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I know just how important your furry friends are to you because mine are the lights of my life! I have two dogs and five cats, a veritable menagerie, and each one has a piece of my heart. But, unfortunately, having that many pets comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Whether your pet crawls, slithers, bounces, barks, caws, hisses, or anything in between, they require all sorts of upkeep and specialty products to keep them happy and healthy. Just because you love your pets, doesn’t mean you’ve got the budget to get the biggest and best for them every month! That’s why I’ve started scouring Amazon for the best pet essentials deals daily.

Every day, I pour through the pages of Amazon’s pet deals and pick out the absolute best discounts featured. From poop bags to new crates, from supplements to special treats, I’ve got all the bases covered on this list. Be sure to bookmark this list so you can come back and scan it before every one of those Amazon pet purchases you make!

Today’s Top 10 Editor’s Picks

  1. Best Seller: Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy (46% off)
  2. Show Your Pet the World: Cat Backpack with Fan & Light (24% off)
  3. Pet Parent’s Favorite: Pet Camera Treat Dispenser (11% off)
  4. The Cutest Cat Tower: Fruit World Cat Tower (15% off with coupon)
  5. Cat Lovers Will Love This: Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box (33% off)

1. SmartyKat Catnip for Cats & Kittens – Now 49% Off

Keep your cats and kittens entertained for days with this catnip. This shaker makes it easy to spread the nip around the house. Whether they roll in it or chew on it, they’ll love it! It’s safe eat and safe to play with and tons of fun. Fill your cupboard with this treat while you can.

List Price: $8.99

Deal Price: $4.59

2. Spinning Cat Scratcher – Now 6% Off

Give your cat something to chase with this fun scratching pad. It’s not your average scratch pad! The ping-pong-style balls caught in the little ditch around the scratcher will entertain your pets for hours at a time. The corrugated cardboard of the scratcher itself gives your cats a good place to scratch without damaging their claws. Plus, the tiny spring-loaded toy at the top gives them somewhere to pounce.

List Price: $33.99

Deal Price: $30.59

3. Interactive Treat Puzzle – Now 26% Off

A great way to motivate your pup to engage their brain is with treats. This awesome treat caddy gives your pup the chance to enjoy delicious treats while also keeping them engaged and excited. But don’t worry! This treat puzzle isn’t complicated for you. It’s super easy to fill, you’ll figure it out in seconds. Your dog on the other hand might take a bit longer, but once they crack it they’ll be obsessed.

List Price: $16.99

Deal Price: $12.85

4. Chuckit Ultra Rugged Bumper Dog Toy – Now 39% Off

Go fetch! This ultra fetch stick is a must-have for your favorite active pup. It’s not designed to be a chew toy, but it is designed to hold up to all the tosses the two of you can endure. It’s great for dogs that you take everywhere. It flies well and super easily.

List Price: $11.17

Deal Price: $7.80

5. Fruit World Cat Tower – Now 15% Off

You really can’t go wrong with an adorable cat tree! But it’s not easy to find cat trees that are cute. Luckily, cat owners are falling all over themselves to get their hands on this fun and funky tree. It’s a bright thing that feels almost more like a decoration when you add it to your space. Plus, it has all the space your cat (or cats) could possibly need to keep themselves entertained.

List Price: $109.99

Deal Price: $93.25

6. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator – Now 12% Off

Get the deepest clean and eliminate odors, every time with Angry Orange. It’s a hard-working cleaner that smells fantastic and keeps your house as odor-free as possible. In my house, we’ve got one for each room. It’s one of my favorite ways to clean up messes. I recommend it to literally everyone I know!

List Price: $25.97

Deal Price: $22.57

7. Elevated Dog Bowls – Now 39% Off

Did you know your dog should be eating from an elevated bowl? That might seem silly, but it’s actually really crucial to their spinal health! This bowl elevator allows you to bring those bowls up to your pet. No more craning or straining their neck when you add this to your home. This set even comes complete with two stainless steel bowls, so you’re ready to go when it gets home.

List Price: $43.99

Deal Price: $26.99

8. Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light – Now 19% Off

Pinpoint messes with this black light flashlight. It’s a powerful gadget for a pet-friendly household. When I do hardcore cleaning, I use this to be sure I’m getting every last mess. The light shows you where even those old, dried messes are hiding. Pair it with Angry Orange to really defeat mess. It’s going to change your cleaning game!

List Price: $15.99

Deal Price: $12.99

9. Flea & Tick Collar for Cats – Now 24% Off

The more cats you have, the more challenging it can be to get the flea and tick medication to stick. It seems like they’re always trying to lick the solution off of one another, which is not just gross, but potentially dangerous. Luckily, you can solve that problem with the Hartz collar. It’s a non-greasy and non-liquid way to prevent all those pests.

