Hold up — Target has a secret club, and we’re not a member of it? But we’re their biggest fans! According to FastCompany.com, Target has a secret app, called Studio Connect, that links the brand’s design team to shoppers. Studio Connect members get to see, and sometimes try, new products that are headed to shelves before anyone else. They can then provide feedback and earn Target discounts for their participation. So, how in the heck can we get a piece of this exclusive pie?


Studio Connect only allows 600 members to use the app at one time. Each of these 600 members is personally invited by the corporation to join the app, and to be considered for membership, one must complete one of those surveys at the bottom of the store’s receipts. (*Ferociously digs through trash to find most recent Target receipt*)

Studio Connect has been up and running since 2016, which is when Target launched it as a faster way to get customer feedback on new products while said products were still in development.


Julie Guggemos, senior vice president of product design and development, told FastCompany.com, “Studio Connect enables our designers to interact with guests at any point while developing products, encouraging conversations and adding a level of flexibility to the formal feedback process.”

[fm_giphy url=”https://media.giphy.com/media/26xBJQgfNVrVEQes0/giphy.gif”]

Each member of the Target design team has their own Studio Connect account and can reach out to customers whenever. Questions can range from simple inquiries about how often customers buy a certain product to asking for slogan ideas to use on T-shirts.

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Members of Studio Connect are basically turning the store into their dream world, which is the kind of superpower we want to have. Studio Connect is just another reason to go on a daily Target run, so that we can complete more store surveys and better our chances of being a chosen one.


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