Y2K design trends are taking over the world once again. While some should definitely be left in the past (we’re looking at you, Tuscan kitchens), some trends are just too good to let go.


Lava Lamps

70 years lamp with lava and colored bubbles

I think home decor peaked when they created the lava lamp. Nothing is more mesmerizing than watching multicolored blobs float inside a cone-shaped thing.

It sounds like I’m joking, but I’m not. I’m dead serious. If you’re looking to incorporate Y2K design into your home, this should be your first purchase.

Though first invented in the 60s, they returned with a vengeance in the 2000s. They’re inefficient lamps, but let’s be honest — that’s not what you buy them for.

Beaded Curtains

Crystal beaded curtain

Much like the lava lamp, beaded curtains were a 60s staple that wormed their way into the 21st century. And I’m not mad about it.

For a distinctly Y2K look, opt for brightly-colored curtains. Pink is usually the way to go, though purple and blue can also work (so long as they match).

Honestly, beaded curtains are perfect for any home, Y2K-themed or not. Not everyone agrees with me on this one, but that’s okay. We all know the truth.

Tech Accessories

flip phone with charms
Credit: Reddit

If there’s one thing we lost in the smartphone era (besides our attention spans), it’s accessories. Remember those little charms you could put on your flip phone?

You could get a glittery phone case nowadays, but it’s not the same. You’ll need to get your hands on some Y2K tech.

No, you don’t need to swap your iPhone 15 out for a Motorola Razr (unless you want to). HitClips players, Tamagotchis, and iPods are all great options.

Monogrammed Items

monogrammed coach bag
Credit: Reddit

Want to feel like a Y2K chick flick diva? Monogram everything you have — especially if it’s pink. Pink monogrammed sunglasses or purses are particularly effective.

If you’re monogramming your pink items, then use gold letters. Pink and gold go together so well, and are bound to bring out your inner Regina George.

There are plenty of websites and stores you can get your stuff monogrammed at. I suggest visiting Etsy to explore what different sellers offer.

Holographic Material

holographic disk stickers
Credit: Reddit

Holography was huge in the early 2000s. All it takes is one look at any holographic Y2K design to understand why. They’re super cool.

Hologram kits were pretty big, too. They came with their own lasers, allowing you to make your own holograms at home. Luckily, they’re still around.

Really, it’s a shame that this ever went out of style. It’s still in style in my heart, though. Anyways, I know what I’ll be buying this weekend.

Shabby Chic

pink shabby chic bedroom
Credit: @tudorrosecottage/Instagram

Shabby chic is very hit or miss. It seems like it’s either your absolute favorite interior design style, or you completely despise it.

Well, I’m with the former group. I love the organized chaos that shabby chic maintains. Plus, it gives you so many opportunities to upcycle antique furniture.

With the rise of cottagecore aesthetics, though, it seems like shabby chic has already returned. Can we get more where that came from?

Track Lights

Spotlights under the ceiling on the wall decoration in cafe

This is in a totally different vein than shabby chic. Track lights are more in line with industrial chic decor, and other Y2K design trends like it.

Of course, not all track lights are made equally. Those wavy ones with the multicolored lights might be closer to what you’ll want.

Personally, those are my favorite, though they all have their own appeal. Anything is better than those flush-mount dome lights you see everywhere nowadays.

CD Displays

prince cd display
Credit: Reddit

Honestly, we should just bring back CDs in general. Spotify is convenient, of course, but you can’t exactly make a cool display of your favorite albums with it.

Vinyl has already come back, so it’s really a matter of time before CDs make their triumphant return. And they’re not nearly as delicate as vinyl is.

I’m not the only one who thinks so. Apparently, the sale of CDs increased in 2021, marking the biggest year-to-year sales increase since 2004 (per StereoLife).


Bedazzled sneakers

It’s time to bust out the old Bedazzler. Bedazzling is making a comeback, and if all of your stuff isn’t covered in rhinestones, you’re doing something wrong.

This is one of those Y2K design trends that I hope never fades. Some people might think it’s tacky, but whatever. They don’t get it.

Who doesn’t want to make things sparkle? To bring joy to even the most mundane objects? Bedazzling is magical. I won’t change my mind.

Faux Fur

Elegant Sofa in San Francisco City Apartment.

From jackets to pillows, faux fur needs to make a return (bonus points if it’s baby pink!). It’ll add some texture to otherwise plain looks.

Faux fur jackets are already coming back in style, so it’s only a matter of time before the trend reaches home decor. That time can’t come soon enough.

If jackets or pillow don’t strike your fancy, faux fur blankets are super warm, too. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this fabric.

