We’re all about trying new methods and products that can improve our sleep and keep us in REM for longer. So when we stumbled upon this $15 Amazon product that shoppers can’t stop raving about, we knew we were onto something good. The URPOWER essential oil diffuser has people drifting off to dreamland faster than you can say “lullaby and goodnight.”


The URPOWER essential oil diffuser is basically three different pieces of technology housed in one unit.


It’s not only an essential oil diffuser — it’s also a humidifier and a soothing nightlight. All three functions are guaranteed to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Aromatherapy can be used to treat various maladies, including poor sleep. Using oils like lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, and bergamot in your URPOWER diffuser can help your body relax and soothe your mind. (These oils aren’t included when you purchase an URPOWER unit.)

Because the URPOWER uses mist to carry the aroma through the air, you’re body will also feel the benefits of the built-in humidifier.


As stated in the unit’s description, the warm mist will help you “breathe easier, and relieve cough and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies, and flu.”

This is great news for anyone who despises trying to sleep with a blocked-up nose.

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The URPOWER diffuser can also be programmed to cycle through seven different colors that can either be set to appear bright or dim. This is perfect for kids or for those of us who prefer to sleep with a nightlight — there’s no shame in that!

Retailing on Amazon for $14.95, the URPOWER has a whopping 4.5-star rating out of 5. And out of the 4,772 customers that left the diffuser a review, 74% gave it 5 stars.


In 2016, Amazon shopper Jennie Herrick wrote, “I am over the moon with this purchase!! I bought 2 of them. One I have running in the living room and you can’t tell if have pets anymore!”

“The other I run in my bedroom with lavender oil and I’ve never slept so soundly!”

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If the URPOWER can help us doze off peacefully every night, we might have found our holy grail sleep hack.


Let us know if you’ve tried it out and if you’ve found success.


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