The 6-Pack Magnetic Cable Clips by JOYROOM offer an excellent cable management solution. These clips feature a magnetic clamp design, adjustable cable slot diameter, and a strong adhesive pad. With their versatile and reliable features, these clips keep cables organized and within reach. They have greatly improved the tidiness and functionality of workspaces. The 6-pack magnetic cable clips from JOYROOM are highly recommended for anyone needing an efficient and convenient cable management solution.

  • The cable clips have a perfect cable slot diameter of 7.5mm, allowing them to hold most cables securely.
  • The magnetic clamp design makes placing and removing cables with one hand easy.
  • The enhanced no-residue acrylic adhesive ensures that the cable clips stick firmly to any clean surface without causing damage.
  • The magnet may not be strong enough to keep the cable clip closed when the cord is pulled through.
  • The adhesive pad is very strong and may be difficult to adjust or remove without potentially damaging the surface it is stuck to.
  • The cable clips only come in a pack of 6, which may be more than some users need.

Cable Clips Management is a reliable and effective wire holder system. These clips significantly improve desk organization and reduce the frustration of tangled cables. With commendable adhesive quality and durability, these clips withstand constant use without losing grip. Whether it’s managing cables at home, in the office, or even in the car, Cable Clips Management is a worthwhile solution. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized space with Cable Clips Management.

  • Long-lasting. Made with certified plastic, this cable organizer will easily save time and money by increasing the life of your cables and freeing you from looking for them. It’s a premium cord holder for your desk, making it a great desk cord organizer for everyone.
  • Good for all surfaces. Whether it’s a wall, plastic, wood, glass, metal, rubber, or others, this cable management system will help you at home, in a cubicle, office, or any space. It’s easy to clamp and unclamp cords to the adhesive wire holders.
  • The adhesive may not be strong on certain surfaces. Some users have reported that the adhesive may not be very strong on wood surfaces, causing the cable clips to fall off.
  • The fit may not be tight enough for all cords. One user mentioned that the cord for their hairdryer did not fit tight enough in the clip, causing it to fall out easily.
  • When removed, the cable clips may leave a residue. While the cable clips are easy to install, removing them may leave some residue, especially on surfaces like desks or nightstands. This may require additional cleaning or potentially leave marks.

The Anker Cable Management system is an effective solution for keeping desks clutter-free and cables organized. Its strong adhesive sticks to various surfaces and the adjustable clips accommodate different cable sizes. While the magnets could be stronger, the benefits of this product outweigh the minor drawbacks. Simplify cable management with the Anker Cable Management system and enjoy a clean and organized workspace.

  • Tidy Your Workspace: The Anker Cable Management system helps you keep your cables organized and declutter your workspace, creating a clean and ordered environment.
  • Stick to Any Surface: The cable holder’s strong adhesive sticks to almost any smooth surface, including wood, marble, metal, glass, and more, providing versatility in placement.
  • Restick and Reuse: If you’re not happy with the location of your cable manager, you can easily remove it, wash the adhesive, air dry, and restick it up to 10 times, allowing for flexibility in positioning.
  • Magnet Strength: Some users have mentioned that the magnets on the cable clips could be stronger, as they may slide loosely on thinner cables or when tension is applied.
  • Clip Stability: Another drawback mentioned by users is that the magnet clip doesn’t always stay in place on standard Apple lightning cables or cables of similar gauge, requiring repositioning each time.
  • Price: The Anker Cable Management system costs $19.99, which some may consider higher for a cable organizer.

The Sinjimoru Magnetic Cable Clips have exceeded all my expectations. These clips offer a simple yet effective solution for cable management in both cars and offices. Their magnetic function and adhesive tape ensure that cables stay in place, providing a neat and organized setup. Although the price may be slightly higher, the longevity and reliable performance make the Sinjimoru Magnetic Cable Clips worth the investment. Say goodbye to cable clutter and try the Sinjimoru Magnetic Cable Clips for a more organized space.

  • The Sinjimoru Magnetic Cable Clip offers a neat and tidy organization of your cables, keeping them organized and preventing them from tangling.
  • It has a magnetic function keeps your cables securely in place, preventing them from dropping or having a loose fit.
  • The 3M adhesive tape lets you install the magnetic cable clips securely on various surfaces such as your desktop, home, office, wall, or car dashboard.
  • Some users have mentioned that the magnets in the cable clips are not as strong as expected, which may result in the clips accidentally detaching if caught with force.
  • Some users consider the product’s price a con, as they feel it is a bit expensive, especially for single pieces.
  • The cable clips are unsuitable for larger cables such as HDMI or power cables, so their usage is limited to charging cables and headphones.


In conclusion, effective cable management is crucial for maintaining an organized and functional workspace, and the reviewed cable clips offer versatile solutions. The 6-Pack Magnetic Cable Clips by JOYROOM provide an efficient cable management solution with their magnetic clamp design, adjustable slot diameter, and strong adhesive. They are highly recommended for improved workspace tidiness. Cable Clips Management stands out for its commendable adhesive quality and durability. It offers a reliable solution for organizing cables at home, in the office, or the car.

Anker Cable Management offers a clean and organized workspace with its strong adhesive and adjustable clips despite some minor drawbacks related to magnet strength. Lastly, the Sinjimoru Magnetic Cable Clips provide a simple yet effective solution for cable management with their magnetic function and 3M adhesive tape, ensuring cables stay in place for a neat and organized setup.

Questions & Answers

Question: What is a magnetic C clip used for?

Answer: A magnetic C clip is used to hold and organize cables securely by employing a magnetic clamp design, allowing for easy placement and removing cables with one hand while preventing them from tangling or falling.

Question: How often should cables be clipped?

Answer: Cables should be clipped whenever they risk tangling, interfering with workspace functionality, or creating a cluttered appearance. The frequency depends on individual needs and preferences for maintaining an organized environment.

Question: What are the different sizes of cable clips?

Answer: Cable clips come in various sizes to accommodate different cable diameters. The sizes typically range from small, suitable for thin and delicate cables like earphone wires, to medium and large sizes designed for standard charging cables and thicker cords. Some cable clip sets may include clips with adjustable diameters to ensure a secure fit for a wide range of cable sizes. Choosing the right size ensures an effective and tidy cable organization solution tailored to the specific needs of each cable.