Ever wonder which celebrity home aligns with your astrological sign? Let’s dive into the stars (and stars’ homes) and find out your celebrity home style!


Aries – Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Miami Mansion

Sophie Turner's home
@housesofcelebs on Instagram

Aries, get ready to be inspired by Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s mansion in Miami! You’re known for your fiery, adventurous, but classic spirit, and this home has that energy.

The mansion features striking design elements like plush purple seating, coral-rock walls, and wooden beam ceilings. How can you bring this bold vibe into your own home?

Opt for daring colors, unique textures, and statement furniture. Incorporate eclectic decor pieces and mix modern with vintage to keep things interesting and adventurous.

Aries – Robert Downey Jr.’s Windmill Home

Robert Downy Jr.'s windmill home
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Lady Gaga’s luxury vibes not quite cutting it? Maybe you’ll find inspiration in Robert Downey Jr.’s quirky windmill home in the Hamptons. It’s adventurous and bold, just like you.

His home features vibrant interiors, whimsical touches, and an open, airy layout that sparks creativity. Bring this vibe into your space with colorful accents and eclectic furnishings.

It’s all about creating a fearless mix of patterns. Robert’s home is a playful, energetic retreat that perfectly captures your daring and dynamic Aries essence.

Taurus – Adele’s Beverly Hills Retreat

Adele's home
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For Taurus, Adele’s serene retreat in Beverly Hills is a spot-on style match. You’re known for your love of comfort and luxury, and Adele’s home is all about it.

With lush greenery, cozy spaces, and elegant touches, her retreat puts the emphasis on relaxation and indulgence. How can you bring this vibe into your own space?

Think earthy tones, soft textures, and a mix of vintage and modern pieces. Create a sanctuary that feels both opulent and inviting, just like Adele’s.

Taurus – Brad Pitt’s Los Feliz Pad

Brad Pitt's home
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Taurus, Brad Pitt’s sleek mid-century modern home in Los Feliz speaks to your love for both comfort and elegance. This space is all about clean lines and cozy yet sophisticated furnishings.

The home features striking cobalt blue carpeting and matching custom cabinetry, adding a cohesive and calming vibe. How can you bring this feel into your space?

Focus on integrating rich, earthy tones with bold accent colors. Incorporate mid-century furniture, plush textiles, and plenty of natural light. It’s all about balance.

Gemini – Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills Home

Kendall Jenner's home
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Hey there, Gemini! You’ll be captivated by Kylie Jenner’s dynamic Hidden Hills home. Geminis are known for their versatility and love for socializing. Sound about right?

Kylie’s place perfectly matches this dual nature, with multiple entertaining spaces, vibrant décor, and stylish, ever-changing elements that keep things interesting.

How can you achieve this vibe? Incorporate bold statement pieces, create versatile areas for hosting friends, and don’t shy away from mixing different styles.

Gemini – Emma Stone’s LA Bungalow

Emma Stone's home
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Emma Stone’s charming Beverly Hills home will also capture your Gemini heart. It perfectly matches your Gemini curiosity and friendly nature.

Emma Stone’s home has a mix of modern and vintage elements, open entertaining areas, and a lively, colorful palette. To create this vibe, blend different styles.

Use vibrant decor, and design spaces for gatherings. Emma’s home is a dynamic, cheerful environment, mirroring your curious and sociable Gemini spirit.

Cancer – Selena Gomez’s Studio City Sanctuary

Selena Gomez's home
@selenagomez on Instagram

As a Cancer, you’ll find your perfect match in Selena Gomez’s cozy Studio City sanctuary. Cancers are all about comfort and creating a nurturing home.

And Selena’s gorgeous space embodies this beautifully. Her home showcases soft, neutral tones, plush furnishings, and personal touches that make it feel like a good friend’s house.

How can you create this comforting vibe? Focus on cozy textures, family photos, and spaces that promote relaxation. Think soft lighting, comfy throws, and a touch of nostalgia.

Cancer – John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Beverly Hills Home

AD issue with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's house
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Another perfect style fit for you, Cancers, is John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s cozy Beverly Hills home. You’re famous for your nurturing nature and love of family.

Those qualities make this warm, inviting space ideal for you. The home features comfortable furnishings, personal touches, and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for family time.

To get this vibe, use soft textures, family photos, and calming colors. Their home is a haven of love and comfort, reflecting your caring and home-loving Cancer personality.

Leo – Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Bel Air Estate

Jay Z and Beyonce's home
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Leos are known for their boldness and love for the spotlight, and that makes this lavish home a perfect match. Beyoncé and Jay-Z truly spared no expense.

