Home design isn’t what it used to be—and that’s great. Gone are the days when you had to purchase one of three mattresses at the big box store (see ya later Sleepy’s!) or have a hideous water filter. Tech disrupters are trying to make everything in your abode as curated and considered as your iPhone. We’ve rounded up the new class of startups that want to make your home stylish.



The sheer number of startup mattress providers could have you tossing a turning. Casper are the heavy-hitters. Since 2014, their signature mattress has gone through 30 engineering tweaks and been the bed of choice for nearly half a million customers. Delivered rolled up in an adorably designed box, each mattress is backed by a ten-year warranty. If any of their products (now they offer a full suite of bed-related needs from pillows and sheets to dog beds) aren’t as you dreamed them, they’ll offer you a full refund (including a free return) for up to 100 nights.


Imagine taking an image of your living room and instantaneously getting a new living room. That’s the idea with Hutch. Snap a shot of the room you want to redesign, provide your budget and choose the aesthetic you desire, and you’ll receive a free, shoppable design plan within 24 hours. Shop the image, swap out similar products, and click to buy the ones you like through their ordering system. Don’t like your first look? Additional options are just $4.99.


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Keys are so passe. Unlock a door with an iOS or Android smartphone, keycard, or door code with Latch. The futuristic and clever system doesn’t just work for your prone-to-losing-the-keys kids, you can also grant permanent or time-limited, temporary access for deliveries, dog walkers, or houseguests. A system logs every entry so you can see who was home and for how long (I see you very late babysitter!).


Did you think your water filter could ever be beautiful? Us either, but enter Soma. The design is refreshingly simple (white plus a washed wood handle) and crafted partially from recycled materials. You’ll actually want to leave it out on the table. But the real innovation isn’t the aesthetics—there’s the easy-to-fill top (water pushes it down, so no pesky lid), sustainable charcoal filters, and the simple subscription service, so you never forget to replace the filter. Plus proceeds of every filter purchased benefit clean water charities.


Your cool woodworking fantasy husband definitely shops at Floyd. Floyd offers a host of form-bent, rolled steel legs that can either be affixed to their paneled, platform birch bed or attached to any manner of tabletop. Made in the Midwest, these Mid-Century meets industrial cool components are meant to be easy to assemble (no tools) or reassemble (for stylish nomads) and fully customizable.


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The clever tagline (interior design, redesigned) delivers. Sign up, get matched with a nearby designer, get a complimentary consultation. If your blind date for building works, you’ll get a customized project scope (including numbers of design hours to purchase) and a dedicated team that does the work for you—a designer plus a customer service team that orders products and handles the hassle of returns. In a crowded marketplace of design startups, Homepolish leads the pack—possibly because their dreamy and lived-in-yet-minimal aesthetic has netted them over 1.6 million Instagram followers.


Craigslist for the chic. Browse vintage, showroom samples, and gently used finds that have been prescreened by the particular. Chairish orchestrates transfer and shipping (or you can pick it up yourself if you prefer). Browse through clear images (no blurry bedroom shots!) and sort like you’re shopping first-hand, with filters for price, location, color, and style.

Interior Define:

Mostly online and majorly customizable, meet Interior Define. By cutting out the middleman, this Chicago based sofa sellers offer a dizzying range of sofas with tons of tweakable options—from fabric to dimensions to configuration. Each piece is made-to-order, but don’t fret about commitment. You can request free swatches or take advantage of their generous 365-day return policy. Their designs are as sleek and sophisticated as the big names in seating.


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Eat, pray, sleep. If your quest to enlightenment begins with Italian linens, bliss is no longer out of reach. Parachute aims to offer European quality linens at American-friendly prices. Designed in Venice Beach and manufactured by expert artisans, we’re talking 100% long-staple cotton, fine flax, and 100% Turkish cotton towels all in chic colors and with ethically advantageous side effects (returned items are donated to Habitat for Humanity and the purchase of certain sets donates life-saving malaria-preventing bed nets to those in need).


With toothbrushes it’s either gratis and garish options from your last dentist visit or terrifyingly large and spacey Sonicares. Quip looks like Apple’s take on oral hygiene. The slim electric toothbrush runs for an ortho-approved two minutes, vibrating every 30 seconds to remind you to move your brush around. A subscription service means you’ll remember to change the brush head before it gets gnarly. Plus it’s actually sleek enough to fit in a regular toothbrush holder or your carry-on.


An erector set of a sofa, Burrow hails from the pop-up and expand later school of design. An award-winning, luxury furniture designer (and his business-savvy partner) created a customizable frame that lets you snap in expansions, without looking like a flimsy futon. Modern, environmentally-friendly materials and a cozy, contemporary silhouette make it an ideal IKEA alternative.


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