You’re probably familiar with your Sun sign in astrology — which is the sign you use to read your horoscope and can most easily identify —  but have you ever wondered What is my Moon sign?


Many people don’t realize that there’s much more to their astrological birth chart than your Sun zodiac sign, but your Moon sign can actually tell you just as much about your personality and who you are.

Looking at the compatibility of your Sun and Moon signs can also help you troubleshoot any internal conflict you might have. Your Sun sign is reflective of your personality and how you present yourself, but the Moon sign meaning varies slightly.

In astrology, the Moon represents your emotions, your comfort zone, your maternal side, and how you express your feelings and vulnerability.

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Blossom spoke with astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo about the significance of the Moon (and our Moon signs) in astrology.

“The Moon is one of the most important planets to consider when using astrology as a tool for self-discovery and creating more happiness in your life.”

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“This is because it governs your heart; what you feel, how you feel it, and even what you want, are all described by your Moon sign,” Lanyadoo explained.

What Does A Moon Sign Represent In Your Chart?

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“Moon signs show us our emotional and intuitive nature,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust, who spoke with Blossom to expand on what moon signs mean in astrology.

“They represent our maternal instincts, memories, and the parts of ourselves we cannot express (our feelings).”

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So just as the Sun lights up the day, or the side of ourselves that the world sees, the Moon lights up the night, meaning that in astrology, it shows us our more vulnerable, emotional, and shadowy sides — or the sides that we only show to the people closest to us.

“[Your Moon sign] reveals your early familial experiences”

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“[It also reveals] how you are inclined to show love to others, in part as a response to your own childhood,” explains Lanyadoo.

The Moon is considered the most maternal celestial object in astrology, governing over private home and family matters.

[It also governs] the places in life we feel most comfortable, or our “home base,” so to speak. Think of it this way: your Moon sign is indicative of the person you are when you’re alone and no one is watching.

So, What’s Your Moon Sign?

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To find out your Sun sign, you generally only need to know your birthday. But if you want to find out your Moon sign, you’ll need your exact birth date, year, and depending on the day, you may even need the exact time you were born.

Your birth certificate is going to come in very handy here.

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Once you’ve armed yourself with the proper information, you can either consult a professional astrologer to map your chart, or you can pop your deets into an online Moon sign calculator.

The Moon expresses its energy differently in every zodiac sign.

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This means that discovering yours can help to teach you a lot about the way you seek comfort, express yourself emotionally, and handle vulnerability.

“Learning about your Moon sign and placements is an invaluable way to learn more about yourself,” adds Lanyadoo.

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Once you’ve figured out what your Moon sign is, read up on what your Moon sign meaning.

🌕 Aries Moon ♈

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Aries moon people have a tendency to be fiery and impulsive in the expression of their emotions — they’re firecrackers!

They wear their feelings on their sleeve.

The Ram is very action-oriented when it comes to matters of the heart — they aren’t afraid to speak what they feel inside at any given moment! They may lash out when feeling vulnerable, but they are generous with their love.

🌕 Taurus Moon ♉

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Taurus energy loves stability and security, so you can count on your Taurus moon friend to be grounded and steady in their emotions.

Unlike the fiery, impulsive-tongued Aries, Taurus moons are reliably steady in any emotional state.

Taurus energy also love comfort and luxury, so you may have the urge to stay inside your comfort zone most days. It’s OK to play it safe, but don’t let yourself become complacent!

🌕 Gemini Moon ♊

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Geminis are the zodiac’s chatterboxes, so you can bet a Gemini moon expresses itself quickly and communicably in emotions.

A Gemini moon, more than anything, wants to communicate how they feel.

They want to share what makes up their shadow self. You’re naturally quick-witted and curious, but be wary of communicating too much and stepping over other people’s comfort zones. Finding a balance is key.

🌕 Cancer Moon ♋

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Cancer moon people are naturally maternal, protective of their emotions, and sensitive to the emotions of the people close to them.

The Moon is at home in Cancer, as it’s the sign’s ruling planet.

This simply means that it’ll be extra expressive in its lunar qualities, which include emotion, vulnerability, and intuition. You may have the urge to burrow into your metaphorical sands to protect your sensitive heart.

🌕 Leo Moon ♌

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If you have a Leo moon, you can bet that your emotions are fiery, performative, and really hard to miss.

When you feel something, you feel it.

And TBH, you want a lil’ bit of attention for it, too. It feels good and validating to have your emotions acknowledge by others, and to have your deepest vulnerabilities seen and coddled.

🌕 Virgo Moon ♍

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Virgo Moon people tend to rationalize their emotions.

But emotions are messy, so as you can imagine, it’s hard to do.

As a lovers of organization with a keen eye for details, it can be difficult for you to put emotions into neat n’ tidy little boxes, as you desire to — but that said, you’re great at helping others sort through their feelings. Virgo moons also tend to be health-conscious and intuitively sensitive to impurities.

🌕 Libra Moon ♎

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Libra is the sign of partnerships and balance, meaning that Libra moon people tend toward liberty and harmony in their emotional relations.

If one thing is true for Libra moons, you love to love.

You seek balance in all areas of your personal life, and are giving and communicative in your emotions. Just be wary of codependency, as sometimes Libra moons focus too much energy on emotional validation from others.

🌕 Scorpio Moon ♏

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Scorpio moons are brooding, passionate, sensitive, and loyal souls who will whip out their stinger if needed.

If you have your Moon in Scorpio, then your emotions run deep and plentiful.

But you don’t feel safe sharing them with just anyone — people need to earn your trust. The Moon is in its “fall” in Scorpio, meaning it struggles to express its lunar qualities fully, so you may feel tense when it comes to emotional expression.

