Flying is faster than walking, better than driving, and cooler than taking a train. Recently I flew across the country and realized I was missing some key essentials. Before I left, I researched what I should pack, but I couldn’t find any recent articles about what to have with you high in the sky. I made this list to do just that. They’re simple things that you should already own or give you ideas of what to look for next time you’re about to fly through the skies.


1. Portable Charger

Alright, so we all have our prized possessions – our phones and laptops. We are constantly keeping up with the latest trends and news, sending friends the newest memes, and taking selfies. No? Just me? Anyways, we use our electronic devices all the time. Not every airport offers a plethora of charging areas and not all planes have outlets (at least not any I’ve been on recently). I was only on a two hour flight next and I thought my cell phone battery would be just fine. Then little did I know that waiting at the gate meant I still needed to twiddle my thumbs on my screen for a bit. If only I had a charger. Maybe I could have, but the ones sold at the airport were not in my price range. Do your research, find what works best for you and the needs of your device(s) before you purchase the newest addition to your squad.

So back in the day, I had a Mophie phone case and I loved it. I didn’t have to plug in my phone to an outlet for days at a time. On the back of the case were four small LED lights that displayed the amount of juice left in the wireless charger. This made my life a lot easier and convenient. Now I have the iPhone 6 Plus and putting a Mophie case on top of it would just be ridiculous since it adds more length. That’s why when I found this Mophie Power Station, I thought it would be just as good if not better. With this power station you can charge up to two phones at a time since there are two USB ports. You can charge your phone for days without the station needing a recharge. Check it out next fly time.

2. Headphones

I’m standing in line to board my plane, I’m impatient and want to listen to music. I reach inside my purse for my headphones and BAM–a mess of wires. Ugh, this won’t fly. Yeah, I could just untangle them and be fine, but the headphones will still be in the way sometimes. They’re more annoying than convenient. That is why I am recommending you buy some wireless headphones. I did some research and found that the Sony XB650BT headphones would work best for me and wouldn’t break my bank…that much.

3. The Blanket Cardigan

You know what this is, ladies. Airports can be hot and planes be freezing. You could be traveling from coast to coast or country to country where you’ll entering a new climate. That is when your blanket cardigan comes in handy. First, it creates a cute outfit. Then, a cozy blanket for you to snuggle up with yourself on the plane. It can be your neck pillow or a stand-in for your significant other. I found this oversized piece of heaven and just had to share. You know I’ll be rocking this on my next flight, what about you?

4. Sleep Mask

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Let’s face it. You spend all morning, day, or night preparing for this flight, making sure you wake up and arrive at the airport in time. You worry about all the little things that you sometimes forget about the most important thing – sleep! You’re bound to be on the plane for multiple hours, might as well catch some shut eye. The lights inside the plane don’t turn off until night time, plus if you’re neighbor has their reading light on then you’ll never get those zzz’s in. The only solution is a sleep mask. You can listen to your music, eat some peanuts, or rest your eyes while wearing this must have plane essential.

5. Watch and Listen!

If you’re one of those humans who cannot sleep on a plane no matter what (my brother), then here are some things you could do to pass the time. Create a Netflix account before you leave your home. You can always do the 30-day free trial if you aren’t absolutely in love with it. Ha! Once you are connected to Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet, click on “Available for Download” in the menu, and download your favorite shows or movies for your flight. Therefore, there’s no need for internet when you’re on the plane! Another option is to download podcasts to listen to while you fly. Check out our 5 Podcasts that are Totally Worth Binging.

6. Empty Water Bottle

Water can cost upwards of three dollars a bottle. No. Not today, Satan. Next time you visit an airport, make sure to bring an empty reusable water bottle that you can easily fill for no cost at all once you’re past security. This is something I really wish someone told me, because I was that silly human who bought a bottle at each airport. Now you know, too!

There you go. If only this must have fly list was around a couple weeks ago. I hope you all have safe travels and are prepared for your journeys ahead. Best of luck! Up, up, and away!


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