This assorted safety pin pack offers convenience and functionality with its five different sizes. Having recently moved and unable to locate my old safety pins, I decided to purchase these as a replacement. The range of sizes included in the pack has proved to be incredibly handy for various tasks.

I particularly appreciate the heavy-duty construction of the large safety pins, as they easily penetrate through thick fabrics without causing damage or leaving large holes (a perk for petite people who need to pin their clothes to fit better)! I’ve even accidentally run them through the washing machine while in my clothes and had no issues. The safety clasps also provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that I can work with the pins safely. The storage box included in the pack is a convenient addition, allowing me to keep the safety pins organized and easily accessible.

Versatile Assortment of Safety Pins

Safety Pins

With 30-count of 2.13” (54mm) pins, 40-count of 1.77” (45mm) pins, 60-count of 1.46” (37mm) pins, 90-count of 1.26” (32mm) pins, and 120-count of 1.06” (27mm) pins, this kit ensures that you have the perfect pin size for any creative work, sewing project, crafting endeavor, or dress designing task. The variety of sizes and quantities provided in this pack make it easier than ever before to complete your projects with precision and ease. They’re easy to use and offer convenience in everyday tasks.

Durable and Reliable Safety Pins

Safety Pins

Made of anti-rust nickel-plated steel, these safety pins ensure durability and resistance to wear and tear. They’re sharp and won’t easily get bent or rusted, making them perfect for long-lasting use. You can rely on them to withstand the test of time, whether using them for sewing, crafting, or everyday fastening needs. The rust-resistant feature of these pins eliminates the worry of discoloration, allowing you to confidently use them on your clothes or other items without any concerns.

Bulk Pack for Various Uses

Safety Pins

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the Safety Pins Assorted pack provides a bulk quantity of pins. Whether you need to fasten running bibs, hold bandages in place, make jewelry, create crafts, pin washing instructions on clothes, or sort socks and diapers, these safety pins are up for the task. They are not limited to sewing and crafting projects but can also be used in schools, offices, homes, kitchens, and even as party supplies for Easter, Halloween, or other occasions. Additionally, these safety pins serve as a handy emergency kit for weddings or other events. The versatility and usefulness of these pins make them a must-have in any household or workspace.

Heavy-Duty Pins for Thick Fabrics

Safety Pins

Specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks, the Safety Pins Assorted pack includes large safety pins. These pins can penetrate thick fabrics like jeans without causing damage or large holes. When locked, the tip of the pin is covered by a safety clasp, adding an extra layer of protection against unwanted accidents. Whether stitching, patching, quilting, or working on any around-the-house project, these large safety pins will be your best partner. Their strength and durability ensure you can confidently and precisely tackle any task.

Convenient Storage and Organization

Safety Pins

With a storage box and 340 well-arranged safety pins, the Safety Pins Assorted pack is convenient and versatile. The storage box is designed to separate the pins into five different sizes, providing great convenience for quick and easy access. No more digging through a pile of pins to find the right size! The organized storage system allows you to keep your pins tidy, ensuring they are always within reach when needed.

Best Safety Pins: Customer Reviews


Many customers have found the assortment of sizes incredibly handy, making it easier to complete their projects. The durability and rust resistance of the pins have also received positive feedback, with customers appreciating the long-lasting quality. Some customers have used these pins for specific purposes, such as tagging items for a consignment sale or lining them on the seams of pants for a fashion event, and have found them reliable and effective. Overall, customers have praised the value, convenience, and quality of the Safety Pins Assorted pack, making it a highly recommended product.


  • Variety of Sizes: The safety pin assortment comes in 5 different sizes, allowing for flexibility and convenience in various projects.
  • Durable and Rust Resistant: Made of anti-rust nickel-plated steel, these safety pins are long-lasting and resistant to wear and discoloration.
  • Large and Heavy Duty: The large safety pins can penetrate through thick fabric without causing damage, making them perfect for stitching, patching, quilting, and more.


  • Fragile Storage Box: Some customers reported that the storage box broke during shipping, which can be inconvenient for keeping the safety pins organized.
  • Not Suitable for Heavyweight Items: While these safety pins are durable, they may not be strong enough to hold heavier-weight items securely.
  • Inaccurate Quantity: A few customers received fewer pins than advertised, which can be disappointing if you specifically need the full amount.

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In conclusion, the Safety Pins Assorted Pack has proven to be a valuable addition to my sewing and crafting supplies. The assortment of sizes, durability, and functionality of these safety pins made them a reliable choice for various projects. The overall quality and value of this product are excellent. I highly recommend the Safety Pins Assorted Pack to anyone in need of reliable and versatile safety pins for their sewing, crafting, or everyday needs.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are these safety pins suitable for everyday use?

Answer: Yes, these safety pins are suitable for everyday use. They can be used for fastening running bibs, sewing, holding bandages, jewelry making, crafting, and pinning washing instructions on clothes.

Question: Can these safety pins be used for school or office purposes?

Answer: Absolutely! These safety pins are versatile and can be used in school, office, home, kitchen, or any other setting where safety pins are needed. They can also be useful supplies for Easter, Halloween, or other parties.

Question: Are these safety pins easy to use?

Answer: Yes, these safety pins are easy to use. They have a sharp tip and a safety clasp to protect your fingers from accidents. They are designed to make your creative work, sewing, crafting, and dress designing easier than ever before.