Lately, we have been feeling as if we need to put into play a solid skincare regimen before we start resorting to shooting our faces up with Botox. We are both pretty down to earth gals so we would like to find the best way to age gracefully, the natural way. This makes me think of my mom. Ever since I can remember, she has always used Oil of Olay. It is not expensive and it’s found at every drugstore. She looks great! It makes me think that you do not need to spend an arm and a leg on anti-aging or beauty products to look young and beautiful.

Although, I hope to inherit my mom’s advantageous genes so that I follow in her “aging gracefully” footsteps, I tend to believe that my time as a child has taken a toll on my skin. I remember playing outside constantly as a kid. Whether I was making a fort, swimming in the pool, or spending endless hours on my purple bike with the banana seat; I was always outdoors. I also do not remember ever putting on sunscreen. I don’t think there was such a push for sunscreen in the eighties because I remember being sun burnt a lot and the only time I remember applying sunscreen was when I was on vacation. I did have a great tan though! That being said, I am going to need to try my best to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Working in an office leads to a lot of diverse conversations. I was thankful to be working with some very kind and bright women and one day we were talking about skincare. One of my female colleagues, who was a fair redhead and had gorgeous skin, told us that she used vitamin E oil on her face. She said that her grandma used to pop open a vitamin E pill and spread the oil on her face. So, when she remembered that, she started doing it as part of her anti-aging and beauty regimen. This had me very intrigued, so I was off to Walgreens to purchase my own vitamin E oil. To my surprise, you can buy the oil in a little bottle for around $10. If a beauty routine works and it is cheap, I would consider it a winner!

At the end, I used the oil quite regularly for a couple of years. I would leave the tiny bottle on my nightstand and just put a few drops on my finger and rub it in my “high risk” areas. For me that’s my eyes, forehead, and mouth lines. Long story short, I have slacked-off on my routine for about a year now and I think I have actually noticed my wrinkles returning!

Since we had been discussing this very topic recently, I was on a journey to buy another bottle of wrinkle gold! I purchased a bottle on Amazon for about $7.00 and it was at my house two days later. I am about a week into my new anti-aging skincare regimen and I can already see a difference. This time, I’m sticking to it. I figure, why take the chance?


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