Their estate combines sprawling spaces, dramatic views, and opulent details for a vibe that screams luxury and sophistication. How can you bring this energy into your space?

You don’t have to be a billionaire or a multi-platinum artist. Just go for statement pieces, rich colors, and a bit of glamour. Think luxurious textures and statement artwork.

Leo – Jennifer Lopez’s Bel Air Mansion

Jennifer Lopez Bel Air home
@mega_mansions on Instagram

Stepping right next door, Jennifer Lopez’s glamorous Bel Air mansion is another dream home for Leos. You love luxury and attention, and this space matches that bold personality.

The mansion boasts grand rooms, rich decor, and stunning details that exude confidence and style. To achieve this vibe, incorporate statement pieces in your home.

Choose luxurious fabrics and dramatic design elements. J. Lo’s home is all about making a big impression, just like your radiant and charismatic Leo spirit.

Virgo – Lizzo’s Beverly Hills Treehouse-Style Home

Lizzo's home
@housesofcelebs on Instagram

Hey Virgo, we think you’ll find a kindred spirit in Lizzo’s modernist Beverly Hills home. Your love for clean lines, functionality, and understated elegance is perfectly captured here.

The home features natural materials, minimalist design, and a serene color palette. To bring this vibe into your space, focus on light woods and plenty of natural light.

Opt for sleek, functional furniture and simple yet sophisticated decor. It’s all about creating a calm, organized sanctuary where every detail is thoughtfully considered.

Virgo – Sandra Bullock’s West Hollywood Condo

Sandra Bullock's home
@housesofcelebs on Instagram

Virgo, Sandra Bullock’s sleek West Hollywood condo is your kind of space. Your love for clean lines, simplicity, and functionality is beautifully reflected in this stylish, high-rise abode.

The condo features floor-to-ceiling windows, minimalist decor, and a neutral color palette, offering a sense of calm and order. To bring this vibe into your home, focus on maximizing natural light.

Use a muted color scheme, and incorporate modern, streamlined furniture. Add touches of greenery and simple, elegant decor pieces to keep things serene and sophisticated.

Libra – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Montecito Haven

Gwyneth Paltrow's home
@vogueliving on Instagram

Libra, how would you like to live in Gwyneth Paltrow’s chic Montecito home? Libras love balance, beauty, and harmony, and Gwyneth’s home has those traits in spades.

Her space is a true masterclass in elegant design, showcasing a soft color palette, tasteful decor, and an effortless flow between rooms. To get this vibe, aim for symmetry.

Incorporate soft hues and refined furnishings. Gwyneth’s Montecito haven is all about creating a balanced and beautiful space, just like your charming Libra spirit.

Libra – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ NYC Home

Blake Lively in NYC home
@blakelively on Instagram

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ charming NYC home is another ideal match for you, Libra. This balanced, stylish space fits your aesthetic and love of beauty.

Their home features elegant design, cozy spaces, and a perfect blend of classic and modern elements. To achieve this vibe, use a soft color palette and balanced decor.

Blake and Ryan’s home is a harmonious retreat, reflecting your charming and graceful Libra personality. How will you use this stunning home as inspiration for your decor?

Scorpio – Drake’s Toronto Mansion

Drake's mansion
@archdigest on Instagram

Attention Scorpios! Drake’s luxurious Toronto mansion is your perfect style match. Scorpios are known for their intensity and love for privacy, and Drake’s home captures this perfectly.

His mansion features dramatic design elements, rich colors, and secluded spaces that offer both luxury and intimacy. How can you bring this vibe into your home?

Focus on creating a sense of mystery and depth. Use dark, bold colors, plush textures, and unique decor. Perfect for your passionate and secretive Scorpio nature.

Scorpio – Kendall Jenner’s Hidden Hills Home

Kendall Jenner's home
@archdigest on Instagram

Another perfect design match for Scorpios? Kendall Jenner’s chic Hidden Hills home is your match. You’re known for your intensity and love of privacy, and this fits the bill.

Kendall’s home features dark, rich tones and sleek design. Use deep, moody colors like navy and charcoal, and luxurious textures like velvet and leather.

Add unique, personal touches with statement art pieces and dramatic lighting. Kendall’s home is a sophisticated sanctuary, capturing your passionate and mysterious Scorpio essence.

