Kourtney Kardashian Clapped Back When A Troll Called Her Out For Never Working

August 19, 2019

Thanks to their extreme fame, the members of the Kardashian family are dragged through the mud on a daily basis. “They have no talent.” “They’re only famous for being famous.” “Do they even work?” They’re easy targets for ridicule and they know it. So, when Kourtney Kardashian was recently called out for not working hard enough, she decided to say something rather than take the diss lying down.

On August 18, 2019, Kourtney posted a series of photos to Instagram from her recent vacation in Idaho, during which she and her kids soaked in the scenery and played a couple rounds of golf. And being that she was on vacation, Kourtney definitely was not working.

And one Instagram user just had to call attention to Kourtney’s relaxation. “Kourtney, this is why ppl say u don’t work, girl,” they commented.

And, sure. Judging by Kourtney’s entire Instagram feed, it looks like she’s on vacation 24/7. She was just recently hanging out in Italy, and before that, she was pictured on a beach in Costa Rica. Social media tells us that Kourtney takes it easy all day, every day.

But we also know that social media lies. And of course we’re not going to see a pic of Kourtney Kardashian working because that’s not great content. Duh!

Kourtney had a few words for the troll:

“We all have our priorities,” Kourtney replied. “So I’ll be making memories with my kids and amazing people while living my life to the absolute fullest ✨ Travel diary coming soon on @Poosh 😹 .”

Boom. Mic dropped.

And this certainly isn’t the first time Kourtney has had to stick up for herself against haters who say she doesn’t work. In 2018, she commented this zinger to a fan who wrote, “but sis you never work lmao,” on a vacation pic.

“How come it’s acceptable for non-celebrities to be stay at home moms but kourtney gets shit for it?” @emkay11 wrote in the comments section of the most recent @CommentsByCelebs post. “She’s doing what all of us would probably do if we had the money…if I was rich as hell I’d spend all the time I could on vacation enjoying my family, donating to charity, everything. It’s not something you can get mad at someone for, living their dream. She’s not hurting anyone.”

Let the girl live. Sheesh!

And although it looks like Kourtney is all play and no work, that’s really not the case at all.

As she told Glamour earlier this month, Kourtney has been advocating for Congress to pass the Personal Care Products Safety Act, a bipartisan bill that would require cosmetic companies to disclose their ingredients to the FDA, register facilities where their products are made, and permit the FDA to insist on warning labels where necessary.

Kourtney first began this fight in April 2018 when she made her first appearance at a Capitol Hill briefing on the matter.

“I’ve always been conscious of what’s in my beauty products, but once I had kids, I started caring more about the products they were using,” Kardashian told the publication. “I didn’t think my voice would have mattered, and then I had lunch with the [Environmental Working Group], and they gave me so much information.”

“Once I knew my voice could help make a difference, I was extremely excited to jump on board with them,” she said. And she’s still fighting a year after her initial appearance on Capitol Hill. The bill has yet to be passed.

But once it is passed, Kourtney already knows what her next fight will be. “I’m really, really passionate about schools and what they’re feeding kids,” she told Glamour.

In July, Kourtney wrote a blog post on her website Poosh about the quality of her kids’ school lunches. “When it comes to my kids’ schools, seeing what kind of meals and snacks are provided can be unsettling…processed foods, less than fresh, inorganic produce, etc.”

“But as moms, it’s in our power to raise some awareness and rally for healthier options.”

She wrote that she has approached her kids’ school principal about what can be done to better the food in the cafeteria, and encourages other parents to do the same. She also hopes schools will become more environmentally friendly by cutting down on single-use plastic and perhaps starting community gardens.

So, yeah. To those of you who think Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t work…think again.

And TBH, living life by the confines of a reality show is absolutely a job. And it’s a job a lot of us wouldn’t want in a million years.

Perhaps it’s best for all of us to mind our own business. Agreed?