Open Sesame! The Trailer For Disney’s Live-Action “Aladdin” Is HERE

October 12, 2018

The year was 1992. While most of us still weren’t over the magic and wonder of The Little Mermaid (and still aren’t, if we’re being real), Disney dropped another animated classic our way. Aladdin is about a street urchin who accidentally meets a princess and falls in love, hoping to impress her with a persona built with the help of a magic lamp. The original film was such a box office hit that Disney figured, hey — why not do it again, but in live-action? After months of waiting, fans finally get a chance to see what the trailer is all about.

Taking on the role of Aladdin is Mena Massoud, who has been acting professionally since 2011. His most notable role outside of Aladdin is in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, which premiered this year. The other two lead roles go to Naomi Scott, who’ll be playing Jasmine, and Will Smith, who’ll be the Genie. It’s going to be tough to fill Robin Williams’ magical shoes, but Smith has proven his talent time and time again.

Fans don’t get to see too much, but they do get their first glimpse of Massoud at the very end. And it’s worth waiting for.

Even in the small teaser, it’s obvious that they’re trying to stay true to the classic. In fact, it’s almost uncanny how close they got in recreating the Cave of Wonders.

Still, it leaves a lot of questions. And sadly, fans needs to wait a long time to have all of those questions answered. The movie will be hitting theaters on May 24th, 2019. (It’s almost unfair for Disney to reveal their first clip so early!)

Aladdin isn’t the only classic film getting a live-action makeover. The aforementioned hit The Little Mermaid has been discussed for some time, and there’s a new rumor that Lady Gaga might be involved. Beauty and the Beast was released in 2017, and The Lion King, Mulan, and Dumbo will also be out soon. For those of us born in the 90s, it’s almost like we’re able to relive our childhoods all over again.