Industrial Chic

digitally rendered industrial style apartment

Y2K design trends were varied. It wasn’t all pink, all the time (which can be a disappointment, I know). Industrial chic, for example, was on the rise.

Technically, it didn’t become popular until the late 2000s, but it still fits. You know the Humphreys’ Brooklyn loft in Gossip Girl? It’s that.

If you’re about to tell me that that loft doesn’t fill you with envy, you’re lying. Exposed brick, metal furnishings, open space — it’s cool, okay?

Bean Bag Chairs

Full length shot of a handsome young businessman sitting on a beanbag alone in his office and using his laptop

Name a better chair than the bean bag. I’ll wait. You can’t, can you? If you think you can…well, I’m sorry to say it, but you’re wrong.

Bean bag chairs are the epitome of comfort (and cuteness). Since they mold to your body, they’re as ergonomic as they are fun.

Of course, you’ll want to do some research before buying one. Still, it’s a pity that these ever went out of style.

Zebra Print

white couch with zebra print rug and pillows

Nothing says “maximalist decor” like zebra print. I know that cow print had a moment recently, but zebra print is really where it’s at.

Now, I don’t know if your whole house should be decorated with zebra print. You can if you want, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

However, a nice zebra print rug can really tie your room together. It’s the bold pattern of bold patterns. Ditch minimalism. Embrace zebra.

Everything Lisa Frank

lisa frank backpacks on a manikin
Credit: Reddit

When I say “everything Lisa Frank,” I mean everything. Lunch boxes, backpacks, rugs, you name it. If you can make it Lisa Frank-themed, you should do so.

Anyone who loves colors loves Lisa Frank’s bright, iconic designs. There’s a reason they’ve managed to maintain their popularity since their 1980s debut.

Really, it all comes down to the unicorns and rainbows of it all. Now, more than ever, we need them. And Lisa Frank always delivers.


a closed y2k inspired restaurant in DC, called yazuzu
Credit: Reddit

This isn’t your mother’s retrofuturism. When most people think of “retrofuturistic designs,” their mind goes to the Jetsons. But Y2K design trends were their own beast.

Retrofuturism, for those who don’t know, refers to a past time’s vision of the future. As we headed into the 21st century, retrofuturist designs were blowing up.

It involved less sharp angles, opting for rounded, blob-like furniture and designs. Stay away from Y2K CGI, though. It hasn’t been long enough for it to look cool.

Stencil Designs

Adult Caucasian Female Expertise Cutting a Wall Stencil Design in her Studio Workshop

Stencil designs open up a whole world of possibilities. If you want to go ultra-Y2K, you could stencil some designs from the era.

Honestly, I just think that stenciling in general should make a comeback. It’s so fun to do, and not that difficult (depending on your skill level).

They’re still easy to purchase, too. Just go to your local crafts store and pick out the ones you like. Go crazy on your walls.

Flashy Wallpaper

Bedroom interior. 3d illustration

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of greige. I don’t want neutral-toned walls. I want a flashy Y2K wallpaper, and I want it now!

What’s great about wallpaper is its versatility. You don’t necessarily have to own your property to install it. Invest in some temporary wallpaper instead.

Flashy designs, zebra print, Hello Kitty — all of it would be an upgrade to modern design trends. You only live once. Why do it with boring walls?


a collage of images showcasing the chromecore aesthetic
Credit: Reddit

Fans of retrofuturism (including yours truly) will love this Y2K design trend. Chrome was everywhere — in clothing, home decor, accessories, you name it.

Also known as “chromecore,” cellphones and Game Boys alike got the metallic upgrade. Now, I don’t think everything should be chrome. There’s a time and place.

There’s a distinct lack of it in the 2020s that needs to be addressed, though. If I’m going to be addicted to my phone, it should look cooler.

Canopied Beds

canopies in a store called dry ice
Credit: Reddit

One thing about me: I am a huge proponent of canopies. I think they instantly elevate a room and make everything more glamorous.

Canopies haven’t totally disappeared, but they’re not as ubiquitous as they once were, which is a shame. Everyone should be allotted one canopy.

If I’m going to be losing sleep over climate change, I want to do it in a nice bed, with a canopy. Preferably pink, though I’m not picky.

Pink, Pink, and More Pink

pink y2k inspired room
Credit: Reddit

With 2023’s Barbie and the Paris Hilton renaissance, pink is once again beloved by the masses. I think we could, and should, push it further.

After all, it’s not like there’s only one shade of pink out there. Hot pink, pastel pink, the famed “millennial pink” — we should use them all.

Life is too short to leave your walls painted white and decorate with a couple of framed photos. Pink can inject some liveliness into your daily routine. Let it.