List Price: $32.99

Deal Price: $24.99

10. Gentle Tear Stain Wipes – Now 13% Off

Little dogs and certain dog breeds and even certain cat breeds tend to have weepy eyes. And while those weepy eyes aren’t a bad thing, they can cause stains. Those annoying stains can be more than a little challenging to get rid of, but not when you’ve got these cleaning wipes! It’s a gentle but effective way to not only help get rid of those stains, but also to remove eye discharge. It’s made with gentle, natural ingredients, so you know it’s safe for your pups.

List Price: $15.99

Deal Price: $13.99

11. Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo – Now 10% Off

Offer your pets intense itch relief with this amazing shampoo. The coconut lime verbena formula offers a deep clean and moisturizes dry skin at the same time. It lathers thick and is easy to clean out of even the thickest coats. The shampoo is made in the USA, so you can feel good about locally sourced materials. I love how great my pets smell after I use it!

List Price: $9.99

Deal Price: $8.97

12. Cat Water Fountain – Now 30% Off

My oldest cat refuses to drink out of anything that doesn’t move. Which is annoying! But not, apparently, uncommon. This moving water bowl isn’t just helpful, it’s also elegant. Something about this fountain just looks good in your home. But, more importantly, the fountain encourages even the most stubborn of cats to drink.

List Price: $99.99

Deal Price: $69.99

13. Walk Thru Baby Gate – Now 22% Off

Keep your pets where they belong with this baby gate. The metal bars hold up to all sorts of pushing and shoving. They’re also thin enough that your pups won’t be able to slip through. This gate attaches securely to your doorframe to withstand anything your pets throw its way. It’s super easy to install and even easier to use. You’ll love being able to secure the pets when you’ve got guests over. It’s just a good option to have for entertaining!

List Price: $44.99

Deal Price: $34.99

14. 3-Tier Cat Toy – Now 20% Off

Entertain your cats for days, maybe even years, with this fun toy. The three tiers add layers to their enjoyment. The fun ping pong balls will give them something to chase after. It’s the sort of toy you might have to put up at night so you can get some sleep. That’s how much they’ll enjoy it! Even my oldest cat gets a kick out of it!

List Price: $10.99

Deal Price: $8.79

15. Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks for Large Dogs – Now 5% Off

These chews are all-natural and delicious! The ingredients are simple and just quality for your pets. They’re a great option for the super chewers in your life. No need to worry about them getting more chemicals into their system with these. I’d grab a few of these bags now while the sale is so good. You can never have too many treats!

List Price: $29.99

Deal Price: $28.49

16. Absorbent Pet Feeding Mat – Now 30% Off

Pets are messy. We can’t help that! But what we can do is minimize the mess we have to clean up. This thick mat is super absorbent. Place it under your pet’s water and food bowls and you don’t have to worry about slips. Plus, it keeps your food setup looking neat and put-together.

List Price: $9.99

Deal Price: $6.99

17. Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy – Now 46% Off

This ball was made for fetchers! You don’t have to worry about what sort of terrain you throw this ball into, because it’s built to last. Even your super chewer doesn’t stand a chance against its durability. This set of two is a must-have for the adventurer. It ensures you’re always ready with a backup!

List Price: $12.99

Deal Price: $6.99

18. No Pull Dog Harness – Now 49% Off

This reflective harness was made for unruly dogs. You don’t have to stress about them pulling out of your hold when they’re wearing this. My oldest dog is a huge pain, but even she can’t wiggle her way out of this harness. And don’t worry! It’s not overly tight or at all painful for them.

List Price: $27.99

Deal Price: $14.25

19. Cat Backpack with Fan & Light – Now 24% Off

What if you could travel with your best friend? Your furry best friend, that is. This thick and durable cat carrier backpack allows you to easily transport your furry friend anywhere you go. But you’re not just transporting them in just anything, this bag is actually comfortable! It has a built-in light and fan to keep your cat cool and comfortable while you wander. Plus, the huge window allows them to take in the entire world as you go.

List Price: $69.99

Deal Price: $52.99

20. Washable Pee Pads for Dogs – Now 37% Off

Did you know pee pads don’t have to be ugly? I didn’t, either! This washable pee pad, though, delivers on all the style you didn’t know you needed. It’s a super absorbent must-have for dog owners. Whether your dog is incontinent or you’ve got a puppy to contend with, you’ll love having these to avoid the messes. Just toss the top in the wash and wipe down the bottom and you’re good to go.

List Price: $39.00

Deal Price: $24.74

21. VetPro Dog Hip and Joint Supplement – Now 28% Off

We all want our pets to be as healthy as possible, of course. Give your pets the best shot at a healthy life with these Vetpro chews. The tasty, salmon-flavored chews support healthy joints and flexibility. Whether you’ve got an old dog who needs a little extra help or you want to start early, you should add these to their diet! They’re made for all dogs twelve weeks and older.

