My Hair Desperately Needed Rehab, And This Is The One Brand That Brought It Back To Life

October 31, 2018

Last summer, my hair went through what I like to call the Bleach Battle of 2017. Ever since I was a teen, I’ve always struggled with doing anything to my hair, whether it be flat-ironing it, dyeing it, or the worst thing I could have possibly done in the history of my mane: bleaching it. Yet I did all of those things, and every single time I faced the consequences: dry, brittle, unhappy hair. You would think with my less-than-stellar hair track record, I wouldn’t want to do anything else that could potentially damage it. Think again. I decided that it would be a great idea to throw a bunch of bleach on my hair (again). Needless to say — it didn’t end well (again).

Don’t get me wrong, my ‘do looked GORGEOUS in the beginning. Peep the pic below! My favorite colors are green, blue, and purple, so I needed to first bleach my black hair so that the vivid colors could fully pop. The colors were so vibrant and, at first, my tresses looked healthy, shiny, and happy. But as the colors started to fade, so did my hair. Turns out that the bleach was too harsh (shocker), and my strands slowly started breaking off.

Up until recently, every hair product that I tried would either make my brittle mane too oily or it wouldn’t give it the right amount of moisture. I basically have the Goldilocks of hair — but worse. Nothing was working to heal my dry, damaged hair, and it was so frustrating. I even started chopping off my bleached ends just so my hair would look somewhat healthy again.

My hair trauma ended, however, when I was introduced to Agave Healing Oil, my saving grace. (So don’t worry — this story does have a happy ending.)


I started using the Agave Oil collection about a month ago and I can already see (and feel) that my hair has gone through a full transformation. It started with me noticing the difference in the texture of my strands. My tresses are easier to brush, and the amount of hair loss while combing and blow-drying my hair dramatically decreased (thank goodness!). The Smoothing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner set were the key products that really revamped my look. Together, these two beauties were my perfect pair — the shampoo hydrated my hair, while the conditioner smoothed out my frizzy split ends. It’s an incredible feeling when you can finally see that your ‘do is healthy again, and that the damage can truly be undone.

You can find the best-selling Healing Oil here.


I straighten my mane more than I should, which can cause a lot of heat damage, especially on the sections of my hair that were bleached. I try my best to use heat protectant when styling, but sometimes I forget (I know, I know, it’s not good). Fortunately, the Healing Vapor Iron from Agave Oil worked like magic. With Vapor Infusion already built into the straightener, it worked as both a heat protectant and a styling tool. It’s definitely the type of product that I can confidently use throughout the week without feeling like I’m causing harm to my hair (unlike with other straighteners I’ve used in the past). Plus, you can also use it to curve and wave your hair, which is such a bonus.

In conjunction with the iron, I also became a huge fan of the Restorative Hydrating Mask, which is an intensive treatment that reconditions sad hair. I started using it once a week, and honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

You can find the Healing Vapor Iron here. And the Restorative Hydrating Mask here.


Take it from someone who has been through it all with their tresses: when you finally find hair products that work, it is life-changing. My hair desperately needed rehab and Agave Oil succeeded in bringing it back to life. The proof is in the agave oil-scented pudding (aka dramatic transformation pictures).

What makes this product even more awesome is that 10% of proceeds go toward aiding Bright Pink, which has a breast cancer awareness mission that is also close to our hearts here at First Media.