Planning your wedding day can be an incredibly exciting and stressful time, mainly because you feel an intense pressure to have everything go exactly right. You want to look amazing, feel amazing, and have the best time ever, and you want everyone else at the party to have the best time ever, too. Add in the very real emotions that come with saying “I do” to spending the rest of your life with one person, and you’ve got a whole lot to think about!


And, unfortunately, it’s so easy for things to go wrong on your wedding day. There are so many details that need to be taken care of that something is just bound to get messed up. Even if it’s a trivial thing, it could feel like the end of the world. But sometimes it’s not trivial, it’s big, and it makes for some pretty interesting memories. But hey, at least you get a story for social media, right?

That’s probably what the people below are thinking right about now. Jimmy Kimmel recently tweeted a call for stories about everyone’s personal #WeddingFails, and the results are truly hilarious and insane. Here are some of the craziest #WeddingFails out there.

1. A serious health hazard

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Twitter user Ryan Darbonne posted a short video clip of his brother-in-law literally passing out and falling off the steps during a wedding ceremony. He apparently layered up on undershirts so his sweat wouldn’t show, but we’re pretty sure he would have rather shown some sweat stains than faint in front of everyone during the most important moment of the night!

Sweat stains be damned!

2. This incredible facial expression

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One of the most pressure-filled moments of the night for the couple is when the bride is walking down the aisle. Guests will be staring at her dress, but also at the groom’s expression to see how he feels.

And, um, you don’t exactly want to have the expression this guy had!

3. A truly adorable fail

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Honestly, can this really be considered a fail? It’s almost too cute! Many Twitter users agree. User @XieGVinson said, “I’d say this was a win!” and user @christinayperez said, “That is EPIC, not a fail at all.”

We have to agree — this might be the best photo on the thread.

4. A devastating fall

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This Twitter user shared what has to be the wedding shot of a lifetime: the moment he tried walking down the aisle with his new wife, but dropped her and then fell on top of her — on the grass, no less. Ouch! User @Thatssocaro replied with exactly what we were all thinking: “Please tell me y’all framed this and placed it on a coffee table in your home.” The original poster replied, “We didn’t, but we used it as our thank you card.”

At least they embraced it!

5. This could have been really bad

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Chinese lanterns can be so beautiful, but can you even imagine burning a hole in a dress that cost you thousands of dollars?! User @jiminshooks replied saying, “At least they kept trying,” which, sure, but also… they should have quit while they were ahead!

This could have gotten really bad really fast.

6. A grand entrance, indeed

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You know when you can tell you’re about to fall, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it, so you have to just let it happen? Yeah… looks like that’s what happened to this guy at this extremely inopportune time.

The photo almost makes it look like they were dancing, though!

7. This very painful fail

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This video of a groomsman attempting a back flip and falling right on his face is a little hard to watch, but… at least he got right up! One user replied saying, “The crowd reaction is the best lol” and honestly, that’s true. Everyone goes from cheering, to a synchronized, “Oooooooohhhh” at the very same time. User @MilaBellaMama noted, “Professional wedding videographers really are worth every penny!”

And, again, very true.

8. And another very painful fail!

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It seems like people should probably stop attempting fancy dance moves on a crowded, just polished dance floor… and you’ll probably agree after you watch this video. Just wait until the end, where you won’t be able to resist yelling, “OUCH!” out loud as this dancing guest literally kicks another guest in the face.


9. How did this even happen?!

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There are mother-in-law horror stories, and then… there’s this. Somehow, this Twitter user’s mother-in-law managed to wear an actual wedding dress to her new daughter-in-law’s wedding. We have so many questions! User @Ngi_nguSamu summed it up pretty well, saying, “I’m ready to throw hands 😭😭 What was she thinking?! Her hair is even in an updo! I-🤮 I need the FULL story.”

We all do!

10. This unexpected announcement

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YIKES!!! Being the Best Man and having to give a great speech is hard enough as it is. Can you imagine also being the Best Man and screwing up this badly?! We can only hope that the reactions all around were happy enough to make this moment a little less awkward.

11. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did

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This tweet reminds us of one of those bad weeks you have where every time you think the bad stuff has passed, another bad thing happens until you’re so defeated that you’re just like, “Okay… whatever… bring it on universe.”

Luckily, this bride made the best of everything:

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12. Quite the adventurous entrance!

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Jimmy Fallon contributed his own #WeddingFails story and it was, of course, pretty epic. This story is so intense that it actually almost sounds like it isn’t true, but also, we believe it?

13. This passive aggressive move

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Okay, so we can all agree that after this tweet and the wedding dress one, we need a #MotherInLawFails hashtag, right? This isn’t just a fail — it’s mean! User @applextree summed it up pretty well by saying, “I laugh but I feel like this would happen in my family.”


14. A dance move gone very wrong

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Just try watching this video until the end of a dad attempting the Dirty Dancing move over his head with a small flower girl, only to have her literally flip over him, causing them both to fall. It’s impossible!

At least the little girl was okay — and at least the bride tried to make things better!

15. A truly terrible speech

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This wedding fail is so mean that it actually almost isn’t even funny? Twitter users all begged for more information, but so far, nothing else has been added to the story. And Twitter user @LenaStarz asked what we were all thinking: “Wow did the wedding continue after that? Lmao.”

16. He partied a little too hard

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This video of the groom literally breaking the dance floor as he got down makes you wonder how, exactly, that ever happened in the first place. Twitter user @whynotgrrl666 said, “Wow. Hope he didn’t hurt his foot or ankle. Kinda impressive though.” It actually really is pretty impressive how he just keeps going like nothing happened!

17. Another grand entrance gone wrong

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No one ever said that walking in a giant wedding dress is easy, especially when you’re going down a few stairs! Let these images be the proof of that. At least nothing happened to her dress… although we can’t say the same for the groom’s tux.

18. No cake for anyone!

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Wedding cakes are expensive, so if you watched yours topple onto the floor in a million pieces, you would definitely be pretty devastated. And she didn’t even get her money back?! Truly a travesty. Twitter user @feliciaivy made it even better by replying with, “This photo is like a renaissance painting.” It is!


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