This Is The #1 Hack For Making Your Bra Last Longer

March 15, 2019

Finding the perfect bra is like going on the quest for the Holy Grail — its existence is shrouded with mystery and searching for it is an adventure, to say the least. But if and when we find a bra that we love, we want to do our very best to keep it in tip-top shape. Luckily, there’s a super simple hack for keeping bras looking great, feeling superb, and working like a charm.

To make sure your bra lasts as long as possible, you have to reevaluate the way you wash your delicates.


The secret to success depends on how you wash your brassieres. There are a few vital guidelines to follow that will greatly improve the longevity of your favorite undergarment.

Firstly, you must slow down the spin cycle.


In an ideal world, we’d all enjoy and have time for hand-washing our bras. But let’s be honest — nobody’s got time for that. According to Victoria’s Secret website, a suitable alternative to hand-washing is running your bras through the “delicate,” “lingerie,” or “gentle” cycle.

Yes, those settings on your washing machine do make a difference.


These cycles don’t spin as quickly as regular cycles and are meant to handle your more delicate pieces with care. Padding stays plush, elastic isn’t stretched out, and your bra will still fit like the day you bought it.

Secondly, when you’re ready to wash your bra on the gentle cycle, make sure you put it in a lingerie bag before throwing it in the machine.


And before placing it in the bag, clasp it in the back.

Both steps will keep the bra from catching onto other items, which can stretch out the elastic in the under-bust band.

Next, wash your bras in cold water.


According to Racked, hot water can break down the elastic in the bra’s straps and band over time. Cold or lukewarm water is gentler, since it’s a mild detergent. Use both to treat your bras with the respect they deserve.

And finally, keep your bras away from the dryer.


Just as hot water can break down elastic over time, hot air can do the same, and do it much faster. Instead, lay your bras flat to dry or hang them from the center on a drying rack.

Never hang your bras (wet or dry) from the straps. This is a surefire way to stretch those bad boys out.

You get bonus points if you don’t wear the same bra day after day.


You should ideally give a bra a few days to rest after wearing. This also helps to cuts down on how frequently you have to wash it.

Yes, this hack might have several parts, but each one is extremely important to help your bra live its best life. Give your brassiere the support it needs and it will do the same for you in return.