List Price: $53.94

Deal Price: $38.66

22. Pet Camera Treat Dispenser – Now 11% Off

Keep an eye on your dog wherever you go with this clever camera. The handy tool allows you to check in on your pet, even talking to them thanks to the two-way speaker. You can even give them a tasty treat when you’re feeling especially loving. Use the easily navigated app to check in any time. Or share the app with the dog walker or your partner to let them keep an eye out, too!

List Price: $89.98

Deal Price: $79.99

23. Bark&Spark Dog Allergy Relief Chews – Now 37% Off

Does your dog get itchy during high-pollen seasons? Or maybe their skin gets dry and they’re constantly scratching. Whatever the reason, these tasty chews are a great solution! Bark&Spark have made a brilliant treat that gives them the help they need. Made with pumpkin and tumeric, these chews were made for dogs twelve weeks and older of all breeds. Give your pets the relief they need.

List Price: $29.99

Limited Time Deal Price: $20.84

24. Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs – Now 16% Off

My dog absolutely hates taking pills. She would do anything to avoid her medicines. Fortunately, my best friend showed me these Greenies pill pouches and my world has been totally changed! They’re a super easy way to coax my pup into taking their pills. Just tuck the medicine inside and pinch the top together. They won’t ever realize what’s going on.

List Price: $17.98

Deal Price: $15.18

25. Automatic Cat Feeder with Camera – Now 39% Off

Keep an eye on your cat with every feed when you use this feeder. It has a small, convenient camera attached, allowing you to check in whenever you feel like it. Using the handy app, you can easily control feeding patterns and how much food they should get at each feeding. It’s a great option for those who work long hours or like going on quick trips. It’s a pet parent’s best friend.

List Price: $179.00

Deal Price: $109.00

32. 6 in 1 Convertible Dog Car Seat Cover – Now 36% Off

Keep your backseat safe from claws and fur alike with this cover. It’s easy to strap to your seats and designed to stand up to all the movements of your pets while they’re sliding around. It’s 100% waterproof so your pets can throw anything at it without damaging it. And don’t worry! Cleanup is super easy when it needs a good wash. Sang it while the deal is hot.

List Price: $49.99

Deal Price: $31.99

33. Pet Grooming Vacuum – Now 30% Off

Believe it or not, you don’t have to put up with all that pet fur all the time! The attachments on this vacuum allow you to groom your furry friends without the shed getting all over the house. It pulls the fur up and off their coat, and straight into the vacuum’s fur trapper. It’s a must-have if you have high-shed pets, truly making your life so much easier.

List Price: $99.99

Deal Price: $69.99

34. X-Long Dog Ramp for Car – Now 20% Off

Whether you’ve got an old dog or a little dog, you’ve got to have this ramp! It gives them the gentlest and easiest way to get into the car without hurting their hips or putting strain on their legs. It’s easy to set up and even easier to pack away, allowing you to easily pack it up and travel with it. The non-slip, rug-like carpet means you don’t have to worry about any slides, even if their nails are long.

List Price: $99.98

Deal Price: $79.99

35. Kibble Bubble Dog Treat Pouch – Now 10% Off

Take those treats with you everywhere with this handy silicone pouch. It’s a dishwasher-safe travel tool that’s perfect for staying ready for training, no matter where you go. You can fill it with your pup’s favorite treats and rest easy knowing it’s going to keep hold of those treats while they hang from the loop of your leash. Choose from the fun colors to match your pup’s leash or so it stands out.

List Price: $9.99

Deal Price: $8.99

36. Cat Wheel Exerciser – Now 10% Off

You’ve noticed your cat seems a little bored lately. They lack the stimulation that they need to be excited like they were when they were kittens. Or maybe they are a kittne and they need something that helps them run off that energy in a less destructive way. Either way, the solution to that problem is this cat excerciser. It’s a wheel lined with claw-friendly fabric, designed to let them burn off all that extra energy.

List Price: $159.99

Deal Price: $143.99

37. Portable Dog Potty – Now 21% Off

Not all pet parents have the ability to take their pets out every time they need to potty. Fortunately, someone created this brilliant portable dog potty. The synthetic grass helps give your pup the encouragement they need to go inside without feeling guilty. The tray below pulls straight out and lets you easily and quickly clean up mess. The grass pad is super easy to remove and clean, so no worries about lingering odor!

List Price: $139.99

Deal Price: $109.95

38. Large Bird Cage – Now 20% Off

Jump at the chance to upgrade Polly’s cage! This rolling bird cage gives your feathered friend some extra space for them to spread their wings. With multiple doors and plenty of perches, even perches on top, it’s sure to keep them constantly entertained. The handy shelf below the cage is a great addition you might not have on your current cage. It gives you the perfect place to stash those extra toys, treats, bedding, and food. Snag it while the sales are hot!

List Price: $69.99

Deal Price: $56.09

39. Pooper Scooper – Now 44% Off

If you’ve got limited space in your backyard, you’re going to want a pooper scooper. If you’ve got kids that run around in your backyard, you’re going to want a pooper scooper. If you like being barefoot in your grass, you’re going to want a pooper scooper. Honestly, a pooper scooper is always going to be the right answer. Which is why you should snag this one that’s built to last through all the poops scooped!

