you’ve been dreaming about. Now’s the time for big moves!


Let’s be honest — you barely made it through Cancer season. That means you’ve really been feeling all the feels, expressing a lot of inner truths, and wading through the shadowy murk of memory and nostalgia. As a water sign, you are comfortable in depths — but sometimes that can make you sensitive, moody, and reclusive.

What Cancer can expect from this Leo Season:

The Leo season, take a load off and let yourself loosen up a bit after the intensity of spending the last month in your own sign. Let yourself enjoy some of the spotlight. Get a little feisty — we all know Cancer has it in them (you have claws, after all!). Cancer isn’t all sensitivity, wine, and tears. Cancer can throw a great party, create an awesome friend group, and get super creative. Step into your always-present (but not always obvious) bold and beautiful self by side-stepping out of your shell a bit.


It’s YOUR TIME, dear Lion! With your fiery, theatrical personality and love for attention and the spotlight, you know how to BRING it. People love having a conversation with you, and they see you as a ruler and an inspiration.

What Leo can expect from this Leo Season:

What do you see in you? Take this season to take a really deep look into your own eyes, past the charisma, past the bravado and the laughs…and into the true well of yourself. You know you’re worth it, so make a list of your goals and achievements. Honor yourself, plan ahead, and be courageous on your path.


Oh, Virgo — you have a reputation for keeping enviable spreadsheets, going all-out with the planning and budgeting, and maybe even being a little dorky. And that’s why we love you! The thing is, like any good Earth sign, you’re analytical, resourceful, and willing to get any job done. And for that reason, we look to you for inspiration and direction.

What Virgo can expect from this Leo Season:

Leo season is a party, okay? It’s the zodiac equivalent to fireworks over the ocean at night. And it’s a high-energy time when people often feel pushed to make things happen. But Virgo, you may be hung up on worrying about something (what are you so worried about?), or are trying to finish or fine-tune a project. You may be doing the Virgo thing — without having any of the fun you deserve. And we all know that all work and no play is just no way to live!


Sweet Libra! You love a good party, a room scented with lavender and juicy conversation about philosophy and ideals. As the star of the party and the connector of people, you, like the air element itself, are all about thoughts and grand ideas. But what happens when you aren’t at the party? What happens when you’re by yourself?

What Libra can expect from this Leo Season:

With all that energy and focus on cultivating a beautiful environment and an inspired circle of confidants and peers, Leo season is right up your alley. You’re able to harmonize and get in sync with others. But how do you feel when you’re on your own? Remember, through all the fun and Leo luminosity, to take stock — of yourself, your feelings, and your joy. Don’t get lost in it all without appreciating it.


You little darkling, you. Everyone says Scorpio is secretive, possessive, obsessive — psychotic, even. But what they don’t know is that your intensity also takes the form of ride-or-die loyalty, passion, and a drive to get things done. Your intensity is your language, and those who get it, get it. They see you as magnetic, unafraid to be yourself. And those who don’t get it — well, who needs them?

What Scorpio can expect from this Leo Season:

Scorpio, Leo season is probably a bit harder for you. After all, you, like the water and feel truly at home in your depths. Quiet places. Secret spaces. But maybe, just maybe, it’s worth it to let your guard down and walk into the party with a bit of vulnerability? Open up a little! Share a little bit about yourself. And let the light and sun sprinkle down on the parts of yourself that you’ve kept hidden. You never know what might emerge.


Another fire sign, Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac, the archer who shoots at its target. Sag is all about the process of learning and trying, and going and doing. Experiencing life and finding excitement (plus the wisdom gained on the way) is the name of the game, but sometimes you can be hard to pin down, or a little elusive. Maybe even a bit restless. Much like that friend who doesn’t text back.

What Sagittarius can expect from this Leo Season:

Take this time to really focus on your goals. Don’t start a project and drop it, or meet a new friend and forget to follow up. Really put in the time and effort — and you’ll be rewarded! Under Leo’s watchful and fiery eye, you will light up your life simply by showing up and sticking through until the end. You’ve got it in you!


Capricorn, you’re a damn hard worker. Seriously, you put in the hours. As an earth sign, this is no surprise of course, but you’ve got a reputation for being sort of a tough-y. In fact, you probably like working a little too hard, don’t you? The thing is, as a mountain goat, you’re used to the climb. You’re ambitious and fearless — and ready to do anything you set your mind to. But that means you can be hard on others…and yourself.

What Capricorn can expect from this Leo Season:

Use Leo season to light a flame under the things you have been afraid to start work on. Are you running from an idea or a goal precisely because you’re afraid of failing? Maybe, in some ways, you can meditate on the fun — yes, fun! — of doing something new and maybe a little scary? Take a leap. It may pay off.


Aquarius, you are the airy, eccentric (a good thing!) friend with great style, originality, and progressive ideas. With your humanitarian eye and love for people and the planet, you are the kind of person that people just want to be around — even if you can seem a bit hard to understand at first. When you really, really want something, you get it — just as easily as you float off into outer space, lost in your big, beautiful thoughts.

What Aquarius can expect from this Leo Season:

Aquarius, it can be difficult for you to step all-in, to turn up the heat to full-blast, to jump into intense, emotional situations. But under Leo’s light, you can use this time to warm up. To get in real nice and close, to lavish your friends with love, allowing yourself to feel full and warm and fuzzy. What feels good to you? Go on, get closer!


The watery healer of the zodiac, Pisces is led by dreams and intuition. You are naturally poetic, always moving toward some inaudible beat. You are mysterious, moody, and intense, sure — but you’re also loving and romantic, and ready to get into the real depths of another person.

What Aquarius can expect from this Leo Season:

This Leo season, be sure to ground yourself by taking your fantasies and building real, concrete plans around them. Illuminate the things you want to define yourself by and tackle them head-on. You’re allowed to sink into the depths, of course, but don’t lose your footing. Daydream and fantasize, but get to work during the day-to-day. It’ll pay off.

Now go out there and live your best Leo-Season life to the fullest!

It’s the Leo way, after all.