Sagittarius – Chris Hemsworth’s Byron Bay Retreat

Chris Hemsworth with family at home
@chrishemsworth on Instagram

Sagittarius, you’re famous for your adventurous spirit and love for freedom. That’s why we think Chris Hemsworth’s expansive, nature-inspired home is a perfect fit!

Chris’s retreat has plenty of open space, lots of natural light, and seamless indoor-outdoor living. It truly captures that essence of exploration and relaxation you love.

Think open-plan rooms, earthy tones, and a connection to the outdoors. Chris’s home is all about adventure and tranquility, just like your wanderlust-driven Sagittarius soul.

Sagittarius – Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream Trailer

Matthew McConaughey with Airstream trailer
@officiallymcconaughey on Instagram

Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream trailer is Sagittarius’s dream getaway. With your adventurous spirit and love of travel, this tiny home indulges your wanderlust.

The trailer features a cozy, rustic feel. Use versatile furniture like fold-out tables and convertible sofas. Incorporate travel-inspired decor like maps, globes, and souvenirs from your adventures.

McConaughey’s Airstream is a symbol of freedom and exploration, which is a perfect style match for your free-spirited and adventurous Sagittarius nature.

Capricorn – Mila Kunis’s Rustic Modern LA Home

Mila Kunis's home
@housesofcelebs on Instagram

Mila’s space perfectly captures your taste for understated luxury and practicality. The home features dark wood beams, sleek lines, and a cozy yet stylish ambiance.

Incorporate this vibe into your own home by using natural materials like wood and stone, and sticking to a neutral color palette with deep, rich accents.

Opt for minimalist decor and functional pieces that blend comfort and elegance. Mila’s home is a tranquil retreat that mirrors your ambitious and grounded Capricorn nature.

Capricorn – Jessica Chastain’s Manhattan Apartment

Jessica Chastain's home
@housesofcelebs on Instagram

Capricorn, Jessica Chastain’s elegant Manhattan apartment is a perfect fit for your sophisticated and ambitious nature. You’re known for your love of classic style and practicality.

This historic and refined space matches your personality beautifully. The apartment features period details like a grand chandelier, a stately fireplace, and luxurious fabrics.

To bring this vibe into your home, incorporate rich texture, and use a neutral color palette with deep accents. Add timeless pieces like antique mirrors and furniture.

Aquarius – Yoko Ono’s NYC Home

Yoko Ono and John Lennon's home
@housesofcelebs on Instagram

Aquarius, Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s iconic NYC home is your perfect match. This artistic and historically rich residence aligns with your visionary personality.

The home features eclectic decor, vibrant artwork, and a blend of modern and vintage elements. To bring this vibe into your space, mix bold, abstract art with vintage furniture pieces.

Use an eclectic color palette and add unique touches like sculptural decor or quirky lighting fixtures if you want to replicate this vibe in your own home.

Aquarius – Anya Taylor-Joy’s Hollywood Hills Home

Anya Taylor-Joy's home
@housesofcelebs on Instagram

Aquarius, Anya Taylor-Joy’s eclectic Hollywood Hills house is your perfect match. Your love for unique, unconventional spaces shines through in this charming home.

The house features rich wood interiors, vintage decor, and a cozy yet artistic vibe. To bring this look into your home, mix natural materials with quirky, personalized decor.

Add statement pieces, bold artwork, and a variety of textures to create an inviting yet distinctive space. It’s all about embracing the unexpected and making it uniquely yours.

Pisces – Rihanna’s Beverly Hills Oasis

Rihanna's home dining room
@envymaison on Instagram

Hey Pisces! Rihanna’s serene Beverly Hills oasis is your dream retreat. Pisces are known for their dreamy, intuitive nature and love for tranquil, beautiful environments.

Rihanna’s oasis features calming water elements, lush greenery, and soft, soothing colors that create a peaceful escape. How to bring this vibe into your space?

Focus on incorporating natural elements, gentle hues, and cozy corners. Think water features, indoor plants, and plush furnishings. Rihanna’s home is a haven of relaxation.

Pisces – Drew Barrymore’s Hamptons Home

Drew Barrymore's Hamptons home
@spotlightxmagazine on Instagram

Pisces, Drew Barrymore’s whimsical Hamptons home is another style match for you. With your dreamy, artistic nature, this charming, magical home fits your creative personality.

The home features eclectic decor and a garden-like atmosphere. Use floral patterns, vintage furniture, and pastel hues. Incorporate whimsical touches like fairy lights.

Add in some graceful floral arrangements, and maybe create a cozy reading nook. Drew’s home is a haven of imagination, perfectly capturing your compassionate and dreamy Pisces vibes.