List Price: $31.99

Deal Price: $17.99

40. Cat Tunnel Bed – Now 17% Off

Is it a cat tunnel or is it a cat bed? It’s both! This awesome addition to your cat’s home is going to keep them entertained for hours. It’s also going to give them the comfiest place to get some rest after. Don’t worry about those wicked claws tearing through this bed. The fabric this is made with is built to stand up to all sorts of daily cat activity!

List Price: $36.99

Deal Price: $33.29

41. Fish Tank Digital Thermometer – Now 25% Off

Always know what the conditions inside your fish tank are with this digital thermometer. Part of being a fish owner is ensuring their environment is as perfectly maintained as possible, and the temp of their water is a crucial part of that! This thermometer gives you the ability to easily and instantly check the internal temperature, helping you stay aware of any changes to their habitat. And don’t worry! This display is particularly well-adjusted for high-accuracy reads.

List Price: $15.99

Deal Price: $11.99

42. Automatic Cat Laser Toy – Now 15% Off

Keep your cat entertained, even when you’re not around! This awesome, automatic cat laser gives them something to run after whenever they’re feeling bored. Who doesn’t love watching a cat chase a laser? It turns on in 15-minute intervals for an hour and a half, keeping them entertained while you’re at work or running errands. It just may be a cat parent’s best friend.

List Price: $20.99

Deal Price: $17.84

43. Foam Dog Stairs – Now 19% Off

These aren’t just soft dog stairs, it’s also a little hideaway for your cat or small dog! Not only can you easily and hands-free assist your old or little dog onto the bed, but you can also give your smaller critters a haven from the wildness of the rest of your house. My cat loves hiding inside and scaring my old dog when she gets the chance. And while that sounds mean, I swear they love playing like this!

List Price: $146.99

Deal Price: $118.68

44. Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Grass Planter – Now 27% Off

Your cat is going to be obsessed with this buy. Give your cats the gift of that exciting grass they love to chew with this planter. With this gadget, you can grow your own cat grass without exposing the dirt to your cats claws. It’s a little taste of the outdoors for them and some added entertainment. They’re going to spend all their free time rolling around on it or chewing on the blades. Grab it while the Pet Day deals are going!

List Price: $15.99

Deal Price: $11.60

45. Dog Bark Deterrent Device – Now 38% Off

Cut down on the barks with this deterring device. The ultrasonic device helps you discourage your dogs from their yapping and barking. Just the touch of a button and you can enjoy a few minutes of blissful silence. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket on the go. It’s far more affordable than training! Grab it while it’s on such a great sale.

List Price: $59.99

Deal Price: $37.99

Keep your pet safe and sound in this sizeable kennel. Our dogs can’t always be free reign, and for those times when they need to be outdoors without being free to roam, this kennel is a must-have. This kennel is large enough to fit even the biggest dog, or maybe even multiple dogs in a pinch. This awesome purchase even comes with an included sunscreen to keep the heat and sun off your pup.

List Price: $402.99

Deal Price: $299.99

47. Amazon Basics Pet Carrier – Now 8% Off

Take your tiny pet with you wherever you go. Whether you’ve got a cat or small dog, this carrier is a great way to carry them with you when you’re on the go. You can keep them secure and safe wherever your journies take you. The sturdy plastic will stand up to your pets, even their sharp claws. The assembly process is super simple, the entire thing coming together in a matter of minutes.

List Price: $25.99

Deal Price: $24.00

48. Baboni Pet Door for Wall – Now 8% Off

With this doggy door, your pups can let themselves in and out as they wish. No more worrying about accidents happening if you’re too slow getting home one day. With this easily installed door, they can push out and back in whenever they need to. The powerful seal all around the door prevents that expensive air you pay for from escaping in and out of the house. Grab it while the Pet Day deals are running!

List Price: $81.99

Deal Price: $67.99

49. Dog Self Cooling Mat – Now 15% Off

Summers get painfully hot, especially for pets with thick coats. This brilliant cooling pad is the perfect way to offer them some much-needed cooling. You don’t need to keep this in the fridge or freezer! Just lay this pad out on the floor and instantly get 3-4 degrees of extra coolness for your pet. If you want some extra cooling, put it in the fridge or freezer for a few hours.

List Price: $12.39

Deal Price: $10.53

50. Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes – Now 12% Off

Take care of your pup as best you can at home with these ear wipes. These wipes certainly don’t prevent vet visits, but they do help you keep your dogs as healthy as possible. With these wipes, you can reduce those icky ear odors and any potential infections. Use these any time you see dirt or wax build up. These unscented wipes are easy to use and make your life as a dog parent easier!