🌕 Sagittarius Moon ♐

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Free-spirits at heart, Sagittarius Moons have a deep and emotional desire for adventure, and they aren’t afraid to take risks.

You’re passionate about expanding your consciousness.

You’re unafraid to express your needs and curiosities, even at your most vulnerable. You’re a wanderer at heart, never afraid of love of heartbreak, knowing that the risk is worth the payoff of the experience in the end.

🌕 Capricorn Moon ♑

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Not always one who tends toward emotional reactions, Capricorn moon people may be more reserved in expressing their inner feelings.

Capricorn energy is work- and goal-oriented, rational, and serious.

This makes Capricorn Moons a slightly more emotionally reserved bunch. You may feel a great sense of responsibility when it comes to justifying your emotions or those of others, and you take sensitive matters very seriously.

🌕 Aquarius Moon ♒

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The lunar Aquarian has an innate ability to tap into the collective consciousness and think about the big picture, even in private matters.

You likely aren’t the most emotional person on the planet if your moon is in Aquarius.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have empathy — in fact, your way of relating to the world emotionally tends to be on a more collective level. Just be sure to feel your feelings rather than try to rationalize them!

🌕 Pisces Moon ♓

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People with their moon in Pisces are creative souls, who feel things deeply and intuitively on all levels of their consciousness.

As one of the more spiritual signs, having a Moon in Pisces gives your emotions an other-worldly importance in your own heart.

You can often retreat into your own personal fantasy world as a tried and true comfort zone, and feel the need to express emotions creatively.

How Does Your Moon Sign Affect Your Sun Sign?

Fire Moon Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

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“Fire Moon signs get things started and are the initiators,” explains Stardust. “They are emotionally passionate.”

If your Moon is in a fire sign and your Sun is also in a fire sign: You’re likely to be extra blunt and impulsive in your emotional expressions. People with fire Suns who also have fire Moons are more likely to deeply embody the stereotypical traits of a fire sign.

If your moon is in a fire sign and your sun is in an earth sign: You tend to be grounded and practical when it comes to most things, but can certainly put on a show if you’re feeling vulnerable or emotional.

If your moon is in a fire sign and your sun is in an air sign: It gives your normally cool, calm, and collected demeanor a (literally) fiery edge when it comes to anything that leans toward a sensitive subject or a matter close to your heart.

If your moon is in a fire sign and your sun is in a water sign: You’re naturally emotional and intuitive, in touch with your sensitive side. That said, you can get impulsive and less sensitive to the needs of others if someone pushes your buttons!

Earth Moon Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)…

“Earth Moon signs like to build and harvest emotions,” shares Stardust. “They are careful to express how they feel, but loyal and caring when they do so.”

If your moon is in an earth sign and your sun is also in an earth sign: You’re extremely grounded and practical, and tend to move slow when it comes to vulnerability and emotional expression. People with earth suns who also have earth moons are more likely to deeply embody the stereotypical traits of an earth sign.

If your moon is in an earth sign and your sun is in a fire sign: People in your life may be used to your boldness and impulsiveness, but you may find that you’re much more reserved when it comes to the way you handle emotions.

If your moon is in an earth sign and your sun is in an air sign: You have a tendency to be up in the cloud, lost in your thoughts — but when it comes to emotions, you’re brought right back down to earth and can handle feelings sensibly.

If your moon is in an earth sign and your sun is in a water sign: Your emotional nature is tempered with a grounded, sensible energy that keeps you from getting carried away in your always heavily experienced feelings.

Air Moon Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)…

“Air Moon signs are more intellectual and rational with their feelings,” says Stardust. “They are emotionally smart in their decision-making and analyzing feelings.”

If your moon is in an air sign and your sun is also in an air sign: You typically resort to thinking over feeling. Navigating strong emotions can be tough, so allow your thoughtfulness to melt into empathy. People with air suns who also have air moons are more likely to deeply embody the stereotypical traits of an air sign.

If your moon is in an air sign and your sun is in a earth sign: You’re logical and grounded in most matters, but you connect with others in a social, free-flowing manner, letting your mind guide your emotional connections.

If your moon is in an air sign and your sun is in an fire sign: You’re able to slow yourself down before acting on an emotional impulse, which is helpful when you enter a classic fire sign fit of feelings!

If your moon is in an air sign and your sun is in a water sign: Feelings come easily to you, but sometimes you may feel a pull between your head and your heart when it comes to expressing them to others.

Water Moon Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

“Water Moon signs are emotionally strong and intuitive,” notes Stardust. “They feel things most other signs don’t and are willing to evolve their emotions through time.”

If your moon is in a water sign and your sun is also in a water sign: You feel a ton of emotions and it’s virtually impossible for you to not express them. Sometimes, it may feel as if you’re so sensitive that it’s hard to manage in this world, but your natural spiritual and psychic strength can always carry you through. You tend to more fully embody the qualities of a water sign.

If your moon is in a water sign and your sign is in a fire sign: You’re probably a lot more sensitive on the inside that you appear to be from the outside. You have a tough, bold, and confident exterior, but when it comes to being vulnerable, you may struggle.

If you’re a water moon sign with an earth sun sign: Your practicality and rationality in most parts of life are challenged by your deep, intuitive ability to connect with your emotions. It doesn’t always make sense, but embracing this quality will only help you thrive.

If you’re a water moon sign with an air sun sign: You may find that emotional expression doesn’t come easily, but once it does, you’re all feelings. There’s a dichotomy here between head and heart, but your airy sun lightens up the depth of the water moon.

Does your Moon sign accurately reflect you?


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