Personalized dog tags by Acatinthetree, The Cats Dogs ID Tags, are accessories designed to keep your furry friends safe and stylish. With various sizes and charming designs, these engraved stainless steel tags offer durability and a touch of uniqueness for your pets.

Getting Started with ID Tags for My Dog

I ordered the ID Tags for my dog, and I am absolutely obsessed with them. The shiny steel tag in the small size exceeded my expectations in terms of size and quality. It is larger than I anticipated, which is good as it stands out on his collar. The tag is incredibly shiny and polished, giving it a high-quality appearance. The lettering is clear, legible, and beautifully engraved, which is important to us at Blossom!

Additionally, the package came with a central ring and three small rings, although only one small ring is needed. The packaging itself was cute, and the delivery was on time. I especially appreciate the sturdiness of the main ring, as my previous tag had a faulty attachment that caused it to snap off. Overall, I am super happy with my purchase.

Personalized dog tags: Product Material and Size Guide

Personalized dog tags

Made with high-quality materials, the Cats Dogs ID Tags Personalized Lovely Symbols Pets Collar Name Accessories ensure durability and style. These tags come in two options: brass and 316L stainless steel. The brass tags have a hand-polished shiny surface and 14K gold surface plated, giving them an elegant and luxurious look. The stainless steel tags are made from industrial steel, making them super hard and deeply engraved.

In terms of size, you can choose the perfect tag for your fur baby based on their breed and size. The available sizes include Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. The Extra Small size is suitable for little puppies, cats, birds, and small animals. The small size is ideal for dog breeds like pugs, Dachshunds, beagles, and Chihuahuas. The medium size is perfect for breeds like bulldogs, Dalmatians, boxers, and German Shepherds.

Lastly, the Large size is designed for breeds like Australian Shepherd, Basset Hound, and Bernese Mountain Dog. These tags are also popular as pendants for couples, adding a personalized touch to their accessories.

Personalized dog tags: Attention to Safety Details

Personalized dog tags

With the safety of your four-legged child in mind, the Cats Dogs ID Tags are not only stylish but also designed. Each tag is laser engraved and hand-polished, ensuring precise, permanent, attractive engraving that won’t fade over time. The deep engraving adds depth to the text, making it easier to read.

Furthermore, these tags are handmade, making each one slightly unique. The brand, Acatinthetree, also offers customization options and unique designs. If you have a specific idea or request, you can message them, and they will be happy to work with you. This attention to detail and willingness to personalize the tags differentiate them from mass-produced options.

Customer Reviews – Obsessed with the Cute and Shiny Tags!

Personalized dog tags

Raving about their adorable and shiny appearance, customers are impressed by the Cats Dogs ID Tags. One customer mentioned they were obsessed with the perfect size, shiny surface, and clear writing on the tag. They praised the high quality and sturdiness of the tag, as well as the additional rings included for easy attachment. Packaging was also mentioned as cute, and delivery was on time, adding to the overall satisfaction of the purchase.

Another customer shared their positive experience with the tags, noting they were beautiful, sturdy, and heavyweight. They were impressed with the sharp and clear engraving, as well as the thoughtful packaging, which made it feel like opening a little gift. The customer expressed their willingness to order again from this small company.

Personalized dog tags: Versatile and Readable Tags

Personalized dog tags

Customers appreciate their versatility and highly value the Cats Dogs ID Tags. One customer mentioned that they could find a tag small enough for their one-and-a-half-pound chihuahua and loved the different design options available for engraving. They found the tag to be of nice quality and were pleased with how cute it looked on their pet.

Some customers did mention that the font choice could be troublesome, particularly when it came to the letter “S.” One customer pointed out that the font made their cat’s name look like “Potty” instead of “Potts.” However, overall, customers found the writing nicely engraved and readable.

Perfect Tags for Small Dog Breeds

Personalized dog tags

One customer bought the extra small tag for their Italian Greyhound and found it the perfect size. They were impressed with the custom engraving on both the front and back and the overall brass look. Ultimately, the product’s packaging and attention to detail left a lasting impression on the customer.

Excellent Customer Service and Cute Packaging


Not only are they impressed by their quality, but customers also appreciate the excellent customer service provided by the brand, which includes the Cats Dogs ID Tags. One customer initially had an issue with the wrong name on a tag and a delayed shipment. However, they received prompt and communicative assistance when they reached out to the seller. The tag was replaced for free, and the customer was delighted with the inclusion of a lucky star charm. They praised the legibility of the words and lettering on the tag and the privacy-conscious packaging.

Overall, customers are delighted with the Cats Dogs ID Tags. They appreciate the cute, shiny design, attention to safety details, and personalized options. The positive reviews and high rating of 4.7 out of 5 reassure potential buyers that these tags are worthwhile for their beloved pets.


  • The tags are made of high-quality materials such as brass and stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.
  • There are various size options available, catering to different breeds and sizes of pets, ensuring a perfect fit for your furry friend.
  • The tags are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, with clear and attractive laser-engraved designs.


  • The font used for the engraving may be challenging to read for certain letters, such as the letter “S” which can be mistaken for a “Y”.
  • The packaging and delivery may take longer than expected, causing a delay in receiving the product.
  • The phone number engraved on the tag may be slightly small and may require closer inspection to read.

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In conclusion, the Cats Dogs ID Tags by Acatinthetree are a fantastic choice for pet owners seeking personalized and durable accessories for their furry companions. The materials used, such as brass and stainless steel, offer reassurance and longevity. The clear and permanent laser engraving adds an attractive touch to the tags.

With a range of sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for your pet, whether a small puppy or a larger breed. The handmade nature of these tags ensures that each one is slightly unique. The option for custom ideas or special designs is also a great feature. Based on my experience, I highly recommend these tags for their cute and clear design, excellent quality, and attention to detail in packaging.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are the tags made of durable materials?

Answer: Yes, the tags are made of high-quality materials such as brass and stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

Question: Are there different size options available?

Answer: Yes, there are various size options available, catering to different breeds and sizes of pets, ensuring a perfect fit for your furry friend.

Question: Is the engraving on the tags clear and attractive?

Answer: Yes, the tags have clear and attractive laser-engraved designs, making them not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.