List Price: $16.99

Deal Price: $14.99

51. Stainless Steel Scissors – Now 8% Off

If your pets often need a touch-up on their grooming around their eyes or their paws, these stainless steel scissors are a must-have. They help to get those little places gently but quickly, giving you the chance to perfect their groom without spending extra money. They’re even easy to clean – just wipe them down with a damp cloth and they’re good to go. The best part is that they’re going to stay sharp for quite some time, thanks to the well-made stainless steel.

List Price: $37.34

Deal Price: $34.75

52. Pet Hair Remover – Now 20% Off

Make quick work of even the most annoying pet fur stuck in your furniture. The best thing about this roller is that it can be used and reused. Unlike traditional lint rollers, this doesn’t ever run out of its stick. It’s a brilliant option for houses with tons of pets. I’ve got some serious shedders, and this has truly saved my clothes!

List Price: $24.99

Deal Price: $19.99

53. MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner – Now 56% Off

No more muddy paws! This brilliant gadget allows you to quickly and easily remove all the nasty mud and muck from your pup’s paws before they come inside. Whether you bring it on the road with you or leave it by the back door, it’s going to come in handy all the time. I’ve got one for my car and one for my house. We don’t go anywhere without it!

List Price: $23.99

Deal Price: $10.50

Feed the pets anytime, no matter where you are with this automatic pet feeder. You can schedule every last bit of this gadget. Thanks to the app-enabled interface, you can time feeds, taking the timing work out of the pet sitter’s job. The app is one of my favorite parts of this feeder. It’s super simple to use and gives me the ability to easily navigate feeds with the tap of my screen. It doesn’t hurt that the feeder looks sleek and fancy.

List Price: $89.99

Deal Price: $74.99

55. PETLIBRO Interactive Cat Toys – Now 14% Off

Do you have a lazy house cat? If you’ve got a house cat, it’s likely they’re lazy. That’s just how cats work! But with this interactive toy, you don’t have to worry about them being lazy for very long. This toy zooms around the room, keeping your cats entertained for hours at a time. The wheels move smoothly so it can be used in any room and the different stop and go modes mean you can entertain your pets even when you’re not around.

List Price: $30.99

Deal Price: $26.67

56. Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Kit – Now 20% Off

Have you ever wondered just what sort of dog your mutt is? Are you curious about what genetics are running through their veins? If so, you’ve got to grab the Wisdom Panel DNA Kit. It tells you everything you need to know about your favorite furry friend. The kit is an easy way to see just what’s going on with your pup. It’s hardly ever on sale, so be sure that you grab it while you can!

List Price: $159.99

Deal Price: $127.99

57. Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads – Now 5% Off

It might seem obvious, but these pee pads are one of Amazon’s bestselling dog products. Anyone who has a dog has had these at least once. Most of us keep them on hand all the time, just to be safe. They’re super absorbent and work for training puppies, caring for incontinent pups, and in case of a long workday emergency. Stock up while the sale is hot!

List Price: $22.26

Deal Price: $20.92

58. Wag Dog Treats Chicken and Waffle Bites – Now 16% Off

My dog is obsessed with these chicken and waffle bites! He’s started ignoring the other treats I give him in favor of these. Honestly, I’m pretty sure if you offered him these treats in exchange for everything in my house, he would take you up on the trade. They’re made from farm-raised, American chicken and are free of fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. That means all the best ingredients, all the best taste, and none of those gross ingredients that serve no real purpose for your furry friend. A must-snag while the sales are good!

List Price: $12.42

Deal Price: $9.31

59. Fun Feeder Slo Bowl – Now 5% Off

Your pup loves food, and who can blame them? But eating quickly is not great for their digestive systems. This slow feeder can help you adjust your pup’s bad eating habits, keeping them healthier longer. My older dog treats it like it’s a game. She sort of chases the food around the bowl and it takes her a full five minutes to eat instead of a matter of seconds. It’s been a game-changer for us!

List Price: $35.87

Deal Price: $33.99

60. ChuckIt! Zipflight Flying Disc Dog Toy – Now 41% Off

This disc was made for high fliers and big jumpers! If you’ve got a particularly active dog, they’re going to fall in love with this toy. You can give them the sort of exercise they truly crave. This disc flies high and far, giving your dog something to really chase after. Plus, since it’s lightweight, it can tuck away into pretty much any bag. We love taking this toy to the beach!

List Price: $16.99

Deal Price: $10.00

61. Poodle Pet Dematting Tool – Now 27% Off

Whether you’ve got a cat, a dog, or even a rabbit, this dematting comb is going to come in handy. You can make easy work of even the toughest mats on your furry friends when you use this comb. Gentle, but hardworking, the metal teeth work to pull through all sorts of knots, tangles, and mats. You’ll have to be a little patient with those snarls, but the sharp edges will help cut away at some of the tougher bits you hate dealing with. Unless you have a hairless pet, this dematting comb has to be in your home!

