The Lollia Fine Bathing Salts, offer women a luxurious bath essential that guarantees a relaxing and indulgent bathing experience. With its scented luxury bath salts, this product claims to provide the perfect addition to your bathtub accessories. Lollia is a favorite of Oprah Winfrey’s, with their bubble bath making the “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list.

Having heard positive reviews about the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts, I was excited to try them out for myself. However, my experience with this product turned out to be quite disappointing. While I appreciated the fragrance, I found the crystals to be extremely hard. Moreover, after using these bath salts, my skin felt dry, which was not the desired effect I was hoping for.

Fragrance and Scent Experience

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Regardless of my disappointment in the texture, the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts have an undeniably lovely fragrance. The scent of the bath salts is enchanting, creating a serene and relaxing ambiance in the bathroom. It lingers in the air, enveloping you in a calming and soothing atmosphere as you soak in the tub. Whether you prefer floral, citrus, or woody notes, Lollia Fine Bathing Salts offers a variety of scents to choose from, catering to individual preferences.

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Bathing Salts: Dissolution and Comfort

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Their ability to dissolve quickly is another important aspect to consider when using bath salts. Unfortunately, I haven’t been the only one experiencing issues with this. Some users have also reported that the crystals in the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts were super hard and did not dissolve easily, even in very hot water. Sitting on undissolved crystals was definitely not part of my relaxation plan. Those with sensitive skin should approach this with caution. The lack of quick dissolution completely dried my (and other users’) skin up.

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Bathing Salts: Packaging and Presentation

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If these bathing salts can’t add a touch of luxury to your bath, they certainly will to your bathroom. The Lollia Fine Bathing Salts come in a sleek and elegant packaging. The 20 oz. size is generous, providing multiple uses. The packaging is also designed to keep the product fresh and protected, preserving the quality of the bath salts. When it comes to presentation, Lollia definitely excels in creating visually appealing products that make you feel pampered and special.

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Bathing Salts: Price and Value

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The price is set at $40.00, the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts fall into the higher price range for bath products. Before purchasing, take every aspect of the product into account. While the luxurious fragrance and elegant packaging may make it seem worthwhile, you may be disappointed by the crystals. Still, this experience isn’t an inevitability; plenty of others were completely satisfied with it. If you are someone who appreciates high-quality bath essentials and is willing to invest in self-care, the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts can be a worthwhile indulgence.

Bathing Salts: Overall Impression

With their captivating fragrances and elegant packaging, the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts offer a promising bath experience. However, the issue of slow dissolution reported by some users may be a drawback for those seeking immediate relaxation. The product’s higher price point also requires consideration in terms of personal budget and priorities. Ultimately, your decision on whether to try the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts will depend on your individual preferences and willingness to invest in a luxurious bath experience.


My experience with the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts was less than satisfactory. Despite its appealing fragrance, the hard crystals that took a long time to dissolve and the resulting dryness of my skin left much to be desired. Considering the product’s high price of $40.00 and the limited number of reviews available, I would hesitate to recommend it as a worthwhile bath essential for women.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can you describe the fragrance of the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts?

Answer: Customers have described the fragrance of the bath salts as highly enjoyable and pleasant.

Question: How long does it take for the bath salts to dissolve in water?

Answer: Some customers have mentioned that the crystals of the bath salts take longer to dissolve, even in hot water.

Question: Is the packaging of the product appealing?

Answer: There is no specific information available regarding the packaging of the Lollia Fine Bathing Salts.


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