Kylie and Stormi Twinning On Vacation Is The Cutest Thing We’ve Seen All Summer

August 13, 2019

Like mother, like daughter. Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi Webster recently twinned out in matching ruched dresses by TLZ L’FEMME while on a luxurious vacation in Italy. Both baby and mom looked like absolute royalty in their jewel-toned outfits, which they wore while casually taking in the Italian coastline aboard a $250 million, 300-foot-long yacht. Oh right, Kylie and Stormi probably looked like royalty because they pretty much are American royalty. Duh.

“Amore mio,” Jenner captioned her first pic with Stormi, posted on August 12, 2019. The pair even wore similar gold accessories and updos, because when this duo decides to match, they match all the way.

In a second photo Jenner posted, today, August 13, 2019, we can see that she and Stormi even wore similar white socks and white sneakers with their dresses. The only difference is that Stormi is wearing Nike Air Force 1s and Jenner is wearing white Chanel, which are currently sold out everywhere.

“Sweetest love I’ve ever known 💙” Jenner captioned her second pic. Too. Cute.

Jenner is currently serving looks while on her birthday vacation, which officially kicked off on her actual birthday, August 10th. She and Stormi are celebrating alongside boyfriend/dad Travis Scott, friend Sofia Richie, and mom/Lovey Kris Jenner.

Sorry. We can’t and we won’t get over these incredible mother-daughter shots any time soon.

In fact, we’ve all been bombarded by the cuteness. And we certainly don’t hate it.

Of course, anyone who follows Jenner on the regular knows that she loves a good matching-outfit moment with Storm-Storm.

Here they are in two incredible tie-dye numbers:

And, yes. You better believe they even wore matching gloves (though, Stormi’s was more of an extended arm band, to be fair).

The two have matching neon green bathing suits, too. V cute. V #squad.

For Christmas, Kylie and Stormi wore similar beige sequined outfits. It looks like Stormi has a thing for her Air Force 1s.

And when you’re also travel buddies, you better believe matching sweatsuits and beanies are a must. That smushed face kills us.

And who can forget Kylie and Stormi in their butterfly Halloween costumes? Iconic.

This was just insane, TBH. It was this photo that showed us we were really in for it.

It actually looks like mother-daughter matching runs in the Kardashian-Jenner family. We stan!

As if all this Stormi cuteness isn’t overload, Jenner also uploaded a video of Stormi singing happy birthday to her mom.

Be prepared to melt:

Kylie, what are you trying to do to us? Cut it out!

We can’t wait for more Stormi on vacation content to hit Jenner’s feed. Actually, Stormi content in general is much appreciated.

Is there an application where we can sign up to join this family? Or even just to babysit? Thanks.

Jenner and Stormi twinning is officially the cutest thing we’ve seen all summer.

Yet somehow, we have a feeling these two will outdo their own cuteness with another matching outfit in a few days. Until then, we will just have to anxiously await the next twinning episode.