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Sleeping should never be something you should have to worry about. Sleep should be something you just naturally do at night for your body to recover from the day. UCLA’s Sleep Center mentions how “eliminating and reducing sleep problems will improve both your health and well-being” which gave me the idea for this post. I have struggled off and on with my sleep for years. I have my good nights and bad nights. Recently, I have noticed one thing that works for me every time, listening to podcasts. What is your go to for falling asleep at night?

1. Breathing Exercises

If you’re ever in bed trying to fall asleep, but failing miserably because you’re too you’re too busy thinking about everything you have to do the next day? Been there. You might want to try a few breathing exercises that will put your mind to ease and help alleviate some stress and anxiety from your night. One of the tricks is just as simple as counting how long you hold each breath before you exhale.

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2. Keep it Cool

Cooler room, cooler dreams. It’s that easy. For a faster zonk out, try turning the temperature down or turning a big fan on. No one wants to sweat when they sleep. You can try out a portable air conditioner if you don’t have central cooling.

3. Hide Yo Phone, Hide Yo Lights

Bright lights, reading gossip on your phone, and watching funny cat videos on your laptop are all distractions. Another kicker is your alarm clock. Some clocks give off a glow or bright light. It is best to sleep in total darkness. You can try a sleep mask, turning your clock the other way, or even buy a clock that doesn’t light up. Turn off your electronics at least 20 minutes before you lay down and you’ll be thanking me after your best rest yet.

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4. Relaxing Activity

If you can’t fall asleep, don’t panic. You can get out of bed and try a relaxing activity for ten minutes. Might as well get a little work done when your brain can’t stop racing. For those restless nights, open a book for a bit or finish folding that laundry. Anything that takes little effort will gently sway you to snooze land.

5. May the Force be with You

If you can’t fall asleep, don’t? That’s right. According to the Huffington Post, reverse psychology plays a big part in this trick. The more you try to stay awake, the more tired you will become and you will fall victim to Father Time.

6. Listen to Your Heart

Just kidding, listen to music, podcasts, or white noise to distract your mind from your wondering thoughts at night. Listening to your heart could be another option, but it might make your brain woozy with anxiety if you think about it too hard. Music can help create a story for your dreams, podcasts are like leaving your T.V. on, but without the harsh light, and white noise is best for blocking outside noises such as cars or noisy birds.

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7. Wind Down the Right Way

Getting into a routine will be your best bet to getting to bed faster. Say you want to be in bed by 11 pm, start your routine at 10:30 pm. By the time you’re done with your lists of to dos, you’ll be set for dream town. What takes 30 minutes? You can take a shower, wash your face or do a face mask, clean your teeth, prepare your lunch for the next day, or read your favorite book. You’ll be in bed before you know it with everything ready for the next day, no worries necessary.

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8. Warm Bath to Make it Last

Nothing like washing off your daily dirt and having soothing water blanket you in warmth. Go from your warm bath to your cool room right before you drift off to sleep. Shower like a queen, sleep like a dream. I mean, who likes taking freezing cold showers that will keep you wide awake?

9. Stretch it Out

Another thing you could add to your bedtime routine is a little yoga session. Take a 5 minute timeout to focus on you and your body. No more random charley horses in the middle of the night. Lay on your bed and bring your knees to your chest or circle your arms. Use these stretches in combination with your breathing exercises to create the most relaxed night of your life.

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10. Super Snacks for Super Sleep

So we all know you shouldn’t have caffeine, alcohol, or heavy meals around bedtime. But did you know that their are some snacks that help your body fall asleep? Check this out. Milk has tryptophan, which is related to serotonin. Serotonin is a natural mood stabilizer that helps with sleeping, eating, and digesting. Another super food is the banana. This fruit is sleep inducing thanks to its carbs. Score! One more push to a quicker all night nap is tea! Just make sure you’re drinking tea that does not contain caffeine, you’ll be drowsy in no time.

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Happy dreaming!


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