It sometimes seems like celebrity moms can’t really do anything right when it comes to the parts of their family life that they share with the public. Most recently, the internet noticed that women took to Instagram to shame Carrie Underwood for the way she looked at her son’s soccer game, and honestly, we can’t believe this is something we’re reporting. It’s almost 2019, and we’re still seeing women tear other women apart for how they look? Blargh!

Let’s back up. Earlier this week, Underwood posted a photo on her Instagram feed that caused some unexpected controversy. The photo was a selfie of Underwood smiling with a coffee cup in her hand. The caption stated, “Officially a soccer mom this morning! It’s chilly out but I’m staying warm rocking some @caliabycarrie …the kids played a good game! Isaiah scored two goals for his team…and one for the other team 🤷‍♀️. Hey, a goal’s a goal! ⚽️”

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Underwood looked like a proud mom of her three-year-old son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, and who can really blame her?! But fans quickly took to the comments to react in a really negative way: they started calling Underwood out for wearing too much makeup to the game.

One user commented, “Real sport moms dont wear 20lbs of makeup on their face to games and practices. 😒” Another user said, “Too much makeup. No need Carrie.” Another commenter wrote, “Show up like most other soccer mom’s, messy hair don’t care, no makeup and a coffee mug in hand.”

Yes, that’s right: people were seriously taking an issue with the makeup Underwood wore to her son’s soccer game, enough to leave nasty comments about it on her Instagram page. According to Glamour, some users were also saying she shouldn’t have been taking selfies since she was there to watch her son play soccer.

Can we all agree that this is a little out of control? Underwood, and any other mom for that matter, is allowed to wear as much makeup as she wants no matter where she is going! As some fans pointed out, why should moms feel like they can’t get done up to go to a soccer game? Do they have to play the “busy mom role” just to please everyone else? Of course not! Busy moms can wear makeup if they so choose. They can also skip it (or never wear any at all) if they want. Let’s stop policing women, people!

It’s unfortunate that so many people seem to think Underwood has to look a certain way to be a “normal” mom. Let’s all do better than this.


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