List Price: $14.97

Deal Price: $10.97

62. Pup Culture Dog Lick Mat – Now 25% Off

Believe it or not, fetch might not always be the best way to stimulate your pup’s brain. If you’re looking for a way to get them mentally engaged or a way to entertain them when you need a minute to yourself, this lick mat is a must-have. It’s sort of like a puzzle for their mouths. Use their favorite spread or some wet food and let them lick themselves silly. It can even help to slow them down if they’re quick eaters. The food-grade, 100% BPA-free silicone mat is easy to clean – just pop it in the dishwasher and it’s good to go.

List Price: $19.99

Deal Price: $14.95

63. Dog Allergy Relief Chews – Now 10% Off

Care for your pups, inside and out. These immune treats provide itch relief for dogs who experience allergies. No more chewing at their paws and making you crazy. More than itch-relief, these chews also offer immune support and help support their gut health. And don’t worry if your pet doesn’t like medications; these treats are duck-flavored, which means they might just be excited to eat them.

List Price: $25.92

Deal Price: $23.33

64. Pet Nail Scissors – Now 33% Off

Your pet’s nails are one of those monthly things you have to consider. The longer their nails get, the more work it makes for you. If their nails get too long, they start pulling and tearing fabrics. Worse than that, long nails can often cause pain for your furry friend. Luckily, these nail scissors make clips and trims much simpler. They’re designed for pets of all sizes, including bunnies, cats, and even some birds!

List Price: $14.95

Deal Price: $9.96

65. Pawsitive Hemp Leash – Now 19% Off

If you’ve got larger pets, you’ve got to have a leash! And with an affordable and sturdy leash like this one, you might as well have a few. The 5-foot reach means you can keep your pet close and safe without choking up too much. The hardware is durable, so even dogs who like to pull won’t destroy it. Plus, the handle on the end ensures you’ve always got a good grip, even when Fido sees a squirrel!

List Price: $15.99

Deal Price: $12.99

66. Dog Nail Clippers – Now 30% Off

Trimming animal nails is no easy feat! Your pets love to wiggle and you can’t ever get their nails trimmed without worrying about hurting them. You don’t want to hurt them, but you’ve got to get those daggers trimmed. These hard-working clippers help you get those nails trimmed without adding too much pressure to their paws.

List Price: $19.99

Deal Price: $13.99

67. AirTag Dog Collar Holder – Now 40% Off

Did you know you can use your AirTags to keep track of your animals? It’s news to me, but I’m super excited about it! I was gifted a pack of AirTags last year, and I’ll absolutely be adding one to my pup’s collar. But I wasn’t quite sure how to make that work without getting an entirely new collar. Luckily, I found this awesome, silicone holder! It slides across my dog’s collar and keeps the AirTag in place, securing the Tag and keeping it out of the elements.

List Price: $15.00

Deal Price: $8.99

68. Natural Wool Eco-Friendly Cat Cave Bed – Now 25% Off

Keep your kittens or cats safe and warm in this wool cave. It’s a mix between a bed and a cozy place for them to hide away. Because it’s made from 100% wool, you don’t have to worry about exposing your furry friend to any sort of strange chemicals. Because it’s soft and flexible, you can store it in a closet and out of the way when you have visitors. And when your cat’s inside, it has enough hold and stiffness to stay up around them.

List Price: $47.99

Deal Price: $35.99

69. Dog & Cat Shedding Brush – Now 44% Off

Pets shed. We all know that to be a fact. But did you know that you can help control the shed? If you brush your pets regularly, especially with a sturdy brush with fine teeth like this one, you can help manage the shed. You can’t avoid it entirely, of course, but you can help ensure that the bulk of it comes out at once. And, of course, you can ensure most of the shed goes straight into the trash when it comes out.

List Price: $15.99

Deal Price: $8.99

70. Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Now 33% Off

Having cats is great, but what’s not great is cleaning their litterboxes. It’s just gross! And who has the time to take care of them the way they should? Fortunately for today’s cat owners, this smart litterbox allows you to avoid the grossest part of cat ownership. This machine sifts the litter and cleans the box regularly, so all you have to do is pull the tray out and replace it. It cuts down on the smell and on the hard work you’ve got to do.

List Price: $599.00

Deal Price: $399.99

71. Electric Nail Grinder with LED Light – Now 5% Off

My older dog absolutely hates having her nails trimmed. She makes my life a nightmare once a month. Managing her nails is an adventure, and it can quickly become a dangerous one when clippers get involved. That’s why I love this nail grinder! It works quickly and quietly to file down my pup’s claws, keeping them neat and tear-free. It comes with two different bits, giving you options for different nail types.

List Price: $16.99

Deal Price: $16.14

72. Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool – Now 13% Off

This awesome Aqua Paw tool attaches to the hose on your farm, making the cleaning process a breeze. Slide it onto your hand for complete control and scrub away with the silicone nubs. It’s the best sort of curry comb you never knew you needed. Whether you prefer to wash the dogs outside or you’ve got big animals that need washing, this tool is essential! You’ll wonder how you managed to go so long without it.

