Pregnancy is a weird and wonderful journey. For one thing, your body literally creates a tiny baby. You’re making a human, and it’s pretty incredible to experience. Conversely, though, you have to deal with a whole bunch of side effects. They can make you feel like you’re living outside of your body. There are the pregnancy reactions you expect, like nausea and mood swings. And then there are the reactions you never really think about, like pregnancy brain. Plus, at a certain point, your belly gets so huge that it affects the way you do basically anything.


Those problems that come along with a big (but beautiful!) pregnancy belly are exactly what caused a pretty embarrassing moment for one woman. Luckily, she shared her hilarious pregnancy fail online so that we could all enjoy laughing about it together.

The woman, a Reddit user who goes by the username MaddieEsquire, wrote about her story in a thread.

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She had a pretty awkward moment when she was supposed to perform on stage with her church choir.

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Redditor /u/MaddieEsquire explained that at the time of the occurrence, she was eight months pregnant and “huge.”

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She wrote, “So I am in the choir at my church, and we were singing a special Christmas song, so everyone was supposed to dress festively.”

And that’s not all of it.

Aside from the fact that she had to get on stage feeling quite uncomfortable because of her pregnancy, she also had to have the spotlight on her because she was performing a solo.

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The mom-to-be decided to prepare for the night by buying a special outfit that made her feel good.

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She shared:

I picked out a nice red maternity dress with beading on the collar and wore black tights with black velvet kitten heels. I even painted my nails to match.

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But things didn’t go according to plan.

The mom went on to note that the first service went smoothly. However, she went home for a break and noticed she had “prominent underarm sweat” on her dress.

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She added:

Great, that’s probably what everyone was staring at during my solo, lol.

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But MaddieEsquire wanted to prevent the sweat stains from emerging again.

To keep it from happening at the second service an hour later, she explained, “I took off the dress, dried it off, and changed into some pajamas to have breakfast. I also put on an undershirt and stuffed a bunch of tissues under my arms so I wouldn’t sweat next time.”

Luck, however, was not on her side.

In fact, MaddieEsquire was running late for the second service. She rushed to finish getting ready and arrived at the church just a minute before things began.

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She wrote:

Someone asked if it was too windy for me. We’re in South Florida, so I had no idea what they were talking about and continued rushing for the doors.

Maybe she should have paid attention!

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Service began as soon as she got there. And since the choir was already up on the stage, the woman had no time to do anything but run up and join them.

In the Reddit thread, she accounted for the rest of her time:

I grabbed my songbook and lumbered onto the stage from the middle aisle, to my place front and center with the other sopranos.

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How did she know something was off?

All of the people in the church looked at her and smiled uncomfortably. But she chalked the odd behavior up to her late arrival.

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Here’s where things started to get weird…

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The Redditor continued her story:

We started with a hymn… That’s when I realized I felt too much fabric around my legs for the kind of dress I was wearing.

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Of course, there were a few possibilities to explain the weird sensation.

She initially explained the feeling away, noting:

I worried that the tissues from my arms had fallen and people could see them stuck to my tights or something.

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And remember, she was very pregnant, so it wasn’t like she had the best view.

The almost mother went on to say, “I could not see past my belly easily, so I leaned over to check, as conspicuous as it was to do so…”

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What she saw came as a big surprise.

She wrote:

The sight and accompanying horror took a moment to register. There they were, my pink and teal flamingo print pajama pants. Still on my legs. And the whole audience sees them.

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MaddieEsquire asked herself and the Reddit audience:

How the freak did I not notice, and how did I get on stage without anyone telling me? I rushed off the stage mid-song and took the offending pants off in the bathroom, then waddled back up to my spot.

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Unfortunately, though, she was a bit stuck and mentioned:

I couldn’t even run off afterwards and hide, because I had to sing a solo immediately after that! On the bright side, my stage fright for that was gone…

Here’s her TLDR version:

“Changed clothes in a hurry between performances at church. Unintentionally sang on stage wearing flamingo pajama pants because I’m huge and can’t see my legs.”

Yup! That’s definitely extremely awkward!

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And pretty much everyone else in the Reddit thread agreed that it was, indeed, an embarrassing moment.

Redditor /u/Robothypejuice wrote:

No decent person thought twice about it.

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But they added this caveat, “Except your loved ones. They won’t ever forget that. It’ll be a cherished memory.”

Redditor /u/rozumiesz summed up the story by saying:

Immediate and intense embarrassment, pathos of pregnancy, no permanent physical or emotional injuries. High quality post.

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This is basically the recipe for the perfect embarrassing story.

Another user pointed out that everyone probably thought the expectant mother was just really embracing her pregnancy.

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Redditor /u/BigKahuna93 said:

Honestly I’m betting most people were thinking, “Hell, she’s eight months pregnant. Wear whatever you want. That’s a f*cking power move.”

One pregnant woman was impressed MaddieEsquire even made it on stage at all.

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Redditor /u/scorpionmoods wrote:

Hey good for you that you were up, dressed, and performing all morning. Even in flamingo pants that’s an accomplishment at eight months! I’m 38 weeks and I’ve given up getting dressed and doing things, lol. PJs and homebody days it is until she comes!

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Yeah, that sounds about right for most third trimester pregnant women!

Some users added other embarrassing stories about being pregnant.

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Redditor /u/icequeen323 said:

My friend put the cereal box in the freezer when pregnant. No one corrected it or asked her why because at eight months pregnant you get to do whatever you want!

This is absolutely true!

And someone asked the most important thing:

The real question is… How on earth did you sing with a seven pound baby sitting on your diaphragm?

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Honestly, how?!

One user said it wasn’t even embarrassing, just cute.

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The Redditor commented, “Honestly that sounds pretty adorable.”

And this comment pretty much summed it all up:

The fact that you still went back after taking the PJs off is boss.

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Honestly, we applaud this woman, embarrassing story and all.


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