This Is Officially The Dress You’re Going To Be Wearing The Rest Of Summer

July 26, 2019

This Zara dress is the dress of the summer. And we’re not the only ones who think so. In fact, the $70 black-and-white polkadot dress is so incredibly popular it has its own Instagram account. Honestly, guys — if you don’t already own this dress, you’re losing out.

The dress is simply called the “Print Dress” and it retails in the U.S for $69.90. As of right now, most likely due to its popularity, it’s only available online in sizes small and medium. According to the Zara website, extra-small and extra-extra-large sizes are coming soon.

Of course, tastes vary, and everyone has their own sense of style; however, this dress seemingly works for all styles. Yes, all. It’s simple enough to be warped into sweet, edgy, street, or dressy. Yet it still holds the power to be a stand-alone statement piece. Is the Print Dress proof that witchcraft is real and/or that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants isn’t totally fictional? In our opinion, yes and yes.

The bottom line is this: Get you a dress that makes you look great, feel great, and gives you a sense of community.

Because the dress is made from lightweight viscose, it’s a great wear for the summer season. However, feel free to work this piece into your fall and winter wardrobe, as well. The length of the hem and the sleeves makes it seasonally versatile.

We’re not kidding, people. Everyone and their mother owns this dress, as @hot4thespot shows us.

As Mashable reported on July 23rd, the dress has become so famous — or, perhaps, infamous — that some women are actually afraid to wear it because someone is bound to say, “OMG that’s the dress.” 

Since the New York Times wrote about it earlier this summer, it’s definitely been on the public’s radar.

“Some people literally try and hide (definitely seen that happen once),” dress-owner Holly Dedman told Mashable referring to seeing other polka-dot clad people while she’s wearing her dress. “Others just smile (like it’s some secret club),” she says. “Literally had someone high five me as we walked past each other.”

This dress owner literally dyed hers black to avoid being a person wearing the dress. Ugh. Fine.

We think it’s better to just wear it and own it. It’s a great piece of clothing!

Even grandmas love it. (And look fab in it.)

And babies love it. (And look ADORBS in it.)

Besties love to match in it. Cheers, ladies.

Furthermore, you can belt it. This adds some shape for those who dislike the sack look.

Or you can wear it backward. This won’t trick us into believing you’re wearing a different dress, but it’s a unique way of pulling it off.

However you don the dress, know that you’re part of a community that loves you and your taste in clothes. We’re here for you and your fashion.

Well, for some it could be a good source of competition. But we’re all about the women-supporting-women mentality.

You shouldn’t have any regrets going out and buying this dress. It’s going to be a game-changer.

Join the movement, everyone. One of us. One of us.

And if you refuse to hop on the trend, fine. Just be prepared to see spots for the rest of the summer.