Kim Kardashian Is Starting A Perfect New Hair Trend For This Summer

July 02, 2019

Kim Kardashian, who has bestowed upon us the holy power of clear, thigh-high boots and neon green hair (to match her Lamborghini, as one does), has given us yet another gift. This time, it’s a not-so-shocking hair-do, and one that we really love.

Recently, Kim’s hairstylist and colorist, Chris Appleton, revealed a photo of Kim complete with luminous, frosted brown hair. In the post, she’s got her hair half-up, in a sort of Posh Spice type of ‘do. It’s as shiny as a millionaire’s hair ought to be, and it’s straight as a pin, except for the ends, which curl up just the tiniest bit. Chris describes it as a “light frosted brown for summer” — and he’s not wrong. It’s simple, but it’s vibrant. And we’re loving the ’90s vibe it’s giving us!

In another post, we can see that Chris has a penchant for shiny hair, as he writes, “Shiny hair is my fav what’s yours?”


We’re loving Kim Kardashian with short hair, though.

We’re used to seeing her with long — like, super, super long — black hair, so this “Christy Turlington”-inspired ‘90s bob is a gorgeous surprise.

We’re not sure if this new look is the product of a perfectly applied wig or an audacious new cut and color, but one thing is for certain:

It’s relatively tame as far as the Kardashian-Jenner clan goes. Take, for example, this pic of Kylie’s gloriously pink hair:


Yet another one of Chris Appleton’s creations, this wet-and-wavy 2019 Met Gala look Kim Kardashian rocked was just as breathtaking.

We approve.


Of course, he also happens to be responsible for these oh-so-glorious Marcel waves, which are long, dark, and glossy.

We’re starting to notice a very Chris Appleton-style here.

And then there’s this glorious monstrosity.

Is that, like, 70 inches of hair? We think yes, and we absolutely stand behind it.


And how could we not throw some love for this sea-foam green look? We’re all about that mermaid look.


What do you think of Kim’s red ‘do?

We’re digging the whole superhero effect here, but red doesn’t really seem to be in Kim’s wheelhouse if we’re being totally honest.


Blonde, however, she does seem to go for. I mean, she rocked this wild blonde look effortlessly…

She’s been looking just like her sister Khloe as of late. Despite being natural brunettes, they all seem to really tap into the blonde attitude pretty easily.

Now, Chris must really like the pink thing, since he’s done it for Katy Perry, too.

Of course, Katy is capable of rocking pretty much any cut, color, or look under the sun (lucky her). Over the years, Katy has experimented with all sorts of funky looks.

And then there’s this 65-inch honey gold wig he crowned J-Lo with. We love the boldness and power in every one of these wigs.

But we really think this triple-bun-cake look takes the…cake. What do you think?

Whatever the hairdo, we appreciate Kim’s dedication to glamour.

And yes, we admit it, we’re booking an appointment with our hairstylists right now. The real question is where can we find any of these wigs for a fraction of the price?