List Price: $22.99

Deal Price: $19.99

73. Automatic Pet Water Dispenser – Now 11% Off

Refilling your pet’s water is a necessity, but you don’t have to let it be a daily necessity. With this automatic water dispenser, you can go quite some time between refills. It’s a great option for busy pet parents, allowing you to spend more time petting your pets and less time watering them. I’ve got three in my house, and I usually only have to refill them every two weeks. They’re a real life-saver!

List Price: $38.99

Deal Price: $34.51

74. Soft Pin Bristle Pet Brush – Now 47% Off

This brush is a dream for grooming. I like to brush my critters down at least once a week to help with shed and how much I’ve got to clean up fur. After I use a thicker brush that pulls out shed, I go back over them with this soft-bristle brush. It keeps their coat shiny and beautiful and is great for my younger cats. It’s gentle, but still gets rid of shed before it hits the ground.

List Price: $18.99

Deal Price: $9.99

75. Cat Litter Trapper – Now 20% Off

I can’t tell you how great it’s been having this litter trapper in my house! I can’t afford multiple smart litterboxes, so I only have one, and the rest are standard boxes. Standard boxes mean litter all over my floor as the cats jump in and out. This mat not only gives a place for the litter to fall, but traps the litter so it doesn’t scatter over the ground. It’s super easy to dump out, clearing the extra litter during your normal litterbox cleaning ritual.

List Price: $29.99

Deal Price: $18.47

76. Dog Ramp – Now 28% Off

Older dogs, no matter their size, shouldn’t be jumping up and down from beds. It can really damage their hips overtime, even if they love being able to do so. That’s why this ramp is a must-buy! All our pets are going to age eventually, and being prepped for that aging is a good idea. This ramp allows them to easily get up and down from the bed, no pain necessary. It’s easy to setup and even easier to use.

List Price: $139.00

Deal Price: $99.95

77. Vittles Vault Dog Food Storage Container – Now 33% Off

My pets are too smart for their own good. My cats and dogs can always manage to knock over any container I use to hold their food. It doesn’t matter what sort of container, they’ll find a way into it. That’s how I found this amazing storage container. It’s threaded and super durable and designed to stay closed, even when they knock it over. It’s even raccoon-proof if you like to store your food outside!

List Price: $42.99

Deal Price: $ 28.95

78. CAPSTAR Oral Flea Treatment for Cats – Now 5% Off

Pest control is an essential for pet owners. And by pests, I, of course, mean the nasties that crawl all over your furry friends. This powerful pest controller starts working in just fifteen minutes. This six-count package ensures you’re covered for half the year with a single purchase. And don’t worry! You don’t have to struggle to put it on your pet because it’s a simple oral supplement.

List Price: $65.99

Deal Price: $62.98

79. Wag Chicken Flavor Training Treats – Now 5% Off

Training isn’t easy, but it becomes a whole lot easier when you add delicious treats to your routine. This baggie of chicken-flavored dog treats lets you gently encourage your dogs during your training. They’re small enough that you don’t have to worry about added calories while you’re training. They’re made with 100% American-raised chicken and free of added colors and flavors.

List Price: $9.60

Deal Price: $9.12

80. Disposable Diapers – Now 11% Off

The older your dogs get, the more frequent accidents become. And sometimes, accidents become the normal. If you’re already in that boat, you should snag this pack of doggy diapers while they’re on sale! They’re easy to attach and the flaps seal tightly, ensuring the diapers stay on all day long. You’ll be set and ready to go before accidents occur.

List Price: $16.00

Deal Price: $13.54

81. MeowHomm 32″ Cat Scratching Post – Now 20% Off

Give your cat something to claw that’s not your expensive sofa or your favorite chair. This awesome cat tree gives your favorite furry friend the perfect place to jump and scratch. It’s easy to set up, it’s pretty compact, and it looks freat anywhere you put it. I’ve got two in my house! One’s upstairs, and one’s downstairs so each cat has something to play with.

List Price: $29.99

Deal Price: $23.99

82. NEXTSTAR Flea & Tick Prevention for Dogs – Now 10% Off

Protect your dogs with this awesome, topical treatment. It works hard to help prevent fleas and ticks from finding their way onto your pup’s coat. It’s waterproof, so even if your pup jumps straight into the water after, they’ll still be protected! This three-count package keeps you covered for three months. You’ll only need to re-up on this once a quarter.

List Price: $19.99

Deal Price: $17.99

83. Minties Dental Chews for Dogs – Now 10% Off

Care for your dog’s dental health with these chews. Not only do the ingredients themselves help to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean, but the chewing action helps clear plaque buildup. These aren’t daily treats, though, so be careful! You should spread out when you give them these heavy-duty chews. They even help prevent their breath from stinking up your space, and that’s always a plus.

