26 Kardashian Photoshop Fails That Will Make You LOL  

April 19, 2019

Look, everyone uses Photoshop or Facetune from time to time, and the Kardashian family especially loves photo-editing software. Indeed, it’s perfectly normal to tweak the exposure in a photo or use amazing filters. However, it’s easy to go overboard with the editing tools. And these epic Kardashian Photoshop fails prove that overediting can make images look worse, not better. In fact, if you go overboard all the time, you may risk becoming a social media laughing stock. Moreover, programs like Photoshop and Facetune present some unique 21st-century challenges.

Some people depend on the sense of validation and instant gratification they receive when others like their pictures on social media.

But those images often present highly altered versions of the subjects. Major magazines and celebs use Photoshop too, but their photos can also be misleading. Some people just can’t distinguish between reality and modified reality.

We all want love, validation, and positive affirmations on Instagram — but maybe Photoshopped images won’t truly give us the results we want. That said, the Kardashian-Jenner clan seems to need social media notoriety, and they use makeup, fashion, and Photoshop to secure their fame. We’re pointing out some of these weird Kardashian Photoshop fails to prove a point. You’re already good enough without erasing a limb or giving yourself a new face.

Plus, some of these photo faux pas are just plain funny.

Here are the top times the Kardashians and Jenners went a little too far with the digital tools.

1. Kourtney went a little overboard with the knee edits.

Kourt’s knee is super far away from where it should be. In fact, the whole leg just seems to float. And this is a promo post for Kourtney’s new brand, POOSH, an allegedly body-positive company.

2. Kylie’s edited bum overly-stretched her jeans.

Belt loops aren’t that long, so this pic was probably stretched to lengthen Kylie’s waist.

3. Kris sliced into her arm.

We wish women didn’t feel the need to erase parts of their bodies — but it happens all too often. See how the edges of the arm are all jagged? That’s just bad photoshopping, Kris!

4. Kendall made a few things look curvy.

This  Kendall Jenner picture went totally viral, but the background is totally distorted. The molding on the walls, for example, stretch up and away. The obviously edited background suggests the image in the foreground (Kendall) received some photo-editing too.

5. Kim and Blac Chyna’s proportions seem off.

We’re all for selfies with friends, but the door and tiles in this picture’s background seem modified. We think the picture was Photoshopped to enhance Kim’s chest.

6. Kim and Blac Chyna made another mistake.

This time, the door in the picture actually goes the OTHER way. Genius.

7. Gigi and Kendall’s legs look super wonky.

Their knees just don’t look right. In fact, do they even have knees at all?

8. Khloé has too many fingers.

The fans just don’t know how many fingers Khloé has in this pic, and we’re not sure either! The thing with over-editing in Photoshop is that you start to lose sight of the bigger picture. Like fingers.

How many fingers do you see?

There could be 10 or 14.

9. Khloé gave herself a new waist.

Unfortunately, many women feel pressure to be thin and curvy in all the “right” places. They’re bombarded with messages about the way their bodies “should” look. Perhaps that’s why Khloé felt the need to post this seemingly edited snap of her waist.

10. Khloé’s thumbs just don’t look right.

One thumb seems oddly thin, while the other is disproportionately large.

11. Kourtney’s wrist is too long and too thin.

Kourtney’s arm is really poorly edited here. Why would her wrist need to be that long?

12. Kim’s thigh is needlessly slim.

Come on, Kim. Why didn’t you adjust the door behind you? It’s too small now.

13. Kris smoothed her face until it went blurry.

We understand ageism is everywhere, and maybe Kris just wanted to wipe away a few wrinkles. She took the smoothing tool too far, though. The momager’s face doesn’t have any depth in this picture.

14. Kim’s eyes changed color.

Look, we know this Kardashian doesn’t have golden-yellow eyes. Her eyes are dark brown. AND THAT’S BEAUTIFUL.

15. Kylie’s inner thigh has pixelated edges.

This time, Kylie’s thigh got the Photoshop treatment. Her skin had ragged edges, though. And the staircase across from her looked crooked as well.

16. Kim warped her body and her surroundings.

Yep, this image is so heavily altered, the car behind Kim actually folds IN HALF. Even the sidewalk looks wrong.

17. Khloé forgot to Photoshop her shadow.

Oops! Khloé’s derriere looks bigger than her shadow’s. What happened there?

18. Kylie’s leg extended past normal lengths.

We love a long leg and thigh look, but this is just unrealistic.

19. Kim’s arm disappeared.

The mogul is standing with her pal, Jonathan Chebon, in this picture. But her arm just seems to vanish into thin air.

20. Khloé really played up her bum.

Khloé looks like a star in this photo, but her rear end looks rather large in comparison to her legs.

21. Kylie Photoshopped her arm so much that it looked wavy.

We wish she didn’t feel the need to do this.

22. Kim’s pinky finger just doesn’t exist.

This picture is super cute, but Kim’s finger just disappeared.

23. Jordan Woods and Kylie did some digital retouching.

The young women look great, but why does the carpet look curved?

24. Kendall’s waist got chopped right off.

You can see what happened here, even if all the green is distracting.

25. Kylie’s face looked nothing like her own.

She almost looks like Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars!

26. Kris’s lip color looked unnaturally bright.

The Kardashian family’s matriarch seems to be wearing a Flaming Hot Cheeto lip color. No way that color is real.

In the end, we think Jameela Jamil’s response to Khloé’s Instagram photo presents a good point:

Consequently, if influential A-listers insist on retouching their pictures, it’s important that they be transparent. Millions of young people look up to celebrities like the Kardashians, so those images of “perfection” can be damaging.