After months of figuring out a destination, you finally started nailing down the details of your summer vacation. Now for the big question — when will it be? If you plan on flying instead of road-tripping to your destination, here are some of the key weekends you should be looking at to save some money. Since, hey — that cash will be better spent on sweet souvenirs.


Per Money, a Kayak spokeswoman stated that the best weekend to book this summer is August 25th, which is the last Saturday in August. That’s based on seasonal trends, and it makes sense — even though August 25th is still technically summer, it’s so close to September that it’s likely people are focusing more on getting back to school than on enjoying time away from home.

And sure, sharpened pencils and new school clothes are exciting, but so is a mostly empty beach and extra cash in your wallet.


Busy on August 25th? That’s okay — there are other weekends that you can focus on if you want to find the best deal on travel. The median cost of airfare for traveling on September 1st is $312, and the median cost for traveling on September 8th is just a dollar less, at $311. In comparison, the August 25th weekend is at $305. If you book your ticket on one of these days, you might want to celebrate that choice with a boost to first class.

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Another good thing to remember is that Labor Day falls on Monday, September 3rd this year. That means that there’s a good chance you have work off, essentially giving you a free vacation day. Sure, certain locations might be more packed (like, say, that aforementioned beach), but if you’re traveling at a discount, it’s well worth it.


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