List Price: $31.99

Deal Price: $28.04

84. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats – Now 5% Off

Add in some extra flavor and a bunch of extra nutrients with this salmon oil. This food add-on supports healthy skin and coats in your dogs and cats. Just pump and mix and you’re good to go. Plus, it adds flavor that could encourage your pets to eat more when they’re having health issues. There are no added artificial colors or flavors, so you don’t have to worry about adding unnecessary chemicals to your fur babies’ food.

List Price: $29.99

Deal Price: $28.49

85. Greenies Hip & Joint Supplements  – Now 5% Off

Support your pet from the inside out with these great chews. The last thing you want is to worry about whether you’ve done everything you can to support the hip and joint health of your critters. These duck-flavored chew tablets make it so easy to get your pets the nutrients they need. These help to maintain healthy hip and joint function, offering them veterinarian-reviewed support. You won’t have to hide these treats inside pieces of cheese, they’ll want them just they way they are!

List Price: $15.98

Deal Price: $15.18

86. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Holder – Now 18% Off

This fantastic poop bag holder is a must-have. Not only is it cute, but it’s also super easy to clean. Easily secure all your poop bags in a compact and easily manageable container. It’s also made of eco-friendly materials. Plus, it comes with a roll of poop bags to get you started.

List Price: $10.99

Deal Price: $8.99

87. Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier – Now 25% Off

Take your smaller pet with you everywhere you go with this awesome, soft-sided carrier! It’s designed to keep your small to medium pup or your cat comfortable and cozy while you go. The mesh keeps it breathable and comfortable and the sturdy construction of the body ensures it’s stable. The fleece pad within is easy to remove and is machine washable for simple cleanups. Plus, it meets most airline requirements so you’re ready for any sort of travel!

List Price: $39.99

Deal Price: $28.99

88. Double Door iCrate – Now 21% Off

This kennel is a must-have for any dog parent. It’s sturdy, it’s durable, and it’s made for your big dogs, too. You can open it from two different sides, so you can orient the kennel however you need for space purposes. The tray comes out easily for quick cleaning because we know that accidents happen! It’s so easy to assemble that you’ll be able to pack it up and take it with you.

List Price: $119.99

Deal Price: $94.99

89. Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen – Now 24% Off

Give your pets a secure place to hang out when you’ve got guests over. You don’t want to worry about your dog jumping all over your guests, but you do want them to be out and part of the action. You can easily setup and break down this gate and pack it away when you’re not using it. It’s one of those pieces any pet parent should have. And you never know when you’re going to need to contain a litter of puppies or kittens!

List Price: $87.99

Deal Price: $66.99

90. MidWest Homes for Pets – Now 8% Off

Don’t think I forgot about bunnies and guniea pigs! This cage is huge, giving those tiny rodents all the space they could want to run around. The bars of the cage are durable, but thin enough that you can easily see through to chat with your pet. It’s super easy to setup; you can get it ready to go in a matter of minutes. And when it’s time to clean, it’s easy to detach the bottom to replace the bedding.

List Price: $78.99

Deal Price: $72.99

91. Anti Barking Training Collar – Now 20% Off

Put an end to the barking with this awesome, smart collar! You can adjust it to five different levels of sensitivity, so you can cut the barking out no matter how stubborn your pet is. It offers a vibration mode and shock mode, but my dog definitely needed the shock mode to start with. The screen on the collar keeps you aware of what’s going on with the battery and which mode you’re using. I was able to cut down on the barking in a matter of weeks using this gadget!

List Price: $49.99

Deal Price: $39.98

92. Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain – Now 25% Off

Believe it or not, some cats won’t drink out of still water bowls. How do I know that? Because my oldest cat gave herself a kidney infection by refusing to drink from still water. That’s why I grabbed this moving water fountain. Something about the water moving constantly keeps it tasting better and keeps everyone happy.

List Price: $39.99

Deal Price: $29.99

93. Navaris Cat Scratch Mat Sofa Protector – Now 30% Off

Cats are great! They’re also a pain! They tend to scratch up everything they possibly can. Unfortunately, that often includes furniture. This awesome sofa arm cover makes your life so much easier. No need to worry about your pets destroying your furniture. Now, they’ve got a place to scratch to their heart’s content.

List Price: $41.59

Deal Price: $28.99

94. Orthopedic Dog Beds – Now 25% Off

Your dog deserves absolute comfort at all times. Any dog parent knows that! But the older our dogs get, the harder it is to keep them comfortable and situated. That’s why this orthopedic dog bed is such a great grab. It’s designed to offer complete support for their bones and joints, holding them gently but firmly while they snooze.

Use promo code UH5TN2JN for the discount!

List Price: $59.99

Deal Price: $44.99

95. Cat Bowls with Ears – Now 28% Off

These might just be the cutest cat bowls in the world. Sure, the cuteness doesn’t do anything for functionality, but they also happen to be perfectly functional. They’re slanted at just the right angle to keep your cat from having to tilt too far down into their bowKeep your setup stylish and usable with these bowls.

List Price: $42.99

Deal Price: $32.99